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Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Chandrakantha maintains shop room key below her pillow and sleeps. virendra watches that peeping via door. he silently enters her room and alternatives key. chapala and champa enter chatting and asks viru if he got here earlier than them to wake up rajkumari. he smiles and needs appropriate morning. they say he must have now not slept complete night protecting rajkumari. they awaken chandrakantha. she wakes up yawning and reminisces viru taunting her ultimate night time. chapala says viru he can move now, they will defend rajkumari. he walks smiling. chandrakantha searches key below her pillow and does no longer locate it. chapala and champa begin looking key. viru/virendra thinks doubt will be handiest on him. he asks chapala and champa to go looking key beneath mattress and silently continues it beneath pillow. they search as he publications. he asks to look under pillow. they locate key beneath pillow. chandrakantha feels surprised as she had already searched it below pillow. champa and chapala tell chandrakantha it time for her tub and take her along. virendra thinks he has to get towards chandrakantha to get key.


Full Details of Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shivdutt with his navy rushes closer to vijaygarh and excitedly shouts he desires to wreck vijaygarh and make chandrakantha his maid/concubine. jhumru says they may be just 7 km away. nazim and ahmed watch everything hiding and consider informing chandrakantha first. they come to be birds and fly to attain fast.

Virendra walks into garden and sees chapala and champa training sword. he says they want proper abilities and teaches chapala holding her waist. chandrakantha gets jealous and scolds them it looks as if they’ll win warfare, they could not even discover who masked man became. they both go away. she challenges viru for a combat. viru performs with her and silently choices and drops key from her waist and begins water fountain. chandrakantha drenches completely and twists her leg. viru holds and lifts her and corrects her ankle sprain after which leaves. he then silently returns and takes key print on clay bar and thinks he’s going to make shop room’s reproduction key and get talisma key for his father. chandrakantha returns and he gets tensed, hiding key and clay bar at the back of. she asks to present key. he says he discovered key right here and it turned into grimy, so he notion of cleansing it and returning her as it is her waist’s rings and very precious. chandrakantha says he’s professional in other fields along side combat. she takes key and leaves. munna enters and asks what is he looking. viru wondering him as badri sees clay bar in his hand and tells it’s miles imprint of store room key and talisma key is in store room. he leaves to his room. badri comes and holds him from in the back of and shouts he betrayed through locking him and khoonkhars in cave. viru asks where is clay bar. badri asks which bar. viru informs whole incident. badri says it become no longer him, need to be some different ayyar.


Munna walks into chandrakantha’s room. maids scold how can he enter rajkumari’s room like this. chandrakantha sends maids away. munna turns into chapala and tells chandrakantha that her doubt become proper, viru wants to scouse borrow talisma key from store room. viru enters and says he isn’t a thief. chandrakantha sends everybody out and says he became in the back of her from yaksha mahal for simply key and reminisces all incidents. viru says it is his key and he isn’t always a thief. chandrakantha says he betrayed her. argument ensues. servant comes and informs that shivdutt has entered vijaygarh border with army for a battle.


Shivdutt camps on vijaygarh’s border. virendra heads closer to them on his horse. shivdutt watches it and thinks why wood cutter is coming. viru reaches and soldiers factor swords on him. viru says he came to talk to their king peacefully. shivdutt enters and laughs non violent talk. virus says why he wants to kill his military for his vanity, he does now not wishes both navy solidiers die, so it’s far higher they both fight. shivdutt laughs that he does not need to talk to a timber cutter. viru says he is vijaygarh’s military chief. shivdutt orders squaddies to kill him. viru says why he desires to kill his military, allow anyone try to bend his hand, if he loses they could behead him.


Last Part of Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Infantrymen arm wrestle with him and 10 squaddies try to defeat him, however overpowers them all and says their king wishes them to die in place of preventing alone, he is a coward. shivdutt shouts. viru challenges they both will combat the following day morning. shivdutt says they’ll combat until loss of life. viru is of the same opinion and leaves. tej singh’s hawk watches the entirety and is going to him in prison. tej singh says shivdutt took his green ring, without that his magic gained’t paintings, best hawk can get his ring to loose himself and his king and queen.


Precap: Chandrakantha’s stepmom yells at viru that he’ll fight, but entire vijaygarh will suffer. viru promises that he’s going to guard vijaygarh human beings and simplest will wager chandrakantha’s dignity. shivdutt on bed thinks viru will die.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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