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Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update. Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with neighbors telling that deepika’s mum haven’t come on terrace to talk about her fat daughter’s alliance. deepika’s mum ragini comes talking to janki’s on cellphone. she asks if she is coming to see deepika today and says nowadays is ram leela. neighbor says you should have instructed them that your daughter is fat. ragini says her daughter became sita in the ram leela.


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Deepika’s father mishra ji is looking deepika’s youth video. ragini asks until when you may watch this video. mishra ji tells that time passes so quickly and tells that she played sita within the fancy dress competition and says she can justified her position inside the ram lela. ragini makes puris. mishra ji involves assist her to make puris and says puris can be spherical. ragini says she convinced janki, marriage bureau woman with a great deal difficulty and says permit deepika not have this. mishra ji calls deepika to have puris and tells ragini that puris are fried in 20 percent fats oil. deepika says she is coming. she gets ready and is derived to mishra ji. mishra ji makes her have puris and asks her to shake up the level together with her skills. deepika says she is fearful. mishra ji motivates her to do accurate along with his poetry. ragini comes. mishra ji asks deepika to do everything together with her heart. he says ragini known as special target audience for her.
Deepika involves the pizza store. proprietor asks why did you come right here, and asks approximately her play. she says she noticed double cheese pizza poster and notion to devour it to do sita’s function higher. proprietor says it isn’t for you and unique triple cheese pizza is for you. he says you eats with coronary heart. deepika says she is unique.


Piyush comes there along with his friend. proprietor asks what he would really like to have. piyush says he wishes triple cheese pizza. proprietor says you are 2d consumer to get triple cheese pizza and tells that the lady have ordered identical factor and that she is a special purchaser. he sees her, but couldn’t see her face. he says how can a girl eat all. his friend asks him not to eat as he is rejected via 3 girls. piyush asks him to shut up and says he’s going to marry a nice girl. two women come to deepika and asks her to provide 5 minutes. one of the girl tells that they may be home technological know-how students of agra college and doing studies on matrimonial website. she asks for her interview. deepika asks them to sit down. piyush tells that he wishes a lady like deepika.


Deepika says she will marry the guy who loves to devour meals. lady says you need weight-reduction plan. deepika says humans taunt her, however she don’t trouble at all. piyush tells that he wishes an amazing parent lady and that he will marry deepika padukone like girl. he says he has grow to be ignorant listening to his father’s name callings approximately his weight. he tells that agra will jealous of fat piyush if deepika like girl marries him. his pal says she will additionally see your determine. piyush tells that women don’t see discern and wishes love. deepika says she needs a big coronary heart man. piyush sees a boy searching at him consuming pizza and is going out to share his pizza with him. he offers him pizza and smiles.


Deepika finishes her interview and goes out. they cross route, however doesn’t see each different. the university ladies come to piyush and asks for interview. she asks what is his concept of a great wife? piyush says perfect spouse will be like her….and factors his finger in the direction of deepika. they seize deepika. his friend asks him to look first and says she is triple cheese pizza. piyush says now not her, but above…and shows deepika padukone’s poster. dhai kilo prem plays…….


Deepika comes out and asks rickshaw motive force to force rapid. he says he has learnt to drive recently and might’t pressure rapid. deepika offers to pressure and asks him to sit. he asks do how to drive. deepika drives the cart/rickshaw. title music performs…………piyush is seen along with his friend on his scooter.


She involves do the play and pays cash to the motive force. someone tells the play’s director that hanuman is lacking. director receives worried.


Deepika gets ready as sita and asks director how she is calling? director appears at her fatness. deepika says all people will examine her and he or she will get her black eye. shilpa is sitting there tells that even her cousin dimpy should have carried out the function. deepika says make up is executed, and that she desires to put on gown and jewellery. shilpa teases her. director asks make up man why she is looking fat. deepika says she is fat simplest and that her mum tells that she seems like sita maayya.


Director yaduraj says mum says like that and gets involved. he says best miracle can store his ram leela. shilpa asks director if he were given her only. director yaduraj tells that sarika changed into caught in banaras. make up guy says she changed into satisfactory in agra. yaduraj says if organizer ratan singh comes then don’t understand what will happen. he asks about the preparations. yaduraj says ram leela will be one-of-a-kind and you will double the finances. ratan singh asks him about sarika. shilpa says you shall see our sita as she is precise. ratan singh says jai shri ram. deepika comes dressed as sita. ratan singh freezes in shock seeing her. yaduraj tells that he took audition of many girls, but nobody ought to say the dialogues flawlessly in contrast to her.


Ratan singh says you’ve got performed wonder, sita maayya is standing infront of me…..he asks everybody to mention sita mayya ji jai. deepika smiles. ratan singh is going to sarika and asks someone to click photo with her. shilpa says real sita got here right here, you are not needed right here. deepika gets unhappy. ratan singh says he’ll leave now. sarika tells that her dadi is fine now and that’s whys he again domestic. yaduraj thanks her and says play became not anything with out her and asks make up man to make her equipped. make up man asks what we can do with our different sita deepika. deepika tells that she will be able to feel horrific as they changed sita, then turns her face and says she didn’t sense awful at all and asks them to exit until she gets sarika equipped. they’re amazed and go out. deepika allows her and advises her what to put on and what to do.


Last Part of Dhhai Kilo Prem 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sarika says i didn’t understand that you have changed me. deepika says you are quality acceptable for the role. sarika says she isn’t always feeling desirable. deepika says she can go away now. sarika asks her to cry earlier than going domestic and says i realize you don’t cry infront of anyone. deepika says show ought to move on and leaves crying.. shilpa scoffs deepika and calls her haathni. she calls her fat buffalo and says her mum called her stunning sita. deepika loses her cool and warns shilpa and says she will be able to bury her if she tells anything approximately her mother and father. shilpa appears on.


Precap: Deepika thinks she shall get a risk to move on stage. she receives to do hanuman’s position. piyush comes to do ram’s function. ragini tells janki that her daughter is doing sita’ function. janki factors in the direction of hanuman and says she is your daughter deepika.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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