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Chandrakanta (Life ok) 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Life ok) 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandrakanta (Life ok) 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandrakanta (Life ok) 20th August 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Baawni revives Virendra with his knowledge. Chandrakantha emotionally shakes Virendra and he wakes up and asks what happened. She tells him whole story. Chandrakantha thanks Baawni for reviving Virendra. Virendra asks who is he. Chandrakantha tells him how Soundarya wanted to snatched her powers and Yaksha came and killed her, Virendra’s powers went into navvagrahas and yaksh told only Baawni can help him revive. Virendra thanks Baawni. Baawni says Chandrakantha’s true love saved him. Virendra sees him crying and asks what happened to him. Chandrakantha says he is remembering his lady love who betrayed him. Virendra says he will convince his love. Baawni says his love his very cruel as he thought her half his knowlegge and reminisces her ruthlessly punishing men. He says she stays in Layapuri. Virendra says he will go and convince her. Baawni says he will not go there. Chandrakantha says they may need his help as his love knows half his knowledge. He gives flute and says whenever they need him, they should blow this flute and he will come for help, but will never come in front of his love. Tej with Chapala reaches there and thinks Baawni is trying to harm her, he relaxes seeing Virendra and walks towards them. Baawni leaves. Teja asks Chandrakantha if she knew midgt was Baawni. She nods yes and he saved Virendra. Chapala says he is untrustable. Chandrakantha says he has changed. Tej says let us return back to Navgarh as rani Padvika is waiting for Virendra and Chandrakantha. Virendra says he will reunite Baawni with his love and return his favor as per Navgarh’s rules and will return only then. Tej agrees and returns back to Navgarh and informs Virendra an d Chandrakantha are safe and have gone to Layapuri to reunite Baawni with his love. Padvika says she has heard this name before. At Chunargarh, Nazim informs Shivdutt that Virendra with Chandrakantha has gone to Layapuri to reunite Baawni with his love.

Virendra and Chandrakantha reach Layapuri and see women working as laborers in place of men. A man drags a few children with him and a child’s mother pleads to spare her child, he is child’s father and should not be so ruthless. Virendra intervenes and asks what is the issue. Lady says queen her sucks children’s blood to maintain her youth and she is very powerful that nobody can defeat her. Virendra promises to free children from queen’s grip. When queen is about to sacrifice children, Virendra reaches palace and jumps in between and defeats soldiers. She signals and net falls on him. He tries to free himself. Queen shouts who is he to dare to spoil her yagna. Virendra frees himself and beats soldiers again. She traps him with her magical rope and says nobody could defeat him. He says he hates her. She says she will punish him. Chandrakantha watches helplessly hiding behind pillar.


This was the Last Scene from the Previous Episode.  Below is the Recap for Today’s Episode. New Episode will be updated after On air. Keep Visiting This Site. Thanks.


Precap: Shivdut tells Shyamala nobody can stop him from getting talismi powers and says they will attack Navgarh tonight. Baawni’s lady love says Virendra that nobody could defeat her and fights with him. Virendra defeats her and she falls, he holds her in his arms. Chandrakantha fumes seeing this.






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