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Chandrakanta 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta 16th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Chandrakanta 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Warriors display their competencies in the front of chandrakantha and vijaygarh people. each warrior’s features are introduced and that they painting their skills separately. krur singh asks who might be the chief of all of them, what if they allow them to compete. chandrakantha says looking at time constraint, all of them will fight with each different and whoever will win will sacrifice animal in front of mahakali idol. she orders to start. virendra carrying masks jumps into warfare ground and says even he wants to portray his skills and permit him become vijaygarh’s army leader. krur singh says without showing his identification, he can’t fight. virendra says his sword indicates his identity. he is taking permission from rajkumari. chandrakantha asks whom he desires to fight with. he says all 9 warriors. krur singh says he seems to be a mad guy. virendra says he need to get a threat and does not want to waste time. chandrakantha permits. he fights with all warriors straight away. he defeats them all or even ayyar’s magic does not have an effect on him. he fights with the wrestler whose clothes he stole, his masks gets off. wrestler identifies him. virendra punches him and he collapses. virendra then cuts his palm and submits his blood to mahakali in preference to sacrificing animal.


Full Details of Chandrakanta 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakantha praises his bravery and says he is healthy to become vijaygarh’s military chief, he have to display his face now. krur singh also insists. virendra eliminates his mask. chandrakantha, champa, chapala, krur singh and his puppets are shocked to peer viru. chandrakantha asks champa and chapala if she is imagining viru. they say viru has in reality come. she runs and hugs him and says she knew he would come. he says he knew she might come going for walks toward him. chandrakantha hears human beings’s chant and gets out of creativeness. krur singh says viru can not be vijaygarh’s military chief. stepmom asks who’s this warrior. krur singh says he’s wood cutter. chandrakantha says bravery does not need identification and says her praja will determine if viru could be army leader or not. praja chants viru is their military leader. chandrakantha comes close to virendra with royal sword. viru attempts to choose it. chandrakantha says navy leader will receive it on his knees with due admire. viru does identical and accepts sword. chandrakantha says tonight viru will be felicitated together with his designation. virendra thinks he entered chandrakantha’s coronary heart and palace and shortly will get talisma key.


Chandrakantha sits thinking in her room. champa and chapala ask what she is wondering now, she changed into wondering always approximately viru and now when he is round, she is thinking something else. chandrakantha thinks why she is getting too happy, she needs to concentrate on nation.


Krur singh follows virendra and asks who is he, wherein did he come from, where did he vanish from yaksha mahal. virendra says he is asking too many questions and have to be in his limits. krur singh maintains questing. virendra asks to reveal his room. krur singh shows a few door. his puppets get tensed. virendra keeps his dialogues. protect informs krur singh that rani/stepmom is calling him. krur singh meets stepmom who shouts if he ever realized how can a person enter, defeat maximum effective warriors and become military chief. krur singh says viru is a wooden cutter of yaksha mahal. stepmom says he is a few imposter and asks to find out his authentic identity. krur singh leaves. stepmom thinks if chandrakantha has planned all this and were given her unswerving viru in military to take over vijagarh.


In navgarh, shivdutt fights with soldiers and defeats them all. he then fights with tej singh and asks why he is combating weakly nowadays. tej singh says he did wrong through giving hypnotic poison to maharaj surendra singh. shivdutt says then he’s a betrayer. tej singh assaults with complete power. shivdutt says there he is. jhumru enters and says their spy knowledgeable that chandrakantha has commenced getting ready for warfare and has made a team of powerful warriors.


Last Part of Chandrakanta 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandrakantha napping on her bed reminiscing nowadays’s incident, how viru entered and defeated all warriors, reduce his palm and submitted his blood to mahakali idol. virendra receives up and goes to ayyar devgiri and ask why did not he display his abilities properly nowadays. devgiri says even he is amazed how his abilties did no longer paintings on him. virendra asks to reveal his skills now and form a hurricane. devgiri does and typhoon blows all lamps round and flies things around. virendra asks to provide typhoon under his manage. devgiri obeys. virendra then goes to palace and throws twister outside chandrakantha’s room. guards get blinded and he silently walks into chandrakantha’s room and holds her hand. chandrakantha wakes up and asks what is he doing here, pass else she can name navy. he says she made him navy chief and now caution to call military. he receives romantic and chandrakantha apprehensive. chandrakantha realizes it become her imagination. virendra clearly hides behind curtain and notices her.


Precap: Chandrakantha fumes how dare viru is to reject army leader designation and sword. chapala says he is on the point of leave vijagarh. chandrakantha says she will be able to see how will he go away vijaygarh with out her permission. virendra hears her hiding.


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