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Devanshi 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Devanshi 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Devanshi 26th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with devanshi crying and saying vardaan about her love. she says i really like you because the ultimate 14 years. vardaan smiles. sakshi hears this and runs. she removes her bangles and cries. its morning, kusum asks why did vardaan name us now. her brother says he will inform us. devanshi comes and asks sakshi is she first-rate, what passed off. vardaan comes and says i need to tell you all about something, you may examine this card, its my wedding ceremony card, i realize you all can be glad, you’ll greatly surprised analyzing it. he asks kusum to examine aloud. kusum receives stunned. nutan asks kusum to read it fast.

Vardaan says i assume her tongue isn’t always helping her by way of happiness. he tells every body that he goes to marry devanshi. all of them get stunned. sakshi congratulates devanshi. devanshi says i can explain you. sakshi says what’s left now, it became higher if i stayed mad, i’d have not understood something, i used to be glad being mad, now i will ought to spend my lifestyles on this ache that my very own sister snatched the entirety from me by means of dishonest me. she asks devanshi to stay faraway from her.

Vardaan says i broke your coronary heart, i don’t know how you thought i love you, truth is i continually loved devanshi and could constantly love her, none can trade my questioning, neither lord now not devanshi. sakshi returns the chain to kusum. devanshi says vardaan does not love you, its his loss, no longer yours, you’re one in a million. sakshi pushes her and says stay away from me, you proved you are my step sister. devanshi receives greatly surprised. sakshi leaves. devanshi cries.

  • Vardaan asks why did you all get upset, kusum said she desired to repent with the aid of making considered one of them her bahu, what difference does it make that devanshi’s call is written on card, i love her and i can marry her, start preparations. he goes. devanshi goes after him. nutan says now none can prevent devanshi from turning into bahu.

Devanshi goes to vardaan and asks him why did he ruin promise, why did he do that. he says i did not wreck promise, i would break any promise as you are imp to me, i can’t damage three lives. she says if you don’t love sakshi, i don’t love you, go away from right here. he says great, will you stay with this lie, this sacrifice does not look proper in real lifestyles. she says sakshi and i lived actual lifestyles, i understand you’ll fall in love with sakshi. he says you don’t realize me, i m selfish and realize my happiness is with you, now not with sakshi, i don’t realize this sacrifice. she says you took large decision on my own, i did not say sure for marriage. he says i’m able to read your heart, so i determined this, believe me, we can contend with sakshi all lifestyles.

Nutan says kusum is dancing on vardaan’s fingers. kusum’s brother asks her now not to taunt kusum, if she will be able to’t help. kusum laughs and says devanshi…. they observe her. kusum breaks a vase angrily. she starts shouting and says devanshi modified the whole thing, it does now not imply scenario will continually live equal, go and call pandits to prepare for shraddh. he asks whose shraddh.

Devanshi goes to sakshi and sees her with a knife. she gets stunned and asks her to give the knife, i received’t will let you surrender your lifestyles. sakshi holds her neck and says i m going to take your lifestyles. devanshi asks what are you saying, go away me. sakshi stabs on the wall angrily. sakshi says i will’t fall so low as you fell, you forgot our relation, but i can’t. devanshi says no, let me provide an explanation for, its no longer as you are wondering. sakshi asks her to get out of her room. they cry. devanshi prays to maiyya and asks what’s occurring, when I decided to stay for sakshi, what mistake did i do. nutan hears her and says you snatched your sister’s love and losing crocodile tears here, move and notice what kusum is doing, no mum might have performed this. devanshi asks what. nutan asks her to head on terrace and spot.

  • Devanshi is going and sees kusum doing vardaan’s shraddh. kusum’s brother says kusu is doing her son’s shraddh. devanshi asks however why, prevent this. kusum says this is essential to do, i’m able to see vardaan’s future, when he goes to go away me, its my obligation to make it simpler for him. devanshi says nothing will appear to vardaan. kusum says its because of you, your mother and father died after your beginning, omi and sarla died after elevating you, you like sakshi lots, she is a great deal hurt, now you’re coming near vardaan, i will see such will take place with vardaan.

She says i did dhyaan and saw the reality, sarla stated proper, whoever comes close to you had to lose lifestyles, your dad and mom, step mother and father, geeta, ashutosh additionally died, you’re accountable for this, this will appear with vardaan, what could you do being in my place, i can’t alternate his destiny, i can make his leaving smooth. devanshi begs her to shop vardaan. she says you will know how to get freed from this curse, i m geared up to do something. kusum says you may ought to provide sacrifice, like mata sita jumped in hearth and hearth could not harm her, if maiyya is with you, you have to take new birth via getting free of all births, perhaps you can’t tolerate this, so its your wish. devanshi says first-rate, i m ready.
Precap: Devanshi warns kusum of her destruction. kusum lighting hearth round devanshi and laughs.


Update Credit To: Aneesa



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