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Dil Bole Oberoi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dil Bole Oberoi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Dil Bole Oberoi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Bhavya thinks who is he, why is he disposing of his blouse. she is going to hit him. rudra turns. she falls down. he switches on lights and sees her. he lifts her in hands. a while earlier than, gauri falls again and runs from the room. a sketelon hand is seen within the field. rudra sees bhavya gone. he receives a present. he says its now not my birthday, maybe fans has sent it. he receives the inspector’s locket. he receives a call. sultan congratulates him for marriage and asks did you want gift. rudra asks who’s it. sultan says you should recognize, if policeman is not safe, who will save you.


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O says sorry buamaa, i did no longer burn those toys. buamaa says it changed into ratan’s memories. om says but i m right here, i m also your son. gauri comes and shouts to om. om says buamaa attempted committing suicide, its all my fault, i went to room and that befell. buamaa says no, i thought of ratan seeing those marriage functions, he might have been of om’s age, maybe he might have got married, i did not get infant’s happiness. om says think i m your ratan. buamaa asks will you do what i say. om asks her to simply say. buamaa says i want to see ratan getting married, will you are taking rounds with gauri in the front of my eyes. om gets bowled over. buamaa recalls her plan.
bhavya says why is rudra scared. rudra says shall i tell shivaye, he’s going to cope with this. bhavya asks him why is he scared, what’s he hiding. he says not anything. the box falls. he says don’t see it. she sees inspector’s locket and reads note, if we will attain this policeman, we can attain you too. he says don’t fear, i m there, not anything will occur. she says it approach we are not safe right here. she thinks they discovered us, i want to be alert.


Buamaa says its satisfactory i understand, there may be difference in son and being like a son. om says no, i m your son, you want to peer your son’s marriage, i’m able to take seven rounds with gauri. buamaa smiles. om sees gauri. buamaa says you promise. om guarantees. buamaa hugs him.


Jhanvi asks what are you doing right here. bhavya says we were just speaking. jhanvi asks are you hiding something. they are saying so. jhanvi says i am hoping that is only a drama. bhavya says sure. rudra says its a drama. jhanvi says bhavya, include me, i will show your room. bhavya says i was asking rudra the equal. she goes.


Buamaa says my ratan has come. gauri thinks why does buamaa want me and om to marry again, om said yes to maintain her coronary heart, i recognize he is not glad. om says i want to talk to you. they go. bhavya sees rudra’s room and imagines operating out. jhanvi asks her to return. bhavya says i wanted such room. jhanvi says no, this room is of rudra.. bhavya says i love this east dealing with, it has right vibes, could my thoughts if i stay right here. jhanvi asks her to take this room, she will ask rudra to take a few other room. bhavya thank you her. jhanvi asks her to name her mother, do appearing well. bhavya asks can i call you maa rather mom. jhanvi says nice and hugs her. she asks bhavya to change and sleep. she goes.


Om says i m accountable for buamaa’s nation, she lost her son because of me. gauri remembers the trunk. om says i realize you were leaving and had to stay again, buamaa desires us to take seven rounds, i can’t refuse to her, so i did no longer ask you and stated yes, don’t worry, i did promise and could satisfy it, you don’t want to do this, do what your coronary heart says, i will manipulate. gauri cries and thinks i m expertise, but om isn’t always knowledge, my love is making me helpless to be quiet after knowing reality, om’s love for buamaa is not letting him see reality.


Rudra enters the room. bhavya thinks i forgot to hold my gun with me. bhavya thinks who is he, why is he removing his blouse. she is going to hit him. rudra turns. he switches on lighting and sees her. she falls down and sees him. she says you…..gauri says the entirety may be satisfactory, i ought to leave, i already got past due. om says prevent, its late night time, live again tonight. saathiya…..performs….


Rudra says sorry, what are you doing in my room. bhavya says i took your room, did jhanvi no longer inform you. he says no, i went out, i just came. she asks him to head. he asks how did you get harm, i will raise you. she says no, i will rise up. she attempts. he lifts her in arms and makes her sit at the mattress. jeene laga hoon…..performs…. he receives the spray. she asks what are you doing. he says taking your benefits, i m looking to assist. he sprays on her foot and massages. she smiles seeing him.


Last Part of Dil Bole Oberoi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Gauri keeps the clothes and jewelry. om asks what are you doing. she says dadi and jhanvi gave me these sarees, this earrings is made for this house bahu, i don’t have any proper on this. he says no want you can hold this. she says no, how am i able to take the component which isn’t mine. saathiya…..plays….


Precap: Gauri says i recognise you don’t need to look my face, in case you need my help, call me. om asks her to preserve some cash. she says i don’t want money. buamaa asks gauri in which is she going.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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