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Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates .Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with kusum asking every body to donate the money, then i’m able to display a miracle of maiyya. the human beings donate money within the hundi. devanshi waits for ishwar and thinks why did he get past due, i can’t preserve him locked for lots time. she apologizes to shikhar and says i want your assist, try to understand. she opens the field and gets greatly surprised seeing a hen internal. she says in which did the magician cross. she says i idea to show kusum’s lie with the aid of his assist, what is going to i do now. shikhar seems on.


Last Part of Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kusum says my devotees, the time for what you have been waiting has come, i will display miracle, maiyya will make gold coins bathe on me to expose the happiness coming here. ishwar and devanshi come. he says she can show a few magic and fool them. all of them chant her call. kusum asks maiyya to shower cash on her.


She signs and symptoms the servant and asks maiyya to show her miracle. the coins don’t fall. kusum asks maiyya to reveal miracle so that villagers can apprehend prosperity is coming. she gets tensed. a crow poops on her head. each person snigger and ask what’s this. ishwar asks why is her miracle now not running this time. devanshi says don’t recognize and laughs. the coins fall over devanshi. devanshi and each person get shocked. the people chant devanshi’s name. devanshi thinks how did this happen. she sees shikhar. he smiles and signal to her. she smiles.
devanshi says there may be nobody above or equal to maiyya, simply chant maiyya’s call, i m certain maiyya does not need this money, we’ve roof by means of her benefits, why will she need roof by using us, you could donate money to needy humans, maiyya will be satisfied. she asks them to take hundi and take their cash returned. kusum gets taken aback. shikhar smiles.


Kusum says just i understand doing such miracle, how can devanshi try this. devanshi says its not the question how i did this, the question is why did i want to do this, in order that there may be no cheat with innocent devotees, sadhu and guru’s responsibility is to get humans on devotion direction, you’re diverting them with superstitions, you’re doing a sin, i used to be outsider earlier than, now i m going to end up your bahu, atleast comply with me now, i fold hands to you. kusum says shut up, marriage goes to happen, it did no longer take place but, there’s still time. devanshi says its your desire to agree or no longer, until i m here, i can fail you. kusum says i can see how you fail me.


Vardaan asks ishwar how did coins fall on devanshi. devanshi says shikhar turned into in the back of it. shikhar meets them. she says i were given him right here. shikhar says no, she abducted me. she apologizes and says i had no time, i needed to do that to forestall kusum. shikhar says if beautiful female apologizes, everyone can forgive. vardaan asks him to talk of work. shikhar says i used to be helpless to my coronary heart, after seeing her, i thought anybody have to praise her. vardaan says she is going to come to be my spouse. he gets jealous. devanshi smiles. vardaan goes. shikhar says some thing is burning right. devanshi says we can communicate of labor, you’ve got seen kusum fooling human beings, we need your assist to forestall her. ishwar says we will provide you with cash.


Shikhar says true deeds are finished for different’s true, not cash, i can do this work, i don’t want money, it does no longer mean i don’t need some thing. she asks what do you imply. he says i suggest i want desirable meals. ishwar and devanshi take responsibility and ask him not to worry. shikhar forwards hand. devanshi says i understand you will help us and does namaste.


Last Part of Devanshi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Servant tells kusum that the hundi money is in this sack, i used to be requested to provide this to terrible, you’re my the whole thing, how can i try this with out your command. she says extremely good, i m satisfied getting servant like you, maintain the cash in my room, i will see how devanshi distributes cash to terrible. someone hears her.

Precap: kusum asks sakshi to feed laddoo to devanshi, she can die. sakshi takes laddoo for devanshi and apologizes.


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