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Dil Bole Oberoi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Bole Oberoi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Bole Oberoi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shwetlana says i m right here, i will sing. gauri says i have to come as gauri kumari sharma, in spite of everything is about om’s family recognize. she dresses her in women garments and smiles. some time before, gauri asks servants to work rapid, keep bolsters aligned. she asks what’s this, prevent, are you mad, flip the idol. she smiles and says now its right, mata rani’s face ought to be in dakshin/south so that after her devotees pray, their faces be in uttar/north facet, in order that happiness and prosperity comes domestic. buamaa says you realize loads. gauri says that is my work, i made idol clothes. buamaa asks what. gauri says sorry, i am getting excited and speak a lot while its approximately lord. jhanvi says its accurate. gauri says no, servants have to no longer speak lots. jhanvi says you’re like own family.


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Buamaa says home helps move in few days, you have got made a place in om and our hearts. jhanvi says i m so glad you are in om’s lifestyles. buamaa says from day 1, i favored him, lord made him guy, else i would have made her bahu. jhanvi says i desire you can be part of this jagrata, however this characteristic is of women. gauri thinks that is my broken destiny, i m woman and may’t become a part of this jagrata, it became now not in my fate to serve mata rani. buamaa asks where is the lady who might sing. gauri remembers jhanvi’s words. jhanvi says she could be coming. buamaa asks did you tell her its nowadays. jhanvi says of course. gauri says aunty advised me, it way she is anticipating gauri, and i m here as chulbul.
Om comes and asks gauri to return. buamaa says he has to do work, don’t speak of other servants. om says sorry, i have imp paintings with rudra and chulbul. gauri thinks what to do now. om says come, what are you thinking, my paintings is imp. gauri says even lord paintings is imp. om says i don’t notion in lord. gauri says lord blesses anybody. jhanvi says i have small paintings, i can send him later. om says high-quality and goes.


Jhanvi offers a basket to gauri and says its jagrata invites, give it to neighbors. shwetlana stops gauri. gauri says i m going to present invites. she says you’re like sweety. shwetlana asks who’s sweety. gauri says my dog. shwetlana says you are comparing me with canine. gauri says no, i mean i cherished sweety and love you furthermore mght, you simply doubt on me, shwetana says i don’t care you love me or now not, just do my work. she gives her any other basket and says that is also jagrata invitation playing cards, it has written that this jagrata is going on to celebrate my and om’s marriage. gauri says i’m able to’t do that, they may fire me from job. shwetlana says in case you don’t do this, i will fire you from activity, now pass. gauri is going. shwetlana burns the playing cards. she says i will wreck their sleep.


Jhanvi attends om’s call and says yes, chulbul is here, i’m able to send him. she says chulbul, om is asking you. gauri thinks what to do, if om stops me there, i ought to come back right here. she prays to mata rani to do some miracle. she is going. shwetlana comes there and smiles. she says fantastic, decorations is good. buamaa asks why do you break other’s paintings. shwetlana says you’re scared of me and does now not consider in mata rani. buamaa says you don’t realize mata rani’s power. jhanvi says but mata rani is aware of my electricity. she goes to idol and says i m bored playing games with them, we could have a opposition, stop me when you have electricity. she goes.


She dresses in mechanic dress. she says i m making a bed of death, if jhanvi and tej unite, i may be ruined, jhanvi will die, then tej and om will wreck down, this jagrata could be remaining one for jhanvi’s lifestyles, very soon i will send jhanvi to mata rani. she hammers nails at the wooden platform. she sees the sharp nails and says wow, it’ll be a laugh now. she fixes a layer above it. she throws a watermelon. it breaks. she says jhanvi’s kingdom can be same in sometime.


Rudra says i’m able to genuinely help you to make shwetlana out of this residence, we don’t have obro moments because of her. om says ok then, chulbul will explain you the whole lot. he hugs rudra and is going. rudra asks chulbul to start and pats her. the girls come and congratulate jhanvi, asking approximately om’s marriage, its proper to announce marriage in jagrata. buamaa and jhanvi get at a loss for words. buamaa says what have been they saying. shwetlana comes and says i can explain, i m this residence’s could be bahu, jagrata invitation had it written, approximately my and om’s marriage solving. jhanvi asks how is that this possible, i organized all cards. shwetlana says invitation playing cards can be modified too. jhanvi receives bowled over.


Rudra asks are you certain shwetlana became mendacity in freezer. gauri says sure, very sure. rudra says no individual will lie in freezer to become bloodless. gauri says she changed into doing that to look young. rudra asks can you display me that box. gauri says sure, i noticed it inside the secret chamber beneath om’s room, when I took om, that box disappeared. buamaa scolds shwetlana. shwetlana smiles and welcomes anyone in jagrata. the lady asks whom did you name to sing. jhanvi says she may be making a song. she says i m concerned, if she does not come on time. shwetlana thinks my mission could be fulfilled quickly and asks shall i sing, suppose, i can just come.


Rudra asks gauri can you take me there. gauri says sure, come. gauri indicates the name of the game door unlocking. rudra says don’t act clever, dadi instructed this to everybody, open it. gauri opens the ground door. rudra says wow, i just heard this, our house is so sci fi. he jokes and jumps in. gauri says this is right threat to discover what’s taking place in jagrata. she asks mata rani to assist her and desires om ought to are available jagrata. she falls and sees om’s photo. she says i did no longer suppose this, om can’t do there in jagrata, but his image can move. she takes his image and goes. jhanvi asks female to sit, the woman will come.


Buamaa asks jhanvi to call mrs. malhotra. jhanvi says i called, however its no longer connecting. shwetlana says i m sorry, its embarrassing, i advised mom i will do preparations, however she desired to do it, she is growing old, so perhaps she forgot. the lady says how will jagrata take place, we will sing. shwetlana says no need, i can sing, i will do this for my own family. gauri says no, shwetlana can’t sing, mata rani can get aggravated. shwetlana holds mic and sings so awful. the girls snort, and ask is she singing or crying, we need to go away from here. shwetlana says i assume i will attempt once more. gauri hides at the back of idol and sings.


Last Part of Dil Bole Oberoi 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jhanvi thank you mata rani. the girl says what a melodious voice, in which is that woman. gauri says i assume i ought to come as gauri kumari sharma, its approximately om’s family respect. she does makeup and attire well.


Precap of Dil Bole Oberoi 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Om is available in jagrata and looks at each person. he sees gauri. she passes by means of him. he holds her hand. dupatta falls over her face.


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