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Dil Bole Oberoi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dil Bole Oberoi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Dil Bole Oberoi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

Gauri and om see in the direction of each different. some time before, dandy tries wigs, moustaches, and specific looks on gauri. gauri involves oberois and appears on. leap bounce…..plays……….. she greets defend and says sultana known as me. he says you suggest shwetlana. she says sure. he calls shwetlana and says first-class. he asks defend to take this guy to shwetlana. the man holds gauri. gauri scolds him and says not anything. he asks her to come. shwetlana says servant has come, i advised you that i want a private servant, he has come. gauri enters oberoi mansion and sees the residence. the person says wait here, i will do access and are available. she thinks is this residence or palace, we’ve tajmahal there and right here that is oberoi palace, dandy turned into proper, oberois are wealthy. he asks her to come back, shwetlana known as.

Om says i decided, if my marriage takes place, it is going to be with you, i want it to show up well, with all rasams and traditions. he holds her and says i need to simply accept you in front of the arena, i want this marriage to be memorable, however some time is wanted for proper planning and arrangements, what i think is, we ought to get mahurat by pandit ji. she smiles and asks do you really need to marry me, i don’t consider this. he says to be honest, i did now not wish this before, now i think you are ideal for me. she says then marriage will occur as you want. she hugs him.

Shield sees shwetlana and om, and says wait, sir is with madam. gauri looks on and asks is he madam’s husband. he says no, they’re going to get married. gauri recollects her marriage with om. saathiya…..performs………… she says absolutely everyone does no longer get husband’s happiness and love, person who get it are lucky. om thinks thanks shwetlana for giving me time, we three brothers will locate such proof in opposition to you which you received’t get 100 crores, me and tej. shwetlana thinks don’t assume i m silly, i know you may never love me, i recognise there may be plan behind this surprising exchange, i gave this danger to understand your plan. om says i’m able to communicate to pandit and come. the person says that servant has come. she says send him. om leaves. the person asks gauri to come with him.

Gauri and om are near and walk past, looking in the direction of each other. they both see their own reflection in the mirror coming in among. saathiya……plays………….. the servant tells om that mirror came in marriage decorations. om nods and leaves. gauri sees herself and greets. she says dandy made me a man from lady, if i can’t pick out myself, what’s going to absolutely everyone else understand.

Shwetlana facilitates jhanvi and calls her mom. jhanvi asks mother. shwetlana says i ought to name you sasumaa, however it won’t fit you. jhanvi says close up. shwetlana says i m speakme with love and also you are getting angry. jhanvi says i m no longer your mother. shwetlana says you are om’s mom, so my mother, i m residence uniting bahu, now not breaking one, don’t worry. jhanvi says you crossed all limits of disgrace, you’ve got been tej’s mistress these types of years and now you are doing this together with his son. shwetlana says i thought you are contemporary female, you’re behaving as if its usual bgrade saas bahu show, wherein will you get such bahu who is aware of saas sasur so nicely, specifically sasur. she smiles.

Jhanvi says you snatched loads from me, go away my son. shwetlana says you’re saying as though i m after om, he got here to me, marriage decision become om’s. jhanvi says please go away my son. shwetlana says you asked me to depart husband, residence and now son, as though i will conform to you, sorry to say, that’s now not possible, it will likely be higher to forget the whole thing and receive me as your bahu, i can take first step by way of your advantages. jhanvi twists her hand and scolds her. she says if you don’t depart my son, i will pressure you to depart the world. servant asks jhanvi shall i am getting tea. jhanvi says no, i will make myself. servant says k, however be careful, new burner is established nowadays. she goes.

Shwetlana involves gauri and calls out. gauri asks which man are you calling. shwetlana asks who is right here besides you. gauri says oh i forgot, i m the fellow. shwetlana says you are behaving like you just were given to recognise you are the man. gauri says its first day. shwetlana asks name. gauri says gauri…, via gauri shankar’s grace, my call is chulbul. shwetlana asks bulbul. gauri laughs and says no, bulbul is lady, i m guy, chulbul. shwetlana asks what’s this name chulbul. gauri shouts what, did you not see dabangg. shwetlana says your voice, what came about. gauri eats sweet supari and says my voice gets terrible every now and then. she thinks to eat sweet supari to trade voice. she says i m chulbul sharma, like in dabangg. shwetlana asks what do . gauri says i recognize lots, i can examine what i don’t know. shwetlana asks is that this training centre, tell me what you realize. gauri says i can make lord’s garments…. shwetlana says i want servant for me, now not lord. gauri says i understand cooking, washing… i can sing in jagrata. shwetlana says does he know some work or no longer. gauri says i will do what you are saying.

Jhanvi is going to kitchen to make tea. she says burner is mounted these days, why is it caught. shwetlana says you’re odd. gauri says sultana ji, i m now not odd, i m humorous. shwetlana says its now not sultana, its shwetlana, neglect it. simply name me madam. gauri asks is my job given. shwetlana says no, you aren’t the kind of servant i need, you are too ls. gauri asks ls, lok sabha. shwetlana says no, low preferred, depart. gauri says i want task, please. shwetlana says just go. gauri starts offevolved leaving.

Om calls someone and says i want to talk approximately shwetlana’s investigations, come home. jhanvi lights the range. gas leaks and fire blows. she screams. om, rudra and gauri pay attention her and rush. servant applies toothpaste to jhanvi. gauri checks on internet and says no, it’s going to make wound deeper, positioned water. shwetlana comes and asks did all of us ask your recommendation, pass from right here. om and rudra come there and notice jhanvi. gauri turns to depart.

Om asks what befell. jhanvi says don’t understand, i started fuel and fireplace blew. shwetlana says perhaps gas leaked, new burner is set up. om says call the doctor. jhanvi says its great. gauri stops and sees water jug. she throws water on jhanvi’s hand. om and rudra flip to look. shwetlana asks what the hell, what are you doing right here, you spoiled clothes, pass. gauri does not see om’s face. she leaves. om turns and does no longer see her.

Shwetlana comes to jhanvi. om asks who became that boy who stored jhanvi. she says he came for servant’s process, however i requested him to depart. he asks why. she says he become a fool, did you not see, how he has thrown water, stupid. he says contamination stopped as he threw water, it became his smartness, i assume you must hire him. she says however he turned into very atypical. he says its no longer imp that he is like he looks, he stored mom’s life, i want to in my view thank him, hire him.

Precap: Shwetlana says I give you this job, you have to keep an eye on my would be husband, you will get three months advance salary. Gauri and Om see each other. Rose petals fall over them. Saathiya…..plays…….

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