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Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
shorvori asks teni how you probably did it? teni says that groom’s wife used to have affair with guy in my society, i threatened her that i’m able to tell about her affair to her husband and he or she did the whole thing i stated. parth says thank god, now we should find permanent answer. teni says sure you have due to the fact i am not going to dress up once more. shorvori says dont fear, we are able to locate a few solution, teni makes parth and shorvori twirl their waist as her signature dance step.

Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

In morning, baa asks dada what he’s wondering? dada says i’ve taken obligation of having teni married, who need to be groom? forum comes there and says i recognise one exact guy, its asmani own family’s son, dada says i recognize that own family, they may be fine. discussion board says i realize this guy, dada says thats first-rate, talk to them
and make contact with them for wedding thought, forum says i’m able to communicate to them.
Parth and shorvori involves teni’s room and sees teni sprawled on bed and drowsing, she wakes up and smiles at them, she asks why they’re tensed? you know what dream i noticed? i noticed i used to be on bridge in america and making a song kal ho na ho. parth says wedding notion has come for you. teni says once more and so quickly? shorvori nods and says man’s family is ready to look you, get geared up. teni says how can they arrive so quickly? how could you both allow it? i’m tensed. shorvori says discussion board delivered this suggestion, teni says simplest she turned into closing to get me married, i took care of first inspiration but what’s going to we do now? need to i do a little large drama? shorvori says no, forum will be disrespected infront of them then, teni says you maintain worrying about others admire, what approximately me? i wont marry anyone. parth says family is doing all this thinking its precise for you, teni says did i invite your circle of relatives to do great deeds for me? i’m not going to meet groom, i will runaway. parth says you have to come downstairs, you’ll not play with my own family’s appreciate, i need you down in 10minutes, she slams door and leaves. teni says he is showing his guts by using slamming door? i’m able to slam more harshly, she is going to washroom and harshly closes it. shorvori flinches and says parth and teni will create more issues.
Discussion board is taking meals for groom’s circle of relatives. mohini comes and says what turned into the want to bring this groom’s circle of relatives? you dont recall how teni made me look low in family’s eyes? discussion board says it was sejal’s mistake now not teni’s. dada wants teni to get married and i’m supporting them, you can appearance it as you need teni to go away this house, teni gets married and go away this house. mohini thinks that i dont care if she receives married however getting such nice groom and family? no i cant undergo her to go to such high-quality residence.
Shorvori involves parth in his room and says why you are becoming irritated, parth says she is stubborn. teni comes there all prepared, teni asks how am i looking? i wore the entirety, bangles, lipstick everything. parth says what was the need to get equipped a lot? teni says you informed me its approximately your circle of relatives’s appreciate, i’m no longer going to embarrass them, i will do the whole lot well and this time you will do everything to stop this wedding, i will just cross there and sit like shy bride, making a decision the way to prevent this, she leaves. parth hits his head and says she might be demise of us, shorvori says she is pregnant, what will take place?

Scene 2
Teni comes downstairs and meets groom and his own family. groom’s mother says i love woman. groom asks teni what are her pursuits?(in english). parth says manav(groom) teni doesnt recognise english. groom’s aunt says manav talks in english best at home, parth says this is massive trouble, its vain if husband and wife cant even speak. teni says i realize little little bit of english, i didnt get hazard to talk in english before, must i speak now? manav nods. teni says iss a wind blow bharr bharr.. pharr pharr.. then all birds get in anxiety and is going harbarr so teni is not barrbarr in english.. parth says i told you her english is little weak. manav says atleast she attempted and i appreciated that, english isn’t that hard, she will analyze it with time, i can train her myself. dada says shall we circulate ahead then? groom nods hinting that he likes teni. groom’s mom says we love teni however our call for is to do this wedding ceremony short, infact we need engagement to show up the following day best, dada says we consider it, that is notable. parth, teni and shorvori are in shock. dada asks teni if she consents with this notion? teni says sure i agree if parth and shorvori doesnt have any hassle then its yes from my aspect. parth and shorvori are bowled over listening to it. dada asks parth, he shrugs, forum says so now this concept is final, this wedding ceremony is organized, zor ka jhatka performs.. manav gets name from a person, he receives tensed and excuses himself, parth sees his bizarre conduct and is going at the back of manav to pay attention what he is speakme. parth hears manav announcing on name that i cant speak to you, i have come to see bride, to get married, dont call me again, he ends name and is miffed, parth looks on.

Manav involves family and says i have a few important paintings, i need to pass, he asks teni to take care, she waves at him luckily, he leaves. parth appears on.

Parth and shorvori are tensed of their room. teni comes there, shorvori says why you did it? teni says you each asked me to now not permit dada and forum get insulted, did i do something incorrect? parth says no you didnt do something incorrect, infact you inspired groom and groom’s own family in first meeting most effective, you destroyed the whole thing and that is what you wanted. teni says i dont want this, you each need it, you stored saved speaking about forum’s recognize, dada’s admire, circle of relatives’s admire but you both dont recognize what i want. teni says to shorvori and parth which you each have 24hours to make this groom runaway from here in any other case i can runaway from this residence before this engagement occurs, parth is about to shout on her but she leaves room ignoring him, parth is annoyed and kicks sofa, shorvori sits down defeated.

Dada says to discussion board that there ought to be nothing much less in engagement day after today, you need to determine teni’s dress, she nods, dada asks baa to attend to food, i’m able to carry rings. baa says you hold repeating these items, you are so happy now then what will appear to you in her wedding? dada says information is of happiness best, the duty which we took is going to fulfill day after today, i just pray that the whole thing is going great day after today.

Last Part of Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Shorvori is pacing around in her room and sees parth busy on pc. shorvori says i am involved about teni’s wedding ceremony and you are using computer? shorvori says thirteen hours has already surpassed, we should stop this wedding, teni goes to get married and will leave with our child too, parth says nothing like this is going to happen, shorvori says sure like you said they wont find notion so quickly however they did, parth says i dont apprehend one factor, how come they requested for engagement so soon in just first assembly, some thing is fishy, shorvori says not anything is fishy, dada has inquired approximately circle of relatives and forum is aware of them well. parth thinks that some thing is wrong and that i have to locate it.

Precap of Dil Se Dil Tak 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Teni’s engagement ceremony starts. manav’s circle of relatives arrives at dada’s adorned home, he welcomes them. indu shows engagement jewelry to shorvori and says dada offered them, shorvori says they are lovely, dada asks shorvori to convey teni from her room. shorvori comes to teni’s room and reads teni’s message on reflect which says “i dont be given this engagement so i have runaway”, shorvori sees rope going to floor from teni’s window, shorvori says teni ranaway? shorvori comes downstairs, mohini asks why she didnt deliver teni? and why she is terrified? baa asks shorvori where is teni? shorvori gets tensed.

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