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Devanshi 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update


The Devanshi 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update starts with kusum saying devansshi is aware of loads approximately me, seeing her burning, i told her that i’ve murdered her parents, geeta and ashutosh, she heard everything. he asks why is she now not taking action. she says she is clever, she is troubling me to take revenge, as she is aware of none will accept as true with her against me. devanshi goes to some jungle place. she prays to maiyya and enters a few area. she does not see each person and says it approach kusum is greater smart than me, i notion i gained.


she sees a tiger drawing and thinks what can be the meaning of this tiger and variety 17. its morning, kusum asks why are you making me sign this paper. vardaan says you appearance susceptible with the aid of fasts, i’m able to signal. she says wait, i did no longer die until now. she angrily signs and symptoms. he says i knew you get blind in anger, you need to have read it, you signed with out analyzing, in Devanshi 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update step with this papers, you donated your large piece of land to terrible for making health center. she says you may’t try this, its my dream to make massive temple. he argues. kusum’s brother asks him to return paper.


Devanshi 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update Details:

Devanshi comes there and smiles. he says its all of your mind behind this. vardaan stops him from slapping devanshi. he receives indignant and slaps kusum’s brother. devanshi stops vardaan and says this is maiyya’s temple, your uncle did mistake. kusum’s brother angrily is going. vardaan says i m going to city today, your dream to emerge as massive maiyya will end these days. he holds devanshi’s hand and is going. kusum says its my large dream, i will’t allow this smash at any value.


Devanshi receives kusum’s call which kusum made to her brother. she hears kusum. she recollects getting kusum’s quantity to preserve an eye on her. kusum says its imp to kill that individual now, considering childhood, he has simply afflicted me, now quit this, kill him before sunset, its your duty to do that. devanshi receives shocked. she says she is attempting to kill me, but kusum’s brother does no longer understand this, if he goes temple, he will recognize the entirety, i have to discover, its a terrific risk. kusum’s brother involves kusum. she receives taken aback seeing him and asks what are you doing, i informed you to kill him. he asks while did you say. she says i referred to as you just now. he asks while. she says you responded cellphone. he says my telephone isn’t always running properly. she says now cross and kill him. he asks in this example. she says sure, all money will lose. he asks her now not to worry and goes.


devanshi prays to maiyya. she sees kusum’s brother. she hides and thinks to report his reality nowadays. she is going to room and continues the telephone to record him. she does now not see him and thinks what to do, i can pass and notice once. he asks a person to follow the car, and kill him, it should look a avenue coincidence, i m reaching there. she hears him and gets bowled over. he says these days none can save you and is going. she says whom is he going to kill, i idea kusum desired to kill me, vardaan…. he is the only who went out of city, kusum wants to kill vardaan, no this may’t appear. kusum does the aarti in village. she says i used to assume vardaan does no longer know fee of money in formative years, he is still righteous, i won’t let him spoil my reign.


devanshi prays to maiyya and says even satan loves his infant, kusum is a human, how can she do this, she is making plans to kill vardaan, i should save vardaan. she calls vardaan and could not connect. she worries. she asks maiyya to show her a few way. bells ring with the aid of the winds. a milk glass falls down. devanshi appears on. she says i were given my way, maiyya i understood your sign, thanks loads, now i will store vardaan. she leaves.


Nutan comes domestic with human beings. devanshi tells them about large miracle, the idol is ingesting milk via devotee’s hand in the large temple. nutan asks is this authentic or not. devanshi says its actual. nutan says i’m able to name my sister and say. the humans additionally go to spread information. devanshi asks them to head rapid. she says all of us should pass there, in order that town course gets blocked, i will prevent vardaan from going.

the person says i can hit vardaan when his jeep comes. kusum’s brother asks him not to make mistake. vardaan gets caught inside the crowd. he hears people announcing about miracle. he says i’m able to’t reach town. he tells people that its their blind notion, use minds and stay in truth. female asks what are you pronouncing. he says satisfactory, i m incorrect, provide area for the jeep to go away. he leaves.

devanshi reaches there in a taxi. she tries to forestall vardaan and shouts to him. a truck speeds in the direction of vardaan’s jeep. she shouts to vadaan.

Precap: Devanshi says i want my answer, how can a mum think to kill her son. kusum stares at her.

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