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Chandrakanta 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandrakanta 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Chandrakantha’s father jaysingh asks her if she is ready to marry shivdutt. chandrakantha says in no way, she can not marry shivdutt. jaysingh dismisses all and sundry gift and asks why, shivdutt is actual heir of talisma, there should be some purpose for rejection. chandrakantha says he’s her of talisma, however no longer her heart. jaysingh says this could cause battle among navgarh and vijagarh. his wife stops him and says he can not force chandrakanta to love shivdutt and says chandrakantha that she must be worn-out after visiting and have to pass and rest. chandrakantha leaves.


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Shivdutt reaches his palace with tej singh and jhumru. his brother greets him and says uncle is waiting for him eagerly. he meets his father. brother asks to reveal talisma key. shivdutt shouts to forestall this drama, there is no talisma, not anything magical, it’s far all stories. king/father says those aren’t testimonies and are age old reality. shivdutt shouts he wanted to move at once to vijaygarh. his brother says he is so deep in love, then marriage is on playing cards. shivdutt shouts it’ll be handiest enemity now, chandrakantha insulted him twice and wanted to check him thru her ayyara, he will insult her and could now not spare her. tej asks to loosen up and takes him alongside. his brother comments that he misplaced each love and crown.
virendra lashes himself on marich’s order. badri feels responsible that he did a mistake, however his pal is being punished instead. he prays solar to rise soon. marich goes to pandti jagannath and asks to discover where is talisma key. jagannath says he used all his understanding, but couldn’t discover in which key’s, a few black magical powers are overlaying it. marich pulls sword on him angrily and warns that he’ll kill him. jagannath says he’s going to use his powers once more and will discover in which secret’s. badri sees sunlight and asks virendra to prevent lashing himself, his frame is significantly injured. virendra falls down.



Shivdutt is along with his concubines reminiscing chandrakantha’s insult. concubine says he is nevertheless remembering chandrakantha and ought to forget about her as he will now not get her. he throws her from balcony and kills her and laughs that chandrakantha will become his concubine/servant now.

Chandrakantha applies drugs on virendra’s wounds. she says he is so injured, however with time, wounds will heaal. he sees her face and shouts why don’t she go away him by myself. she keeps practice remedy. he holds her and sys he does not want her, get out. she is the motive for his circumstance, he will end her without delay. he picks knife and sees her disappearing. badri comes and calls him. virendra imagines he sees her face and attacks him. badri says he might have beheaded him, whom he’s thinking about, if it is chandrakantha. virendra says he’s going to address strangers, but what about his dear ones. badri asks what does he suggest. virendra says he trusted him and gave key, but he betrayed him. badri says even he does no longer know wherein key went. he reminisces seeking water from a girl whilst journeying with talisma key and girl ought to have stolen key. virendra asks who became that female, how will he locate her. sayali is visible disguised as villager and stealing key.



jhumru comes to vijaygarh and tells jaysingh that he has come with yuvraj shivdutt’s alliance. chandrakantha comes with champa and chapala. jhumri greets her and says shivdutt has sent her gifts. raja asks champa and chapala to simply accept presents. they open presents and notice vintage garments, used shoes, rotten greens, etc. raja gets angry, what’s this. krur singh asks jhumru if navgarh has gone so poor. jhumru says his answer is in this letter. krur singh reads letter that shivdutt accepts chandrakantha’s alliance, however she must be his servant after marriage, so he despatched used clothes and rotten greens. jaysingh shouts what the hell is it, it’s miles insult of him and chandrakantha. jhumru says he’s just a servant and taken message and asks krur singh to study in addition. krur singh reads in addition if vijaygarh does now not like this offer, then it has to combat with navgarh and raja is aware of navgarh may be very effective and will wreck vijaygarh, so it is better chandrakantha turns into his servant or jaysingh a prisoner. jaysingh fumes that shivdutt has gone mad, although we are vulnerable, however that doesn’t suggest shivdutt can insult them. they are equipped to sacrifice their existence and now not their daughters. jhumru returns.



Chandrakantha takes out her mother’s painting and cries emotionally touching it. she asks mom what to do, she is in a predicament. on one facet it’s miles her self-recognize and on different aspect vijaygarh’s future, what have to she do. champa and chapala console her not to cry, they may discover a solution.


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Jagannath sees talisma key under chandrakantha’s bed. marich asks to show in addition, but photograph disappears. marich thinks if magical powers need to remind virendra of his earlier lifestyles. he has to get talisma key thru a few other method. he calls virendra and says he made mistake and allow his father go through. virendra says it’s far his mistake. marich says talisma key’s in chandrakantha’s room. virendra says badri told a woman stole it badri says yes. marich says he does not know the way it went there, but he desires it again. virendra says he’s going to get it again. marich says he does not agree with him now, so he’s going to no longer depart chunargarh as a punishment. he asks badri to go to vijagarh with a hundred khoonkhars/soldiers and get talisma key. virendra pleads to let him move. marich says he knows it’s miles a dying sentence for a warrior to stop him, he delivered it on himself. virendra fumes on chandrakantha.



Precap: Shivdutt carrying war apparel shouts that he’s going to make chandrakantha as his maid. jaysingh addresses his army they will cut their heads, however not bend them. chandrakantha says they don’t need to cut their head.



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