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Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Kaali asks groom to return. tej comes. kaali says om’s your dad’s marriage is these days. gauri and rudra dance on yamma yamma….. some time earlier than, kaali reminds om his phrases, and says now house, game and movements aren’t yours, play that game where there’s a chance to get stored, i forgot to make you meet jango, he’s hungry on the grounds that three months, just for you. om says the man who has visible his mum loss of life every day isn’t afraid of loss of life. kaali says shravan kumar, extremely good, demise can’t make you weak, however mum’s tears can weaken you. om receives irritated. kaali says i idea you are clever, however you’re foolish, did you watched i will come right here to sign deal, deal is signed long term ago, i came right here so you come after me, you are added here, so you can see that earlier than death, which you don’t need to look, your mum’s destruction, om shouts kaali. kaali asks him no longer to shout, save your anger.


Full Details of Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaali’s men listen crying sound and visit see. they ask why are you crying. buamaa says he has beaten me. they flip to see. she beats them. she takes their weapons. kaali asks received’t you ask what is going to occur right here. jhanvi says leave me, where are you taking me. om says mother…. the man says we got this female outside. jhanvi asks why did you cage my son, wherein is tej. kaali asks her to loosen up. om says kaali, if some thing takes place to my mum, i will kill you. kaali says keep your existence first, atypical we are writing her lifestyles’s ruining story, it’ll be fun. jhanvi asks why are you doing this. kaali says i did not do anything, real sport will begin now. he asks groom to come back. tej comes. kaali asks how did you like my surprise, congrats its tej’s marriage nowadays, i m getting this marriage executed right here, right now. om gets bowled over.


Kaali says spouse or land, each father and son have equal preference, i heard your communication that day, i understood om’s weak spot is his mum, and tej’s weakness is shwetlana, so i played this deal trick, even shwetlana got trapped. he asks someone to get tej’s bride. the guys get shwetlana. shwetlana says leave me, i don’t want to do this marriage. kaali says leave her, she is announcing she has to do marriage right. he holds her and says i’m able to inform every body, whose face is there at the back of this face, will do marriage or no longer, pass and put together for marriage. shwetlana goes. kaali goes to tej and says she turned into involved approximately her dress, she can come. jhanvi asks tej did he get mad, our son is near demise, and he’s contemplating marriage. tej says no longer our son, your son, he in no way did a son’s duty, why shall i do father’s responsibility, om is responsible for all this, what did om think, he can win this sport by snatching shwetlana, he did now not recognize easy thing, father is usually a father, i got the deal and shwetlana too.


Om shouts. tej says shout, you may’t do something else, i have a suggestion, you ought to beg to your life. om says i simply fear for jhanvi’s existence, not mine. tej says she will see my marriage and die these days. om asks him to mind his tongue. jhanvi says tej please go away om, i m geared up to die. om says mom, stop it, you won’t do some thing. kaali says don’t fear, i m there to satisfy your final wish. he gets a chamber of chemical. he asks her to jump in chemical if she desires to die, however lets have a few leisure first, its marriage, a few celebrations ought to be there.


The dancers come. gauri and rudra dance with them. yamma yamma …..performs……. gauri goes to om and indicates the candy. om recalls chulbul. rudra signs jhanvi and smiles. fb suggests rudra seeking to reach om. he says we are able to nevertheless reach om by means of gps. gauri asks what. rudra says shivaye has placed app in our smartphone to track each other, i’m able to music om now. he tracks om. gauri and rudra trap dancers and take disguise. kaali and tej drink. gauri sees kaali dropping the keys. she picks the keys. om appears on. kaali steps on her hand. he moves his foot. gauri goes and dances with rudra. she throws the keys to om. om tries to open the lock. kaali says i concept i m much imply, however you’re my father in incorrect deeds, you’re risking your real son for getting a wife. tej says i need to proportion a secret, shwetlana is my weak spot, i m ready to do whatever for my weakness, i want our pheras to take place speedy. they chuckle. jhanvi calls out tej and points gun at him. she recollects taking gun from kaali’s man. kaali and tej get shocked.


Jhanvi says pheras will occur whilst you are alive. tej says decrease the gun jhanvi, this is not a toy, you are not in senses. om shouts mother, forestall, no….. kaali lifts the gun while she shoots. he is taking the gun and asks her to keep peace. tej slaps jhanvi. she falls down and cries. om shouts.


Last Part of Dil Bole Oberoi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Rudra holds jhanvi. om asks how dare you touch my mum. kaali says what do you suggest, he is your dad. gauri is going and hides. rudra stops tej. the guys capture rudra. kaali says depart him, and pulls his faux beard. he says whole family got here as baraati to peer father’s marriage. tej asks why did you return here. rudra says nowadays i understood why om does no longer name you papa, you don’t deserve to be referred to as a father. tej says shut up, thoughts your language. kaali asks in which is the other dancer, pass and discover him. om looks round.
Precap: Kaali aims gun at gauri, and says you have got lean body, you can die in one slap, take a look at your braveness, you came to kill me. gauri gets rid of her wig, cap and specifications. kaali says gauri. she says savitri has fought with yamraj in that yug, and could combat on this yug too.


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