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Devanshi 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Devanshi 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Devanshi 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode begins with devanshi asking the people to take the fellow, whom she stuck up within the sack. she says he is the one you all desired, now don’t trouble me and my sister. vardaan comes out of the sack and looks at her. the human beings see him and speak. vardaan asks how dare you positioned me in sack. devanshi asks the humans to capture him, he was the man who… the humans name her mad and cross. she thinks why are they now not believing me. he walks to her. she says stay away, i m not fearful of you want villagers, if i am getting angry… he leaves.

She says who’s this guy, if he gabbar singh. she turns and sees sakshi near the temple. she says i told you to be with me, its dangerous vicinity. sakshi says no, its cute, we used to return to this temple every day. devanshi asks do you do not forget. sakshi says sure i will move and do mata darshan. devanshi thinks i did now not recognise sakshi will get better right here, i will’t go away from right here, just vardaan can assist me, in which could be vardaan now. she sees a watch in sack and alternatives it. she says perhaps its of that sick mannered man, gabbar singh.
gopi says its new bhajan, this time you have to provide me a hazard. vardaan comes domestic and recollects devanshi. he says she is mad, don’t recognise what she thinks of herself. he sees golu scolding servant and slapping him. gopi stops golu. golu says name me gulshan, i m no longer a kid now. vardaan receives indignant and asks servant why did you get eggs for golu. he makes servant sit down and asks him to devour the eggs. he says make some health to get crushed up by golu every day. servant eats eggs.

Nutan comes and sees servant eating egg. she scolds servant and says i’ve sent this for golu, in order that golu will become robust like vardaan. vardaan says golu you’ve got overwhelmed wrong guy. golu says i hate eggs, why did you ship this. nutan says so that you emerge as robust like vardaan, someone is needed to face by way of kusum, to manage her work. gopi says its shuddi divas, i’m able to sing bhajan. vardaan asks him to have some thing special, betel leaf, so one can make his voice top. gopi eats it and thank you vardaan, pronouncing i can sing nicely. vardaan thinks some thing takes place in opposition to devanshi, i can prevent it, i received’t allow shuddi divas manifest.

Devanshi asks servant approximately vadhdivas, why changed into little devanshi’s statue burnt. he says don’t take that daayan’s call, its shuddi divas tomorrow, you may get all answers tomorrow. she asks about ishwar, rajjo and vardaan, wherein are they. he asks what, how do you know them, what’s your name. she says i got here right here for first time, however anyone recognize approximately kusum. He tells what came about due to sarla. he says a few say ishwar is alive, a few say ishwar died, kusum knows the fact, rajjo were given married to malik, she did now not come here from delhi, in which will vardaan pass, he’s in village. she smiles. she asks is vardaan on this village. he says sure. she says i have to meet him, he’s kusum’s son. he asks her to silently do temple work, is vardaan your relation, why will you meet him. he goes. devanshi thinks of vardaan and thinks i got here lower back to jwalapuri, now i m staying right here for sakshi’s betterment, how am i able to leave with out meeting him, don’t understand how he seems.

Devanshi asks sakshi to have milk, its properly. sakshi refuses. devanshi feeds her. devanshi engages her in talk. she tells about a sport and asks her to cover her name and identity from humans, don’t display hand to anybody, we can live here for longer time, else we are able to need to depart village. sakshi says i can no longer inform every person. devanshi thinks till sakshi gets pleasant, the whole lot should be fine, maiyya ship someone who enables us.

Vardaan comes to temple. she sees him. he asks why are you still here. she says i can live till i desire, stop me and display. she stops him and asks him to eliminate footwear earlier than getting into the temple. they begin arguing. he says what will your maiyya do. she asks are you not scared of maiyya. he says no, i m not scared and don’t have any perception. she thinks of vardaan. She takes his bag and asks him to remove shoes if he wants his bag. he asks her to go back bag. she says get rid of shoes. he pulls the bag and she gets pulled. piya re……performs…….. they study each other.

Precap: Kusum asks Gopi what happened. Nutan says Vardaan made him have betel, his voice got bad. Devanshi sings bhajan. Kusum hears her and says you both can stay here if Jwalapuri likes your song. Vardaan says I won’t let this girl sing on Shuddi divas and catches Devanshi.

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