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Devanshi 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Devanshi 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update. Devanshi 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with golu complaining approximately vardaan. gopi asks him to forestall it. devanshi says vardaan can’t do this. golu asks why, we can call him and ask. mohan says i will get him. devanshi says i will get him, he’ll come and lock your mouths. she does not find vardaan. golu says anybody’s intentions can get awful seeing a whole lot money, i suppose he took cash and ran away. she scolds him. she says vardaan can’t try this. she sees vardaan coming from a few room. she asks what were you doing in that room. he says i slept, i can cross and freshen up. menka comes and hugs devanshi.


Full Details of Devanshi 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


She says keep me, i know i m not golu’s wife after divorce, however you kept me right here, i’ve a few respect. devanshi asks what took place. menka says vardaan came in my room and was staring at me, when he got here close, you called him, if you did now not come these days, don’t realize what could have befell. devanshi says no, vardaan can’t do this.
Kusum says blind perception isn’t always good, vardaan has to answer absolutely everyone now. devanshi says i m speakme to menka. she tells menka that vardaan can’t do that. golu asks why, he had lifted menka on terrace as nicely. he asks menka is she excellent. devanshi says vardaan held menka to keep her. kusum says but menka stated vardaan became inebriated, you forgot this, maybe he did this to the touch her. devanshi says sufficient, it is going to be better you keep your thinking to your self. golu says sufficient, i will no longer leave vardaan. ishwar says permit reality come out first.


Devanshi says perhaps vardaan did not see you in room, enough none will communicate approximately this. servant says where is vardaan, sports activities equipment has come in truck, vardaan ordered it. devanshi says i understand vardaan is innocent, i can no longer ask him some thing. vardaan talks on name and says cash is organized. anybody come there. he asks what occurred. mohan says truck is status outdoor.


Vardaan says delivery came about soon, extremely good. golu stops him. vardaan asks what befell. mohan says devanshi wants to know how you purchased money. vardaan says its my personal matter. nutan says cash is stolen from locker. vardaan says cross and inform devanshi, i received’t solution. golu says you need to answer in the front of everybody. vardaan asks him to transport. nutan scoffs him. vardaan says i will no longer answer you all and your mata, tell devanshi if she asks as my spouse i’m able to answer her. he holds golu’s collar and pushes him. he says if every person comes between, he may be enemy, think some thing, i don’t care. he goes.



Devanshi says Menka you had misunderstanding, Vardaan can’t do this. Vardaan comes and says don’t ask me anything, I won’t answer, think anything, you are big Mata, do dhyaan and find out everything. He goes. Nutan asks Devanshi to find this, else she will tell everything to Villagers. Gopi asks him to be quiet, else….. She asks else, will you beat me, you are taking Devanshi’s side, Devanshi has to decide right and wrong, she has to answer villagers. Devanshi asks Gopi to call sabha. Kusum thinks Devanshi got saved in my plan, see how I make this a big issue, Vardaan and Devanshi will hate each other. Devanshi thinks to find truth before sabha begins. Vardaan says Devanshi should not know how I got money. The man goes. Mohan says its a problem, Devanshi called sabha, she will answer you how you got money, I know she is Mata, but it looks bad if woman questions husband, don’t go in sabha. Vardaan says I will go and see how far can Devanshi go. Devanshi stops the man to talk. She says I want to know how Vardaan got money to buy costly things.

Everyone wait in sabha. Lady asks why did Devanshi call sabha. Nutan says I will tell you, Vardaan has stolen money from temple locker, so Mata Devanshi has to answer. Ishwar scolds her. Vardaan comes. Ishwar says Devanshi and I trust you, you can’t do this, its imp to answer everyone, if you did this by some reason, just tell me, no need to call sabha. Vardaan says let Devanshi come, I will tell in front of her.


Last Part of Devanshi 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


The man thinks Devanshi has powers, if I don’t say truth, she will harm me. She thinks does he think wind is blowing by my powers. She says I want to know truth. The man says sorry, Vardaan wanted to make a home for you and him, he kept land mortgaged and took loan, forgive me, he did not wish to take help from anyone. She thinks Vardaan did not share this with me, he took all burden on himself. Nutan asks why did Devanshi not come till now, did she get scared. Devanshi comes. Everyone chant her name. Menka says I got to know truth, how Vardaan arranged money. They all look on.


Precap: Vardaan says I wish you believed me. Kusum asks how did you doubt on Vardaan. Vardaan sees Devanshi with someone and shouts. She gets a note, while the lady runs away.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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