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Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


chandra and vir attain vijayagarh. irrawati scolds vir. why did you convey her right here? i shall kill her. she assault chandra however vir stops that she is my spouse.
irrawati say vir if you had won fight, i shall welcome you with my blood but …..
chandra inform that i am winner trophy for you, now call lower back your soliders.
irrawati recite machli jal ki rani hai, jevan uska pani hai, hath lagao to dar jayegi, bahar nikalo to marr jayegi. my soliders shall do what vir can’t.
vir say i promised my spouse, please do what she stated.
irrawati capture chandra with magic and say soliders to carry captured chandra to courtroom.

in suryagarh all people mourn what came about with chandrakanta.


Full Details of Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

krur’s father act harmless. and raja’s daughter act as if vir changed into their lifestyles.
irrawati says i kill my enemy with happiness. umag tries to prevent but is captured. vir stops and says i shall shield my spouse. every body speak vir is against his mom.
chandra says what are you doing? vir say i’m enjoyable my promise as husband.
all of us pled irrawati to forestall and aina antique woman say to stop and make your lose to win.
irrawati is going and says stay but i shall by no means accept her.

vir says to chandra to have staying power and deliver time to irrawati. chandra enters however vir stops and say lets perform a little rasam before enter. umang say yes as bride convey laxmi.
vir arrange enterance with magic. umang says to hit kalash first. vir use magic and produce meals kalash, chandra says its meals kalash. and anyone smile.
vir set up kalash, umang say its empty. fill it with rice, cash, flower and kumkum thal. vir jokes on it however arrange and they all input.

vir and chandra enter in room. however see it messy. and vir makes use of magic and make it beautiful. (bakwas display with bakwaspanti, people are shown ayyiar, its a hundred% fictional).

vir showers vegetation with magic with song meri deewangi (har baat pr magic hadd hai, mahal na ho magic residence hai). chandra says i don’t accept as true with. vir say i recognize but sooner or later i shall win your coronary heart. chandra says its all due to the fact you took my facet and suryagarh needed to undergo all this.

vir say what occurred i can’t rectify however make promises (height of fakeness)-
1. to help suryagarh
2. parents are secure with tej singh
three. to make your life like plant life

vir present payal to chandra. he say its of my mother who gave me start. and make her put on. some woman(don’t recognize her call) watch them.

vir ask chandra to get ready. she say i don’t have clothes. he arranges dresses but she rejects. she says cover. vir hides, chandra look for him and he appears. vir appears and give her garments and ask her to get ready.

that woman exchange into umang and speak chandra to be cautious as irrawati said vir become upto somthing, you must run away.
different side actual umang and vir communicate about chandra in superb, including that she love you. umang prasis vir and chandrakanta. vir gift a few necklace and say ask chandrakanta to mention the whole thing. umang goes (vir is so cunning, and umang is so lovely)
chandra scolds faux umang and ask her to move and he or she get equipped.

chandra consider fake umang words and she do magic. actual umang arrives and praises chandra. vir see them in reflect, umang ask chandra to mention do you like vir or no longer. chandra say i already stated eariler and is going. umang inform that chandra didn’t say something however vir say she even denied.

they both walk in vijyagarh village and that they do rasams and feature funny moments (another plan of vir to entice chandrakanta). ladies praises chandrakanta. vir once more to magic and convey butterflies. chandra smiles and track plays meri deewangi and both dance.

they each stroll in village and vir do magic and shower flora and chandra smiles. village ladies attempts to make chandra jealous by using asking vir to hug, chandra throw arrow form of somthing.
they each again dance on equal song with village humans.

that girl(faux umang) say the chemical i threw on chandra dress will display her authentic region while solar rays will fall on it.

solar rays fall and her dress begin torning and he uses magic and take her. chandra ask why you kidnap me constantly? vir say because your dress is getting torn, she hide and ask him to do some thing. he fixes it and preserve her face announcing you’re my pride. and villager take her.

irrawati see them with telescope and say my villagers are mad. mirror girls say she is real chanda. irrawati say watch for this night and see what shall i do with this chanda and put grahan on it. i shall kill her.

reflect ladies say you planed to kill her but she is not right here but.
chandra praises vijyagarh human beings and vir say i added smile again.
irrawati ask vir to sit for dine but we’ve got two chairs most effective. vir maintain chandra and make her take a seat on her lap. irrawati is going. vir says the entirety get exceptional quickly.


Last Part of Chandrakanta (Colors) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update


chandra scold vir, that she is your mother, you need to now not do like this. vir say you hate her. chandra say i hate her as suryagarh woman but she is mom who raised you. he say good enough my princess.
she say i am feeling sleepy. vir take her in arms and placed on mattress and do magic to carry air. and they have eye lock with meri deewangi track.


irrawati scold vir announcing its actual that how a whole lot top you do for different son, they show their blood. however vir take a seat on her legs and say its equal female who has dragger print, whom you were looking, and love make week look my love is making her week, irrawati say shall i kill her? vir say sure, you could kill her.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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