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Devanshi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Devanshi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Devanshi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with vardaan asking devanshi to spend time with him. she says everybody could be awaiting us. he asks her to head, you don’t fee me she says you look more lovable in anger and smiles. she seems round and kisses on his cheek. he appears at her. piya re….performs……..he holds his cheek and smiles. shikhar comes and jokes, that its large house with many rooms, a few humans don’t get shy, think of my heart, i like the one, who is doing this in the front of me. vardaan says howdy… shikhar says i suggest you, brothers love. vardaan asks from whose aspect will you are available marriage. shikhar says i really like you, however i were given friendly with devanshi first, so i will come from her side, i did lots for devanshi, i m roaming as servant with disguise. vardaan says you’re certainly a joker, if you like devanshi, take care of her until marriage. shikhar says why now not, i can contend with her even after marriage, sorry joking, i promise i can make her reach mandap properly. they smile.


Full Details of Devanshi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kusum seems on shocked and thinks so devanshi did all the ones miracles with this man’s assist, he became right here and that i did not doubt. its morning, devanshi comes for haldi. vardaan smiles. ishwar sends him to sit down with devanshi. kusum takes the haldi and is going to them. vardaan appears on. kusum says its first-rate, i will do the rasam, being groom’s mum. she takes the haldi in hand. vardaan stops her. devanshi seems at him. he says before you observe this to devanshi, you apply this to your self. nutan asks why. he says kusum has to apply this, else this rasam will end.


Kusum says you accept as true with devanshi loads, you may agree with me a chunk, i will do this if he is pronouncing. she applies haldi to her face. gopi asks are you glad now, kusum has applied haldi. kusum says in case you allow, we will begin haldi rasam. vardaan nods. kusum and nutan practice them haldi. devanshi holds vardaan’s hand.


Mohan sees arrangements. he sends the servants. he receives a packet and places some gunpowder within the corridor. kusum comes there and sees him. he says while devanshi passes by here, i will just mild this location, she will be able to turn to ashes. she hears someone coming. they cover. shikhar comes there and thinks how is that this gunpowder scent coming. he exams and finds the gunpowder beneath the carpet.


Kusum hits on shikhar’s head. he falls down. kuusm goes to beat greater. mohan stops her. she says he’s devanshi’s helper, she is doing magic. he says will you beat him, depart him, concentrate to me, if anything occurs to him, it’ll be hassle, he saved me from vardaan, i don’t want our plan to damage. she asks why are you getting mad for him. she is going. mohan takes shikhar with him,


Devanshi comes to room and sees white saree. she receives greatly surprised and says who has saved this. she recollects kusum’s words and runs to vardaan.


Shikhar is tied and struggles. vardaan says i m geared up, i m coming in 5mins. devanshi comes going for walks to him and hugs him. he asks what happened. she asks did some thing manifest to you, i were given white saree in room, kusum and mohan are doing this to reveal the abshagun. he says relax, nothing will manifest, mum can be terrible, but can’t take baby’s existence, kusum just got here to meet me, don’t fear, maybe a person stored the saree, i m dying to take you as bride, you cross and get geared up, i will get saree, i’m able to meet you in mandap now. he kisses her. golu comes and asks devanshi to go away few things for marriage. vardaan leaves with golu. she thinks its kusum’s plan and worries.


Last Part of Devanshi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


She sees kusum and asks her about preserving white saree. kusum asks did you move mad, you’re blaming me, in case you are terrified of marriage then don’t do. devanshi says i recognize you need this, my and vardaan’s marriage will appear these days, in the front of your eyes, we will take rounds. devanshi calls ishwar and asks him to be with vardaan, i m getting wrong mind, i experience kusum will attempt to damage him. ishwar says she will be able to do it in mandap, don’t worry, i will story care of vardaan. mohan comes there and name callings him. ishwar scolds him. shikhar knocks and asks a person to open the door. devanshi gets equipped as bride and thank you the women for assist. she thinks its massive and satisfied day of my lifestyles, i m geared up to face problems and start a new lifestyles with vardaan.


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