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Chandrakanta 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandrakanta 26th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Badri sees a twister and runs towards it. march emerges in sand and asks badri who turned into the female virendra saved. badri says she is the vijaygarh’s rajkumari chandrakantha. marich asks if she is the only because of whom virendra is unable to get talisman key. badri says sure. marich says he has to assist his buddy eliminate this female, so kill her.

Chandrakantha lying on mattress does no longer get sleep reminiscing veeru saving her. chapala asks her to rest now and blows hypnotic magic on her. chandrakantha maintains reminiscing the incident.

Virednra is dozing while sayali comes and touches him. he senses her hand and catches it, asks what’s she doing. she says she is aware of who he’s and his purpose, she will get him talisma key. he asks why she desires to deliver it. she says he’s going to recognise soon and asks to satisfy her at yaksha mahal door the next day.
jhumru walks into shivdutt’s room wondering he must be very angry after these days’s incident. shivdutt is busy reminiscing veeru and chandrakantha’s closeness. jhumru asks him to forget about wood cutter. shivdutt says he came right here to get chandrakantha and could acquire his intention, the next day morning will be very thrilling.

  • Virendra walks out of his room to visit yaksha mahal door while chandrakantha comes searching him. he hides in a tent. chandrakantha sees shivdutt coming with his group and receives right into a tent and sees veeru there, says she turned into searching him to thank after saving her lifestyles the day before today night time. he says even he wanted to thank her for tying bandage on his wound. she says she does not have. he says he is a common guy and is thankful to herr. she says he appears now not a not unusual wooden cutter, he’s so brave and someone else. he nervously says he…he looks into her eyes and receives mesmerized along with her splendor…holds her hand and pulls her in the direction of him looking into her eyes. chandrakantha sees him engrasped in notion and shakes, he receives aware and says he has to head back where he belongs to, quickly she will neglect him. she says if he thinks she can forget him. he asks is it. she says she canot neglect him even though she wants to, he can come to vijaygarh anytime he wants, he could be very brave and she or he will get him a high designation in her navy. he laughs and asks whom he ought to combat with, yuvraj shivdutt. she reminisces virendra and says no.. they hear shivdutt asking guards in the event that they determined rajkumari and element ways. chandrakantha walks out. shivdutt asks wherein changed into she, he wanted to take her to a unique area and extends his hand. she holds his hand. virendra gets jealous on the grounds that.

Shivdutt takes chandrakantha to his tent where krurshingh, chapala, champa, tej singh and others are gift. chandrakantha leaves his hand. shivdutt says he collected them all as he wants to ask chandrakantha an vital query. krur singh thinks his intentions don’t appear appropriate. shivdutt starts offevolved praising chandrakantha that she is world’s most stunning female and whoever will marry her might be very fortunate, he wants to realize if he could be that fortunate man. he kneels down and extending his hand asks will she marry him. chandrakantha seems aat champa, chapala and that they nod no. she sees veeru standing near window. veeru leaves. shivdutt asks what came about, he’s awaiting her solution. krur singh nervously thinks she should now not say sure. chandrakantha says he bowled over her with this question, she changed into not geared up for it. shivdutt says he couldn’t manipulate himself. chandrakantha says his notion is very fortunate for any woman. he holds her hand and is about to kiss it while she pulls her hand. he fumes in anger. chandrakantha says she wishes time to assume, will he. he says positive, he will supply her time to think, he is aware of she can says sure, so he has arranged a party tonight and will listen to her respond then. chandrakantha certain, allow us to meet at a celebration and leaves.

Again in chandrakantha’s room, chapala and champa fume how dare shivdutt is to propose her in the front of each person. he is so foxy and knows she cannot reject in front of everyone. chapala tells that shivdutt has warned veeru no longer to satisfy her. chandrakantha asks chapala to hide as her and attend birthday party. chapala hesitantly agrees and takes her form and walks together with her crew closer to birthday celebration venue. badri disguised as munna sees her taking walks out of tent and thinks it is not clean to kill her during party. he then sees another chandrakantha walking out and realizes one went into celebration is chandrakantha’s ayyara. a servant asks him to assist him in celebration preparations.

Chandrakantha is going and sits subsequent to shivdutt for a aprty. jhumru proclaims that nowadays along with shivdutt and chandrakantha’s solidarity, even their kingdoms will unite. birthday celebration starts offevolved and dancers begin dancing. chandrakantha sees shivdutt watching them in lust. badri thinks actual chandrakantha have to have long gone to meet virendra, so he has to catch and kill her before that. chandrakantha is going to veeru’s room and thinks he need to be roaming in yaksha mahal. veeru walks in yaksha mahal looking sayali/mansi. badri sees him and thinks earlier than virendra gets talisman key, he’ll satisfy marich’s wish and kill chandrakantha. tej sees does not see chapala and asks champa in which is chapala. she says chapala is unwell and is resting in her room, gets tensed that he will recognize fact quickly. shivdutt tells chandrakantha/chapala that he’s keen to hear her answer and he or she is making him waits, thinks she can say yes. chapala thinks in which she is trapped.

  • Chandrakantha sees veeru on foot around yaksha mahal and thinks she knew he could be here and starts offevolved following him. virendra meets mansi/sayali and asks if she is gambling a sport. she says no and asks to stroll along. krur singh’s puppet sees chandrakantha and thinks who’s the only in birthday celebration then. chandrakantha sees munna and asks where is veeru. he indicates a darkish passage and says veeru spends hours there. chandrakantha walks in the direction of darkish passage. munna tunes into badri and walks towards her. sayali takes virendra close to talisma key and pushes a stone. talisma key emerges. virendra asks what she wishes in trade. she says his blood, he has to drop a few drops on key, she will be able to get what she wishes. badri does black magic and spreads black smoke which turn into magical warriors around chandrakantha. she gets tensed. krur singh’s puppet watches that. sayali asks virendra to rush up. he is about to reduce his finger on key when he hears chandrakantha’s voice. sayali asks to agree with his eyes and no longer ears, his goal is in the front of his eyes. chandrakantha seeing magical warriors shouts for assist. virendra reaches on time and starts offevolved preventing with magical warriors. badri thinks how vinedra reaches wherever this lady is present and fumes why he’s risking his lifestyles, he can not kill magical warriors. warriors attack virendra through trick and he falls down. they factor sword on chandrakantha’s neck. virendra tries to get up. chapala in party thinks how to escape from shivduttt.

precap: shivdutt shouts at chandrakantha that she tricked him twice and does no longer spare ship time, he’s going to punish her now. chandrakantha thinks veeru informed he’ll locate her, how will he. virendra thinks anywhere chandrakantha is, he will locate her.


Update Credit to: Mrs. Verma



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