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Chandrakanta 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandrakanta 20th May 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Vijaygarh- rajpurohit tell that rajkumar do no longer have marriage celebrity. stunning anyone. chandrakanta ask are you certain purohit ji? he replies yes. solider tell about shivdutt’s haldi arrival. choti maa say now what to do? purohit ji leaves.

chunargarh- mareech praises viru and tell them to distribute gold as in keeping with viru weight. and each solider praises him. Navgarh- shivdutt romances with girls and ask them to romamce with me day and night. he burn haldi. tej singh tell him to get prepared for barat however he ask him to move and do romance.


Full Details of Chandrakanta 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Vijyagarh- sad music of chandrakanta is being played and choti maa applies haldi to chandrakanta forcefully. champa and chapla see her sad. women says that rajkumari isn’t always satisfied. choti maa scold them and ask them to play tune. and say chandrakanta to be glad. each lady observe haldi to her and chandrakanta cries. champa say that whh rajkumari skin is buring? chandrakanta feel ache and ichting.
Krur singh is going mad and eliminates curtain from chandrakanta image. he behave madly and say i loved u due to the fact ur start and you rejected me. now see what i do. i loved you but now see my insanity too.

champa and chapla say that what terrible rashes are? choti maa say that it is because of vintage recollections. forget approximately beyond and notice vivid future. in any other case your mother soal might be harm. chandrkanta say she is alive and ask them to leave alone. and cries.


Chuargarh- jagannath is going to some place. and ayiyar badri as solider see rani and say virendra become proper. baba say some mantra and make rani small and capture rani in bottle. badri see all matters cautiously.
virendra appologise from mareech and say to bless me. mareech praises him and hug him and all do party.
jaganth take all soliders along and reach some fired region. he says that it is difficult to cross this area.
dance women dances and viru suppose why badri isn’t lower back yet.


Badri and jagnath reaches returned. viru and badri talk all things about in silent mode and badri take virendra shape and start dancing. jagnath and mareech inform every different about changing location of rani ratangarbha and viru consider on maharaj.

On a few remoted place virendra is proven. he need to undergo four levels to reach 5th degree.
1. to interrupt wall with out the usage of wheel
2. use mind to clean hearth place the usage of water
3. use speed to clean flying swords
four. to fight with soilders.
most of these locations are ecoed in viru thoughts by using badri.

on other aspect badri enjoy as viru and drink. and pray for viru to go back soon, otherwise mareech may also discover fact.

eventually virendra attain 5th location. badri voice eco that we were not allowed to head inside, so be cautious.
viru enters and discover matters. he take department but that tree is magical. he maintain viru and he reduce all branches. and even killing that tree for making brigde to reach to rani.

virendra in the end reaches to ratnagarbha and inform her that he’s there to keep her however locate 2 extra and get harassed. all say that store me i am actual.

virendra think and say that i am now not here to save you however to kill you as my chandrakanta (awww😍😍😍) is captured with the aid of mareech and to keep her i want to kill you. all get greatly surprised. faux say that maharaj mareech can’t say that. authentic ratnagarbha say kill me to keep my daughter. viru say i recognize you are actual however i can’t take chance and say i shall kill you all.

virendra say that my important reason is to kill you all to keep chandrakanta. and he take sword and kill magical ayiyar. and different side mareech too get harm, which surprise everybody.


Last Part of Chandrakanta 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Magical ayiyar inform that maharaj could have found out. authentic ratangarbha faints. Mareech maintain badri and throw him. badri ask for forgiveness. mareech infrom to stop virendra and he faints. badri and jagnath care for him.

Virendra locate chariot and maintain rani. solider attempts to prevent him but he kill them.

1. Choti rani ask champa and chapla to make chandrakanta prepared for marriage.
2. Chandrakanta tell them that i feel mom is close to to me.
three. mareech create wall shouting ratnagarbha ought to not be out from chunargarh.


Update Credit To: Aditiya

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