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Dil Bole Oberoi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Bole Oberoi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Bole Oberoi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shwetlana says guy need to be like you. gauri hides underneath the mattress and records them. kaali romances with shwetlana. he steps on gauri’s hand. some time before, gauri lights the diya and asks lord what are you questioning, i mild diya each day as chulbul, how did i emerge as gauri these days, a suhaagan got here to you, i got here to complain, you usually tested me, i did now not say anything, my notion can’t get shaken, forestall this now, don’t hassle om extra. buamaa and jhanvi look on and smile. gauri says kaali got here right here due to me, make him away, became shwetlana less, than you have got despatched kaali. they get stunned. gauri says you will show the way to pop out of troubles, i m geared up to go to kaali, in case you concept every other way, make this flower and give sign, display right way to forestall kaali. jhanvi says gauri.


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Kaali sees a crocodile on pc, and says how are you, you are hungry, i’m able to get meals for you day after today, om will locate gauri and then my revenge can be fulfilled, then om will become your food, i m coming with your food.
buamaa asks what did you mean saying that. jhanvi asks kaali desires to hurt om because of you, what’s your enmity with kaali. buamaa asks do you recognize kaali. shwetlana involves om. om says i recognise why you came right here, to mention which you are leaving me, as my deal went to tej, take into account one element shwetlana, i received’t allow you to destroy my mum’s existence. she says i want to help you. he asks do you definitely count on me to accept as true with this. she says your combat become with me until now, now its with kaali, so i need to assist you, in any case its my obligation as i m your could be spouse, don’t fear, i won’t visit tej, i really want that will help you. he asks why do you suspect i’m able to take your help. she asks do you have got another alternative, assume nicely, i m right here to assist.


Jhanvi asks gauri to mention, why did kaali come right here. buamaa asks her to mention what’s om’s enmity with kaali. jhanvi asks why did kaali come here. gauri says to take me, kaali and his two brothers want to marry me. she tells everything. she says om simply helped me, he additionally were given caught on this hassle, its taking place because of me, forgive me. buamaa hugs her. jhanvi says kaali must express regret. gauri says kaali got here to take me, he’s going to pass if he receives me, so i decided i’m able to visit him. buamaa says don’t think this, om did much less, such men should be more beaten up, no need to visit that canine. jhanvi says buamaa is proper, fate made you and om meet, you came on this residence by fate, now not because you go again to that hell. gauri says kaali can damage your existence. jhanvi says i don’t care, allow tej and kaali do anything, if tej gives me divorce and marries shwetlana, i don’t care, think lord has united you and om, he gained’t allow you to get separated. the flower falls down. gauri sees this and says if that is your want, first-rate, i received’t come in front of kaali, now you have got to expose me the manner.


Its morning, tej stops jhanvi. jhanvi asks what happened, your day gets spoiled seeing my face. he says i’m able to take a day threat if life gets better. she asks what’s this. he says its the divorce papers that you gave me, its written you need 2000 crores alimony, i signed on it, you and your vain son can manage businesses, allow me stay my lifestyles like a loose chicken, i forgot to say suitable news, we made a plan…. no, i can’t give you this information, its our little secret. he goes. gauri appears on.


Gauri says tej became no longer saying this, kaali changed into pronouncing this from inside, i should find out their plan. om drags shwetlana and asks her to go away from his residence. she says you’re false impression me, i m trying that will help you. he says i don’t want to concentrate, girls such as you never help each person, or have a few greed, when tej symptoms deal, you will run to him, have a look at my mum, she isn’t always glad with marriage and looking to store it, you are attempting to interrupt her marriage. kaali comes and hears them. om says you trapped tej, i gave you a hundred crores greed, you got here to me, now tej is going to signal that deal, you’ll visit him, i hate your face, get out. kaali smiles. she goes. buamaa says jhanvi, atleast some thing desirable is going on, come. kaali sees om. om goes. kaali additionally goes.


Gauri says i m looking to lessen om’s troubles, but issues are increasing, now shwetlana will go to tej, he’s going to give divorce to jhanvi, i will’t forgive myself, its occurring because of me, its time to emerge as dabangg gauri sharma. she throws and eats the sweet. she says be cautious shwetlana, i m coming. she gets interior kaali’s room and says i don’t have any alternative than locating proof in opposition to kaali.


She sees crocodile photo on computer and asks does kaali see this. she receives marriage certificates in a file. kaali walks in. shwetlana holds him and smiles. gauri hides underneath bed and information the video. she thinks shwetlana is so shameless, she is marrying om, has affair with tej and flirting with kaali. shwetlana says tej and om are kids in the front of your manhood, man should be such as you. kaali asks her to suppose, if he indicates manhood, she will get concerned. shwetlana receives tensed. he holds her near and says you made me a whole lot restless. shwetlana says even i was stressed, i just think of you. he asks honestly and bends to her.


Gauri thinks shwetlana is speakme such bad matters with a stranger, she is dishonest om for kaali, i want to slap her and stick her to wall, my dharm will get spoiled listening to them, i can record them, om will get reason to kick out kaali and shwetlana from home, even tej can’t do anything. kaali says if you like robust fragrance, you ought to have chosen sturdy guy, i desire i got you before. shwetlana recalls beyond moment. she dances with him and flirts. gauri thinks i can’t record plenty of their romance, this proof is enough. kaali steps on gauri’s hand. gauri receives harm. shwetlana asks kaali to study her. they fall on the mattress. gauri crawls and leaves. kaali hears the door sound and asks what was this sound.


Last Part of Dil Bole Oberoi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Gauri runs to om and says i’ve to reveal something, i got a evidence against shwetlana, she went to fulfill kaali, i took her video, see her truth. she indicates video and says now you may hit shwetlana and kaali to wall, see what is she doing in the back of your lower back. om says no, she told me and did this, in truth i informed her to do this. fb suggests shwetlana asking om to nbelieve her as soon as. she asks what did you watched, do you have to fight alone or do we must combat. he says we have to locate when will this deal take place. she says i m satisfied listening to we, go away it on me, i will locate approximately deal. he says don’t double pass me, what’s the plan. she says you have to insult me. facebook ends. om says we acted to fight in front of all and sundry, in order that kaali gets positive that there may be some tension between me and shwetlana. gauri says sure, but… shweltlana comes and says you aren’t part of this plan, you don’t need to use your mind.

Dil Bole Oberoi 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Gauri goes to kaali’s room and says i’m able to find out kaali’s plan. she receives bowled over seeing kaali speaking to crocodile. kaali says i understand you are hungry because long, my work will occur these days and your belly might be complete. gauri receives stunned. kaali catches her.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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