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Dil Se Dil Tak 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Se Dil Tak 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
parth says to shorvori that how can men agree to marry female without knowing her even in this age? shorvori says right, he changed into staring me a lot, i used to be scared, parth says if it went on extra, i might have killed him, you would realize now that i cant live without you, she says i cant live without you too, parth leans in and hugs her, parth touches their noses and lies his head on her shoulder, shorvori holds his hand. teni is sitting on their sofa and scratching pillow whilst parth and shorvori are romancing and coming nearer. teni suddenly screams tearing pillow and says i were given an idea, shorvori says we observed your idea and spot i’ve roka now. teni says we ought to stop this once and for all, i can communicate to dada eye to eye, shorvori and parth says no, parth says havent you accomplished sufficient?


Teni says in case you stopped that physician from coming here then this wouldnt have happened, agree with me and supply me one hazard, they each look on, shorvori winks at him to give her hazard, he says ok excellent, shorvori says what is going to you say to dada? teni thinks and smirks.
In morning, dada is listening to old song and ingesting tea. teni comes there and knocks on his door, she says can i come inside? he stops song and says its your own home, come inner. teni comes and says i desired to talk something crucial, he says cross ahead. teni says i am now not ready for wedding now, dada asks why? you dont like that groom? he’s first-class searching, likes you and from precise own family. teni says he doesnt have fault, fault is in me and i wont be capable of deliver my complete to absolutely everyone, dada asks why? teni says i really like a person and cant provide my heart to everybody else, dada says why didnt you tell me earlier, i would have make you married to him. teni says how ought to i tell you that the character i loved first, wrote my past love letters, dreamt for first time approximately, he was not loyal and left me. dada gets sad and says we dont get the whole lot in life and we need to circulate on, teni says i attempted, i met every groom you introduced for me, even i went for engagement however it didnt occur and once I noticed that lover couple, i realized that i’m able to by no means love everybody else, i really like him and i wont be capable of turn out to be of someone, i cant be given anyone else, after I noticed him for first time years back, i fell in love with him, we had exquisite love story however he said that his circle of relatives wont take delivery of me and he didnt fight for me, he left me, forgot me, didnt even look again at me but i couldnt neglect him as my love for him become so deep, like deep from coronary heart, dada wipes his tears listening to her unhappy story, teni smirks. dada says after listening to your tale i take into account shorvori and parth’s love, parth fought with all of us on this residence for his love and your love left you with out fight, i remember that you cant flow ahead with new family members when your wounds aren’t healed, move and try to heal them now we will get you married when you are ready for it, move on. teni thinks that my plan worked, teni acts like crying and coronary heart damaged, she says dada you are great to apprehend my pain, thanks. dada asks what was name of that man? teni thinks and stammers.. she says when I saw him first, i normal him as my husband, he become my husband in my thoughts so i cant say my husband’s name, its towards manners, i will move now, dada says you must have his photo, carry it, teni says image? yeah i’ve it, dada says bring it, i need to see who is this cruel character who broke coronary heart of a such loving woman like you, teni says i’m able to bring it.
Teni comes out of dada’s room and says from where ought to i bring image of a guy? she sees varun dhawan’s picture on newspaper and says i can display it to dada.. however dada isn’t always so idiot, he’ll recognize varun, i like you varun but you cant be my boyfriend. teni sees a few guy coming in house and asks who’s he? he says i come to choose trash, she says there is no trash in such massive residence. mohini comes there and says in case you see from my eyes then you definately are trash on this house, she goes to deliver trash. teni sees some younger man’s image with trash collector, she asks who’s he? he says i discovered his picture in your own home’s trashcan outside, teni takes guy’s picture and leaves.
Teni involves dada and indicates him image which she got from trash bag. dada receives indignant seeing photograph and asks if she is positive he is equal man? she says yes i loved him a lot, dada says i will talk to him if you want. teni says no no, we cant pressure every body to love, my fate is ill, she leaves with picture, dada appears on.


Teni involves her room and throws away guy’s picture, she says your story is completed, i’m tired to lie a lot. shorvori and parth comes there, teni says i am so tired by means of lying a lot, parth asks what did you assert? teni says i informed him that i like someone so much and i’m able to not consider everyone else till i forget him, shorvori says he accepted it? teni says sure, i’ve completed this trouble. shorvori hugs parth and says thank god we dont need to lie anymore, parth says me too, teni says you each start romancing anywhere, i am hungry, shorvori is going to make shake for her. teni says to parth that i didnt tell a trouble infront of shorvori, she receives tensed, she tells him how she had to a few man’s picture to dada as her lover, he says its no huge trouble, our consciousness should be on.. teni says on child.


Shorvori makes teni drink shake, teni says you hold making me do matters, eat for you, have infant for you, lie for you, when will i get reward for all this? parth comes there and says i knew it so as praise we will move see movie, teni gets excited and goes to get ready. shorvori thanks parth, parth says we are completed together with his hassle, now we will consider other things.


Discussion board says to suyog that i instructed you something is inaccurate, you recognize baa told me that teni’s this concept is getting rejected too, suyog says how does it prove that parth and shorvori are behind it? we cant blame every body without evidence. parth and shorvori comes there, parth says suyog is proper, we need teni to get married, i delivered that female friend of groom to save teni from loveless marriage. shorvori says this time teni denied for this wedding, perhaps she is not equipped to get married and she or he has rights to take her life selections. forum nods and says i’m sorry, i was thinking manner an excessive amount of, shorvori says dont feel guilty, these items manifest and now we’re clean, forum nods and hugs her, suyog hugs parth.


Last Part of Dil Se Dil Tak 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Teni is getting equipped in her room, she reveals photograph of the man in her cupboard, she says from where did you come back? she throws it away, wind blows and image falls on teni once more, teni says you’re very clingy, leave boy, she throws photograph. teni involves dressing table and reveals photograph there again, she says you are way too clingy, i can give up you, she tears image in portions, and throws it in garbage can and says now i can see the way you comeback.


Precap- Shorvori asks parth who is rishi? parth says our largest purchaser in uk and my appropriate pal. shorvori says if he is coming day after today then i’m able to meet him at lunch, parth says but there one trouble, they each study every other and says teni is hassle. teni gets message on her cellphone which says ‘you’re proper, there’s no that could stand up to you right here.’ teni huffs angrily reading it, someone places hand on teni’s shoulder, teni grabs knife from her bag in anger and turns to stab whoever is in the back of her but stops seeing guy’s face.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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