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Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollupdates. Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Gauri thank you shankar ji and says now i’m able to not deceive om, i’m able to inform him i m now not a man chulbul, i m gauri kumari sharma. some time before, om says chulbul, we need to find physician earlier than shwetlana, we are able to go in and spot. he calls out medical doctor. gauri says perhaps we get some thing in this bag. she tests it. snake comes near.


Full Details of Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shwetlana receives plates for buamaa. buamaa asks tej to have meals and pass. tej says sorry, i m in hurry. she says what’s the difference with the aid of 10 mins. he sits. she says lunch is special, shwetlana made roti. shwetlana says why are you surprised, i m do some thing. buamaa says so we’re afraid, you may eat roti first. gauri says we checked everywhere. om says he is not right here. gauri asks what’s this, i were given it in hand, it looks like…. om asks what’s it. she receives snake out and receives stunned. she throws the snake and hugs om. saathiya…..plays………
buamaa says i’m able to serve roti to you. she gives roti to shwetlana. he sees roti and then appears at shwetlana. she smiles. buamaa gets bhaang roti for shwetlana. shwetlana thank you her and sees the roti. she says how did this roti get spherical. she sees jhanvi and buamaa. she says i think roti were given round even as working towards, i will do whatever. buamaa says you can do lots. shwetlana eats. she receives inebriated and laughs.


Om says we can go away from here. they get taken aback seeing snake on the door. they get again. snake falls on om from the ceiling fan. gauri shouts omkara ji. om stands nevertheless. gauri throws the snake away. om says there are numerous snakes, how to depart from right here.


Shwetlana sings and dances on yeh raat me jo maza hai….. tej, jhanvi and buamaa look on and smile. om looks round and says its snakes the whole thing. gauri prays. om says none will come right here, we need to do it. she says i’ve notion on shankar ji, he’ll help us. shwetlana dances with jhanvi and buamaa. om sees the snake going in the direction of gauri and kicks it away. saathiya…..plays……..


Om holds her and says loosen up, i received’t allow anything take place to you. she holds his hand and says i received’t allow something to you too. shwetlana dances loads and drops. om and gauri get at the desk and attempt to throw snakes away. om says what to do now. she says shankar ji is trying out us. he says no lord will come, we have to try this, its bizarre, demise is that shadow which always walks with life, but existence does not think about loss of life ever, once I m seeing dying carefully, i m know-how what’s life. she ass what are you pronouncing, till there is breath, there may be wish, man or woman must no longer lose hope. he says come on chulbul, allow’s be sensible, loss of life is simply one step away, having hope is foolish, humans say when death is close, all of the life is in the front of eyes. he remembers gauri.


He says there may be a burden on heart which i did not proportion with all and sundry, now not despite shivaye, gauri…. she receives stunned. saathiya….plays…. he says i met her in bareilly. she remembers their marriage and cries. he says i have hated her plenty. she cries. om says even then don’t recognize why, i’m able to’t forget her, via a few way, i am getting her concept in thoughts, if all of us asks me today, what’s my ultimate want, i’d simply say something to gauri once, i want she became status in front of me now. she asks what do you want to tell her. om says i want to tell her that… she says inform me. he says forget it, we won’t talk approximately this, tell me do you have any ultimate desire.


Gauri thinks my last want is to tell you truth, its because of my lie, you aren’t telling me what you want to say, you don’t recognize i m gauri, no longer chulbul, i’d have atleast regarded that om thinks approximately me, what he wants to inform me, i lied lots to my husband, but i want to mention reality earlier than demise, i took selection to inform truth to om. om asks what’s your ultimate desire. she says without a doubt….. he sees dang getting out of the container. he says you’re here, we are locating you for the reason that long. dang says i was hiding inner, i have snake repellent. om says you know your life is in risk. dang says i realize that. om says you would also realize, you’ve got threat from whom. dang says i don’t recognise. om says we need to realize why. dang says i gained’t say, i’m able to spray this, you both move domestic. dang sprays the repellent. om and gauri cough. dang leaves.


At domestic, om says dang changed into my remaining hope, i could not recognize some thing from him, what shall i do. gauri thinks i want i ought to help om, i have to go to shwetlana. she is going thinking om’s phrases. shwetlana asks what befell there. gauri says i used to be coming to inform that. shwetlana asks what was om’s response, i need to realize the whole thing. gauri says we did no longer get something. shwetlana says don’t act oversmart, else i can display this video to om. gauri says i m saying reality. shwetlana says you’ll have visible someone’s lifeless body. gauri says no, we did no longer see any living human. shwetlana says how is it feasible, i got transport message. she receives dang’s name and gets shocked. she says how can my plan fail. she is going to room and solutions call. dang says i recognise shwetlana, you’ve got sent snakes to me, you realize what, i were given stored, i have your secret, but sorry you can’t find me, precise bye. she throws the phone and says no, i’m able to’t lose, he can’t win, i have to do something.


Last Part of Dil Bole Oberoi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Gauri says thank you shankar ji, you probably did now not let my eyes get shut all the time, you opened my eyes, i will no longer lie to om, its sufficient of guy and girl sport, i used to be seeking to do my karm and patni dharm, now its time to select either, i choose my husband, i pick out om, even if he does not regard me wife, i regard him my husband, shwetlana wants to make him towards me, i’m able to inform him reality, i m now not a man chulbul, i m gauri kumari sharma, i’m able to accept anything choice he takes. she gets rid of the hood and we could her hair unfastened.
precap of Dil Bole Oberoi 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Gauri goes to om and says om i lied to you, i m not chulbul, i m gauri kumari sharma. shwetlana maintains chloroform and scissors and says i m coming physician. om seems on.



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