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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Se Dil Tak 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Parth brings new doctor in room. shorvori says to doctor that i’m teni and that is my elder sister shorvori, physician says allow me test her, medical doctor checks teni, parth sees shorvori wearing teni’s garments and smirks. shorvori says teni.. i mean shorvori has allergic reaction from iron pills, doctor prescribes her medicines, shorvori says she doesnt devour whatever, scold her, doctor says you cope with her so well, she is quality dont fear.

Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Health practitioner is available in lounge and says to own family that dont fear toddler and shorvori is high-quality, all are relieved. parth and shorvori sees this. parth says to shorvori that dont know how many lies we can have to tell our circle of relatives, shorvori says i pray that this was our ultimate lie and we by no means need to go to this doctor again. parth says i will request jalpa to no longer visit any convention until pregnancy takes place.
physician is leaving residence, health practitioner meets dada and says i have a son, ramnik says to dada that i recognize her son, he is sensible and handsome, medical doctor says i want to ship wedding ceremony notion in your grand daughter, dada asks who? sejal or jagruti?
Teni gives shorvori her garments and says how do you hand in these garments whole day? i were given worn-out in an hour, parth says to teni that contend with yourself, you have got our baby, teni says i didnt realize a lot drama will manifest in this residence, i must take more money from you both for having to act normal, teni winces in pain and holds her belly, parth says i’m able to call health practitioner, teni says no want, this toddler hold crying, while this baby comes out, i can supply him a hard slap.. parth says what are you pronouncing teni? shorvori says you surely sense toddler crying inside you? she has tears in her eyes, teni says sure i sense it, this toddler is any such cry infant because his mother a cry toddler, shorvori glares at her, teni says infant should be in my womb but he is your baby so he may be a cry toddler, in case you want him to be exact then dont cry and take pressure for something, you need to contend with your self so that you can cope with me, shorvori says i promise to attend to you and child, parth says teni has smiled after such a lot of days, first those two wedding ceremony proposals problems and now this doctor, thank god the whole lot is first-rate.
In lawn, physician says to dada that i saw a woman teni(in reality shorvori) for your daughter in law’s room, she is of marriage age and that i would like ship wedding ceremony concept of my son for teni, dada says i cant agree with that you like teni on your son, he receives satisfied.
in room, teni says we will stay happy until your dada doesnt discover another groom for me, parth says he wont discover so soon, teni says we cant trust your dada.
Physician says to dada that teni is ideal for daughter in law, baa comes there, doctor says i want my own family to return to peer teni and then we are able to finalize wedding, dada says i just want to mention that teni isn’t always our daughter, she is shorvori’s cousin, health practitioner says i were given to understand that, she says teni takes care of her sister a lot, she knows about her pregnancy so nicely, we dont get such values in ladies these days, baa thinks teni and values? she remembers teni washing clothes in fountain, playing with cow dung.. baa says you’re right about her however teni is bengali, doctor says in case you people can accept inter-forged shorvori then why cant i take delivery of teni? ramnik says teni doesnt act like bengali in any respect, physician recalls shorvori talking in bengali accessory(whilst she was playing teni), she says no teni is precisely bengali, infact shorvori(teni truely) doesnt seem like bengali at all, doctor greet them and leaves. baa says she thinks teni is bengali? dada says we need to be glad to get such pleasant idea.
Scene 2
Discussion board says to suyog that some thing is incorrect, why dont you communicate to parth? suyog says its my mistake that i advised you everything, forum says if its not whatever then why parth isn’t always letting teni get married? suyog says parth delivered ex-lady friend of that groom simply to save teni, there has been no hidden motive or like he doesnt need teni to get married, dont assume an awful lot, provide me smile, she smiles, he leaves for office, discussion board thinks.
All own family participants sit down at dining table. dada says to parth that we have got wedding ceremony thought for teni, parth and shorvori are shocked, parth says one more inspiration and once more? indu says teni is fortunate, dada says the medical doctor who came to test shorvori, she favored teni a lot, she has thought for her only doctor son, parth recalls how shorvori performed teni sincerely infront of doctor and physician has virtually despatched thought for shorvori, he coughs, dada says they’re coming tonight to see teni, parth says this night? he nods, shorvori coughs, baa says they have got such love, they even cough at identical time, shorvori liquids water to relax, parth says dada we dont realize about that circle of relatives? dada says ramnik knows them nicely, they are a physician circle of relatives and lives in neighborhood only, we dont need to discover anything, dada asks shorvori to inform information to teni, parth says dada dont you suspect we’re hasting in all this? her engagement broke just now best and now she has this, shorvori says parth is right, teni is nor prepared, we should take time from groom’s circle of relatives,.

dada says i know it was big thing but we cant be scared of future, groom is doctor, what else do we need? and about Teni, dont worry, I will talk to her personally and make her understand. Dada asks Forum to tell Teni i want to meet. Parth nods at Shorvori, she looks away in tension.

Teni comes to dada. Shorvori and Parth are there too. Dada says to Teni that the doctor which came to see Shorvori yesterday, she liked you a lot, Teni says what? Dada says doctor has one son and they have sent wedding proposal for you, Teni says you mean they have sent it for TENI? Dada says yes, Teni smirks at Shorvori, Dada says they are coming to see you tonight, Teni says tonight only? wow, Dada says its happy news, Teni evilly smiles at Parth and Shorvori, Teni laughs, Dada says to Parth and Shorvori that see she is so happy, now you both dont doubt anything, this relationship will finalize, Dada leaves. Teni is laughing hysterically.

Last Part of Dil Se Dil Tak 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Shorvori says what we will do now? Parth says dont worry, i wont let anything happen to you. Teni laughs and says just be careful about dada’s respect, baa’s respect, house’s respect, this’s respect, that’s respect. Parth says do you understand this problem? Teni says i understand but i never thought to see all this, this is interesting, your wife’s baby in my womb and your wife marrying someone else, Parth says this wont happen, Shorvori says how many lies we will say? Teni says if you didnt faint last day then this wouldnt have happened, Shorvori must have some magic that doctor liked her in one blink, Teni sings Shorvori banegi Dulhaniya.. Parth says to Shorvori that no one will come to see you, Teni says what will you do? groom is going to come and dada will take your wife away, Parth says shut up, Teni says when i tried handle this situation you both talked about forum’s respect and all that, dont expect anything from me now, i will just stand beside dada like good girl when groom comes, she dances around, Parth and Shorvori looks on.

PRECAP- Teni says to Dada that i want to say something important, he asks her to go on, Teni says i am not ready for wedding because i love someone. Dada says you must have his picture, bring it, Teni goes and brings some picture, Dada gets angry seeing picture.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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