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Chandrakanta 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandrakanta 15th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Chandrakantha addresses her human beings that she will be able to head them in conflict in the event that they permit her. each person are bowled over. chandrakantha’s stepmother yells she does now not have any war enjoy and is a helpless woman. chandrakantha says is a lady, however not helpless. she is courageous and brave and can provide her life to defend her mom land. stepmother stands fuming. human beings talk and agree that they may be all along with her. chandrakantha alternatives jaysingh’s royal sword and maintains it on royal seat after which keeps royal crown, then addresses that till maharaj jaysingh receives well, she will be able to comply with his obligations.


Full Details of Chandrakanta 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Virendra reaches vijaygarh door and sees every entrant being frisked and and a undercover agent being stuck. he asks a passer through what is going on here. passer through says navgarh has waged warfare on vijaygarh, so there’s a big security. virendra alternatives a potli from passing cart. guard stops him and asks who is he. he says he’s a trader. they take a look at his potli and locate many lethal weapons, ask what are they for. virendra stands tensed.
guard informs chandrakantha that a messenger from navgarh has arrived. jhumru enters and gives maharaj surendra singh’s message. chandrakantha says she became waiting for him. krur singh reads message that surendra singh is irked seeing his son shivdutt’s insult, so chandrakantha need to be despatched to vijaygarh as maid inside 2 days, else get ready for a war. chandrakantha says vijaygarh constantly welcomes its buddy surendra singh and if he is wishing a war, they’re prepared for it. everyone are taken aback. jhumru leaves. chandrakantha orders her ministers to pick most dreaded warriors from every territory and present them in front of her. stepmother fumes in anger and jealousy and leaves.


Guard asks virendra why he is wearing guns. virendra says he is a dealer and came to sell weapons. guard asks who will buy his cheap guns. virendra says their protection chief kroor singh and throws knife to a tree and it pierces in. defend lets him in shivdutt goes to his father surendra singh and apologizes for his heinous act. surendra says he’s glad that he changed and is performing as a inheritor of talisma key. shivdutt hugs him and receives him bitten with the aid of a toxic snake. surendra collapses. real shivdutt enters clapping and praising him, revealing he is tej singh. he says his father does not know he can go to any extent to fulfill his needs.


Virendra sees guards all around region and their head ordering them to captivate whoever walks suspiciously. he thinks man should be a in a high designation in army, he may be of assist. virendra follows him and sees him workout. he silently attempts to thieve his clothes. guy catches him and asks who is he, if he changed into stealing garments. virendra says he is taking them for washing. man asks who’s he, he’s seen here for the firs time. virendra punches him and he collapses. virendra then wears his clothes and thinks of stealing talisma key tonight and return to his father through morning.


Shivdutt asks tej singh till when his father will sleep. tej singh says poison’s effect could be for three-four days. shivdutt says if he can send his father into sleep for three-four years. tej singh says surendra is maharaj of navgarh and it’s miles betrayal if he does so. shivdutt says he’s his ayyar and must be obedient to him and now not his father, let us see who will keep vijaygarh now.


Chandrakantha walks with chapala and champa says she did now not recognize why stepmother got so angry. virendra searches her room and sees her coming through reflect. he hides. chandrakantha senses his presence and searches him. chapala asks why did she prevent. chandrakantha says she felt a person held her. champa says her dupattta is caught, frees it and takes chandrakantha along. virendra thinks chandrakantha is out of her room now and it’s miles right time to get key from her room.


Stepmother walks in room angrily. chandrakantha enters and asks why she is indignant. stepmother says who’s she to get angry on vijaygarh’s new rani, she is a stepmother and can not even query. chandrakantha says she respects her. stepmom says she misused her father’s illness and took over his crown. chandrakantha says she can not even consider betrayal. stepmom says she is passing royal orders now. chandrakantha says there was no other go as shivdutt has waged warfare. stepmom says it’s far legal heir’s proper, approach her son mayur. chandrakantha says mayur is her younger brother, why will she grab his proper. stepmom says then she have to leave the crown and let his take over. chandrakantha says mayur is a small child and can’t follow obligations. stepmom says even she is green and took over mayur’s proper, she proved she is step sister. chandrakantha says she has fallacious. stepmom leaves. chandrakantha appears at her dozing father and says she is missing him.


Virendra walks with guard ordering him to take him to chandrakantha’s room. guard takes him to krur singh’s room as a substitute and says he has to take krur singh’s permission first. virendra scolds that he has to test chandrakantha’s room protection. protect walks searching repeatedly at him. he hides hearing krur singh’s sound. krur singh enters together with his puppets who taunt him that he’s behind chandrakantha, however she does no longer even examine him. krur singh fumes. puppets say they could take him close to chandrakantha and ask him to shut eyes. they throw some powder on his face. virendra silently punches them and leaves. they fall. krur singh shouts he is still in his room, while will he meet chandrakantha.


Last Part of Chandrakanta 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Virendra maintains looking chandrakantha’s room and thinks he has to find a few different way. chandrakantha in garden feels sad reminiscing her step mother’s phrases. virendra reaches there and watches hiding. chandrakantha cope with her mom’s idol and cries that she loves her more youthful brother mayur, why will she snatch his proper. she is on my own with out of her, nobody recognize her emotions, hope she became here, wish viru become here. virendra hears that and thinks why she is remembering him. chandrakantha says she met viru for a few days, but felt him expensive one and his memories are nevertheless sparkling, she nonetheless is waiting for him. champa comes and says all brave warriors have reaches wrestling floor and are anticipating her. chandrakantha leaves along with her. virendra thinks he had to search chandrakantha and no longer her room, she could have taken him to her room, he will meet her unwantedly. he follows chandrakantha silently. chandrakantha stops sensing him and turns. he hides. chandrakantha says she felt someone is looking her, perhaps it’s miles her imagination. she maintains strolling. guards stop him and says best royal family participants can input past this factor. virendra thinks he can kill guards and input, however he’s going to no longer do it and could locate a few other manner to fulfill chandrakantha.


Precap: Chandrakantha broadcasts that whoever will defeat all 9 warriors right away will become army leader. virendra protecting his face enters and says even he wants to prove his bravery. krur singh says he can’t without showing his identification. virendra says he’s taking permission from rajkumari. chandrakantha asks whom he wants to fight with. virendra says all warriors right away. she asks to show his face. he extends his hand towards his mask.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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