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Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Dhhai Kilo Prem 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode begins with deepu coming again to the function corridor and dances on the tune maine hooton se lagayi toh….hungama hogaya….amit gives drink to piyush and he dances with her. deepu makes all and sundry dance. rahul sees meghna dancing with rahul and signs madhuri. madhuri stops her. deepu dances bindaas. pankaj receives angry. ragini and mishra ji are greatly surprised. rahul says it became a ghazab ka hungama. deepu goes on degree and says that is my brother. deepu asks piyush to return on stage and says i’m deepika and you all have come for my engagement. she says she wants to speak something crucial and says rely is about her weight. she says her weight’s mahabharath in no way ends, says she idea that she will no longer get marry and don’t deserve love. she says then the whole lot modified and you all got here in my existence. she says i wasn’t aware that i will get a very good sasural who loves me so much. she says every so often he used to experience terrible about her weight. she says on every occasion i go somewhere, i see chair 10 times and assume if i take a seat on it and if it falls then humans will giggle on me. she says once I visit restaurant, waiter see me from pinnacle to toe. she says whilst orders a dish, then waiter thinks if she will consume 1 dish.


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She says dietician asks her to eat salad and juice, and says she don’t consume that. she says if i go infront of people in aircraft, bus or train, they watch me as i am an animal. she says human beings name me to tug the rope sport and says i will play many different women. she says if i visit buying with the aid of mistake, the salesgirl comes jogging and says this is not your size. she says she is not blind and says salesgirl shall ask for whom she is buying the stuff. she says she feels like confused on the circle of relatives whilst humans taunt her on her weight. she says my dad and mom don’t have any problem with my weight. she says if a man rejects me for my weight then i’m able to kick him out. piyush seems on upset. every person watches emotionally.


Deepika says everyone want to peer the outer splendor and don’t examine the internal splendor. piyush claps for her. deepika says she desires to mention something else too. she thank you piyush for accepting her the manner she is? and thank you others also for accepting her. she says humans call for to get fats bahu and thank you each person for accepting her. she says i need to thank absolutely everyone from my heart and salutes them. piyush feels guilty. ragini takes deepu together with her, at the same time as madhuri takes piyush together with her. mishra ji appears at pragya. madhuri tells piyush that pankaj will scold him and asks why did you get drunk. she asks kunal to do something. tushar brings bloodless water and says we will pour on his head. madhuri says from wherein we are able to deliver kurta. meghna brings lemon water, however piyush spits it. kunal says i’m seeing first engagement for the first time and says each are drowsy. rukmini scoffs deepu. deepu says she will be able to make her pleasant.


Mishra ji apologizes to pragya. pragya says what she became pronouncing and says if you don’t supply us anything then i can make your pigeons black. mishra ji says we can supply the entirety and says deepu doesn’t realize. pragya asks him to write down one more necklace within the listing. pankaj asks kunal why this phasfunda is drunk. piyush calls them gabbar. pankaj asks from wherein this wine came from and says this engagement will no longer occur until i understand. kunal says may be this issue have to be performed by using the visitors, all of us can carry it. amit says deepu’s visitor would possibly have brought. piyush asks how many men had been there, gabbar and laughs. pankaj laughs. kunal tries to stop him. piyush asks amit to make a peg for pankaj. pankaj scolds madhuri for piyush’s act. piyush makes fun of him and asks did you like basanti’s dance. madhuri takes pankaj with them. rahul tells meghna that it is inaccurate that groom and bride were drunk, but no one asked us. meghna laughs. darshan and tushar are amazed. rahul says some thing happens in his coronary heart and says he needs a dancing companion. meghna makes excuse and is going.


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piyush tells kunal that deepu changed into under the influence of alcohol already when I went for the photograph shoot. he says namrata made her drink it. kunal asks did you are making her drink. namrata says she made her drink cold drink, and says tai ji/rukmini gave her bloodless drink. everyone looks at her. rukmini makes a tensed face.


Precap: Deepu and piyush get engaged. all of us showers flower petals on them.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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