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Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with deepu coming to piyush’s house. she asks tushar how his studies are going on. tushar asks why elders ask such questions. deepu jokes that she remembers college seeing his face. she asks approximately madhuri. tushar says she is interior. piyush comes out of room and collides with deepu. deepu smiles as they are stuck inside the door. dhhai kilo prem plays….their shoulder contact every other. piyush goes out of room, at the same time as deepu gets inside. her dupatta is caught in his watch. he frees it. deepu smiles and says she got here for a few work. piyush says i need to get equipped. deepu says she brought something for him. piyush selects his fits and thinks he can success true in rented suits.


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Deepu comes and symptoms they are not right. piyush suggests her many garments, but she dislikes them and says i will take a look at the cloth wardrobe. kunal sees piyush with deepu and thinks he’s getting arrested. piyush stops deepu from seeing inside the wardrobe. deepu says sarika’s fashion sense is ideal. piyush shows her shirts. deepu likes it and says sarika will adore it. deepu offers her paneer pakodas. piyush gives her diary milk chocolate. bua sees cash with madhuri and snatches money from her suitcase. madhuri cries. deepu sees bua taking cash from madhuri. madhuri says she couldn’t make arrangement and says everybody will feel terrible. deeps hugs her. she says the whole lot can be excellent. she asks her to consume chocolate with her and cheer up, says piyush gave her.
Piyush asks tushar to go out of room as sarikas name comes. he choices her call. sarika says hi and asks if he is prepared for the celebration. piyush says yes. she asks him to fulfill on gate. piyush says okay and thinks he’s going to show romance magic to her. he is going out for birthday celebration. pankaj asks where are you going? piyush says he goes to temple after which will return his friend’s coat. pankaj asks him to move inside the morning. sarika asks deepu now not to worry about madhuri deepu thinks to give her money to madhuri.


Sarika thanks her for kada. piyush asks kunal to take a seat in his shop. kunal refuses and is going. piyush calls amit and asks him to take a seat in save. amit says i am equipped to do some thing for you, but can’t sit save fearing pankaj. piyush comes to tushar and asks him to sit down in keep for someday and gives him 500 rs. tushar concurs. piyush takes him. he comes to the children festival venue and waits for sarika. deepu comes and maintains hand on his shoulder. piyush sees her and is bowled over. deepu tells that sarika referred to as her and asked her to enter with him as she got here with a person else. piyush thinks he will not supply choice to this moti and could vanish like mr. india. deepu says shall we move inside and thinks he’s blushing seeing her. dhhai kilo prem plays….they move interior. the fellow asks if they’re married and asks them to inform the names. piyush gets indignant on him and asks if she is carrying sindoor and so on. the man gives them icecream and pizza coupons. piyush says lets seek sarika. sarika comes and hugs piyush. she asks if you are angry on me and tells that rohit compelled her and that’s why she came with him. deepu says she came with him. sarika says you didn’t tell me approximately your dress and says all agra will get ghayal. deepu says she worn the dress as her coronary heart said.


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Rohit comes and greets deepu. deepu says she goes to gymnasium day by day. rohit says you are stunning and don’t want to hit gym. he asks piyush to go to gym twice. piyush laughs. rohit asks sarika to come as a few people got here. deepu says we will anticipate you. sarika and rohit move.


Precap: Sarika dances with rohit whilst deepu dances with piyush preserving balloon with their belly. a track plays….later deepu and piyush wins, and some men teases deepu for her weight. piyush beats them. sarika says you’ve got saved her again. deepu says you’re hurt due to me. piyush says i might have helped others additionally.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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