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Devanshi 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Devanshi 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Devanshi 15th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with devanshi coming to vardaan. she praises shikhar and makes vardaan jealous. she smiles and asks do you’ve got fever, you are becoming angry. he says i m quality. she asks him to speak to shikhar well, as he came to assist. he asks her to praise shikhar, but he received’t reward him. she asks are you jealous. he asks why will i am getting jealous, who’s he, i m not jealous, i used to be getting laugh, he became appearing as though he did no longer see any lovely girl until now. she says sure, perhaps he did now not see. he says you are taking his facet, you aren’t so beautiful.


Full Details of Devanshi 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


She says that day you known as me most lovely. he says i used to be joking. she says you’re jealous. he says i m not. she laughs. he asks why are you guffawing. she says i m getting love for your jealousy. he says high-quality and hugs her. they smile.


Its morning, kusum asks servant how did the cash sack disappear. servant says all of us have been right here. nutan says kusum has no reference to maiyya however she does not recognise. kusum shouts nutan. she thinks i acted of the robbery, so that no person doubts on me. vardaan asks servant to test every room nicely, even kusum’s room. kusum gets stunned. nutan and absolutely everyone see a moving sack and worry. nutan calls it a ghost. gopi says money is taking walks to our domestic. shikhar comes out of the sack. he sees everyone. kusum asks who’re you, what are you doing in sack. he asks who are you all, who got me right here.
He sees kusum and asks did i die, is that this yamraj’s darbar. gopi says no, its kusum’s house. shikhar shouts for assist and says they have kidnapped me. vardaan asks how did he come right here. devanshi says he heard kusum’s conversation the day past, so he has come in sack with the aid of hiding the money sack. servant comes and says its equal guy who took the sack. shikhar asks thief?


He begins performing and says i m bad, so they’re blaming me. kusum asks servant to capture him and ask him approximately money. shikhar says i m no longer thief, someone assist me. vardaan stops servant. he says you can’t take him this manner. kusum asks why are you looking to save this thief. vardaan asks shikhar to stop nonsense. shikhar says you got here to shop me, why are you scolding me. vardaan says i can take you to police station, police will decide you are thief or not. shikhar says you tell me why will i get inner sack after stealing. he signs and symptoms devanshi. ishwar and devanshi smile.


Vardaan takes shikhar out. shikhar asks him to thank. vardaan says you did now not do large component. shikhar asks what work did you do instead loving devanshi. vardaan says i m no longer dwelling on own family’s cash, i don’t want to clarify, come. shikhar asks are you actually taking me to police station, i m terrified of police, smile now, what’s your hassle, its no longer my mistake that your could be wife likes me, smile and experience. vardaan says in case you don’t close up, i will placed complete pinnacle for your gift. devanshi comes. shikhar smiles seeing her and says she is looking so stunning. vardaan gets indignant.


Shikhar asks what, is this my mistake to call lovely as lovely. devanshi thanks him for saving money. shikhar says see, speak is done like this, learn from her. she asks approximately cash. he says its secure, don’t worry. vardaan asks him to mention. shikhar says i can get money for your marriage day, distribute it, you don’t trust me, i would have run away ultimate night. vardaan asks him to try to see. shikhar asks devanshi how is she marrying vardaan. she says i trust shikhar. shikhar says see she is marrying you, but trusts me. vardaan pushes him and makes him sit in jeep. shikhar says i will come lower back soon devanshi. they go away. devanshi says i can make kusum’s sin residence fall quickly.


Kusum says how did the man are available in sack, wherein did money move. she issues. nutan comes and says i had some coins which fell out of doors hundi. kusum asks why are you giving it to me. nutan says i m crying on my poverty, devanshi ruined everything, i m positive devanshi took the cash, that man is known as with the aid of devanshi, suppose properly else we are able to be begging to devanshi, there’s less time for vardaan and devanshi’s marriage, if she will become your bahu, she can get dominating.


Ishwar makes devanshi put on ghunghat. he asks her no longer to get emotional, i m doing this chunni rasam instead kusum, from today i became your bau ji. devanshi cries and calls him bau ji. she says its no longer properly to the touch ft, you are maiyya’s ansh, maiyya has seen kusum dishonest all people and selected you, its just one week for marriage now, be happy and prepare for marriage, promise me. she guarantees him. he says we need to be cautious, kusum need to no longer recognise approximately shikhar. devanshi says sure, there are two such secrets and techniques, shikhar’s mystery and the one whom kusum trusts, is honestly assisting us.


Last Part of Devanshi 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kusum feeds laddoo to sakshi. she asks her to go away anger and feed laddoo to devanshi. sakshi asks what occurred to you. kusum asks how will devanshi die then, this laddoos have poison. sakshi coughs. kusum laughs and says poison isn’t on this laddoo, that field has poison laddoos.
Precap: Sakshi apologizes to devanshi and asks her to have laddoos. devanshi smiles and takes laddoo.


Update Credit To: Aneesa

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