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Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with ragini asking god why he is checking out a sincere guy and says she has grow to be a horrific wife for turning into a great mum. rukmini says anything you are doing is right, and thinks to play recreation in order that no person even spit on them. traffic constable stops piyush and asks him to expose the license. piyush says he has the license in handbag and he left purse at home. site visitors constable asks him to take his motorcycle after bringing his license. deepu goes from there and stops seeing constable arguing with piyush. she goes to them. piyush thinks he’s going to not communicate to her..deepu tells constable that he is a inspector, judge for him and tells that i attempted to forestall him, but he left. piyush says she is mendacity. constable says she loves you very a whole lot. deepu says she didn’t ask whatever valuable, but requested just sorry. constable asks him to mention sorry to his wife. piyush says she is not his spouse. deepu suggests the ring and says she is his would be wife. piyush says sorry, but constable asks him to say sorry holding her hand with love. piyush says deepika, i let you know sorry from my heart. deepu says i might have forgiven you even in case you haven’t said sorry. constable asks him to take his scooter and no longer to make her cry. piyush sits on his scooter. constable asks him to take deepu. mohe rang plays….


Full Details of Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

They sit on scooter and goes. rukmini calls police station and tells that information college principal is selling query papers at three pm, and asks inspector to arrest him. she thinks ragini and mishra ji’s appreciate will be long gone now and they’ll burn in humiliation hearth. deepu tells piyush that she might have forgiven him even if he haven’t said sorry. piyush says you made me stated it due to traffic police. deepu asks him to smile every so often. piyush is disappointed nevertheless. deepu says i’ve something which will cheer you up and indicates pulao. piyush eats it and asks for recipe. deepu says i can make it for you daily after marriage. she says she can make higher samosas for him than the shop proprietor. se asks him to present her a chew. piyush indicates empty tiffin. deepu and piyush speak about mishra ji and say he is a radical gentleman.


Ramakant involves mishra ji’s faculty. he asks peon to head. ramakant says i got here with money and asks him no longer to think about values and loyalty and says all and sundry is about cash now. he says he needs ninth class papers and asks which to take. he starts offevolved the video in his phone. inspector asks kunal that a main is taking bribe. kunal tells that he is aware of mishra ji who’s honest. different inspector says he goes to seize him purple handed. kunal is shocked and goes with the inspector. mishra ji is silent. ramakant says i can apprehend your silence and suggests the cash. he says this is 50 lakhs rupees and asks him to be counted the cash. mishra ji thinks approximately pragya’s needs, ragini asking him to do anything he can to get deepu married. ramakant thinks once take this suitcase and supply me papers then you will be ruined. mishra ji closes the suitcase. deepu comes there and says you have got forgotten this in house temple. mishra ji says he’s in meeting and asks her to head.


Last Part of Dhhai Kilo Prem 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ramakant asks mishra ji to permit her come and says you’re doing this for her. deepu comes internal and notice ramakant. she asks what this man is doing here and asks him to leave. ramakant says your daughter is so innocent and tells her that your papa referred to as me here to promote exam query papers, and shows the money. deepu says she can’t receive this and asks him to forestall nonsense and go away. kunal comes there with constables. deepu asks him to arrest ramakant as he changed into seeking to bribe mishra ji. kunal says he heard this information too. deepu asks mishra ji to inform the reality. ramakant asks him to handcuff mishra ji and asks peon to offer announcement. peon says mishra ji requested me to deliver papers, after which known as ramakant and stated that papers are ready, come with money. deepu asks why you’re lying? ramakant says this is witness, evidence and asks kunal to arrest him. kunal asks constable to arrest mishra ji. deepu cries and asks kunal not to arrest him. she asks mishra ji to talk up. mishra ji says some thing he is announcing is fact. deepu is greatly surprised.


Precap: Ragini informs piyush that darshan known as and said that mishra ji is arrested through police. piyush comes to police station and asks kunal, why did you arrest mishra ji. deepu hugs him and cries. she says why he’s going to try this. kunal says mishra ji turned into promoting college papers. he can’t loose him as he’s helpless.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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