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Chandrakanta 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Chandrakanta 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Chandrakantha watches from balcony virendra with munna/badri hiking on horse to leave. virendra appears at her and she turns in the back of. munna smiles and says seeing rajkumari’s eagerness, he looks like smiling. he can watch chandrakantha one closing time as marich will now not allow im meet again in lifestyles. they each see navgarh’s army coming and speak shivdutt has despatched his coward military to combat with vijaygarh.


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Krur singh punishes his puppets ahmed and nazim and orders them to end up virendra’s aide to recognise his mystery. they each say he were given him punished so much and desires even virendra to punish them. krur singh asks what’s ayyar’s responsibility. they ask what. he says to obey their boss and need to be equipped to be punished for the duration of the method.


Chandrakantha rests in her room. her stepmother comes and says she is resting peacefully right here and loads has took place outside. she walks out. krur singh reads shivdutt’s warning message to ship chandrakantha as maid inside subsequent shifthour otherwise face conflict. chandrakantha walks out with her team and asks shivdutt’s soldiers is that this the way to act with rajkumari. they chuckle. ministers warn they may kill shivdutt’s infantrymen. krur singh says they may be just obeying shivdutt. chandrakantha returns.
Badri takes virendra to a secret cave where he has hidden khoonkhars. virendra says allow us to cross and relaxation. badri resists. virendra forcefully enters in and asks khoonkhars how are they. they are saying they may be very thirsty and dwelling on water droplet from roof. virendra says he will get water for them. badri says he’ll go out and get water for them all. virendra engraves is sword in roof stone and asks badri to bend, he pulls it lower back. water starts flowing in. khoonkars praise him and drink water. badri hears roofs falling down. virendra runs out of cave and a large boulder falls in the front of door. badri shouts he did no longer do right. virendra says learnt betrayal from him and runs in the direction of vijaygarh.


Stepmom is going to chandrakantha’s room and takes here to balcony wherein she sees useless bodies on ground and people crying. she asks what is this. stepmom says her ayyars created this illusion and if she does now not conform to turn out to be shivdutt’s maid/concubine, she can see vijaygarh human beings loss of life equal methods. chandrakantha says she will neither lose her dignity, nor her people’s lives. she orders champa and chapala to dress her in struggle apparel. they do equal. she walks to shivdutt’s soldier and says her respond is she will be able to fight against them. their navy chief laughs on her that she wants to die. chandrakantha’s humans warn crooked navy chief to act. chandrakantha says she will be able to combat with him and starts offevolved preventing. stepmom smirks that chandrakantha desires to move shivdutt lifeless. chandrakantha overpowers crooked army chief at the start but then he overpowers her. champa and chapala speak that chandrakantha meant to sacrifice her life instead of dropping her dignity. chandrakantha’s humans try and assault, but she warns to stop and fights alone. crooked military leader over powers her and throws her sword in air and is set to assault her sooner or later while virendra enters and holds chandrakantha’s sword and gives you heavy dialogue. he says only one will fight and holding chandrakantha’s hand fights with crooked army chief. stepmom gets jealous. navy chief falls again and again and throws dust on virendra and injures his chest. virendra shouts betrayal is in navgarh’s blood and angrily breaks crooked military chief’s sword with naked hand and is ready to kill him while chandrakantha stops him and says allow us to spare him in order that he gives message to shivdutt. humans praise virendra and stepmom fumes extra in jealousy.


Shivdutt eagerly waits for chandrakantha. cart comes and he gets glad seeing it. soldier gives chandrakantha’s message. shivutt reads it that she sent a present for him. shivdutt fumes maid’s clothes on injured navy leader. shivdutt in addition reads that chandrakantha expected admire, however shivdutt gave what he has, now he should be ready for a warfare. he shouts he’s going to kill chandrakantha.


Stepmom fumes and shouts on krur singh that bringing back virendra is chandrakantha’s plan. krur singh says virendra does now not recognise preventing with unmarried military guy and big army in struggle is distinct, he’ll show he’s an imposter. stepmom shouts that they can’t let chandrakantha take strength in her arms. krur singh says if virendra and chandrakantha unite, they will triumph over throne and then stepmom and he must beg. stepmom fumes she will now not let that happen and he has to make certain he punishes virendra.


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Chapala and champa observe remedy to chandrakantha’s wounds and talk, she lived a princess existence and now’s critically injured. chandrakantha reminisces viru bearing blow trying to store her and writhes. chapala says if she applied medicinal drug kind of. chandrakantha nods no and thinks viru risked his existence for her and he has nobody to use medicine. virendra in his room washes his face and thinks he did now not get talisma key yet, father/marich might be eagerly awaiting it and need to be angry on him.


Precap: Virendra covering his face enters chandrakantha’s room. infantrymen run behind him. krur singh asks infantrymen what’s going on. soldier says masked guy entered rajkumari’s room. krur singh injures virendra’s rib even as looking to trap him. later in chandrakantha’s room he tells he will disclose masked guy and tightly holds virendra’s ribs.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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