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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
parth sees own family consuming teni’s highly spiced food. dada says why its so spicy whilst its continental? parth says we are able to order any other dish. nikhil says its highly spiced however i love its, its so special and its exceptional simply, i’m positive the one who made this need to get an award, teni hears this status on terrace and dances. customers hold ingesting, shorvori gives thumbs as much as teni and snickers. customers finish lunch and goes to living room, shorvori have sigh of relief.


Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Teni is snoozing her room, she wakes up and says i were given such non violent sleep nowadays, she looks in mirror and says i am sparkling in this morning, i should dance and continue to be satisfied, she performs tune and starts dancing on mere khawabon mein jo aye, parth comes there and says where is my praise to make your clients glad? parth says you appearance happy already, teni says i’ve decided to stay satisfied to any extent further, lets dance with me, parth says dont dance, shorvori will yell at us, i’m no longer dancing again, he leaves. teni receives message, she opens it and reads ‘i’m coming to satisfy you in my view – your image boyfriend’, teni says what does this indicates? it method a person else is aware of that i confirmed image of boyfriend to dada and he’s blackmailing me, it approach a person heard us and now he is trying to blackmailing me, his range is non-public too, he is trying to clutter with teni, i can set him right, she messages him that in case you come infront of me then i can beat you blue.. she doesnt send it and says i dont want any mess now, i ought to talk to parth first about it.
Parth is leaving to go to workplace, he sees shorvori busy and no longer saying bye to him. parth says what are you writing? love letter for your ex-boyfriend? shorvori says i’m making food plan chart for teni, parth says you’re forgetting me earlier than child has come, you may forget about me once toddler is right here, shorvori says no you are my lifestyles, he kisses his forehead. parth says i dreamt people gambling with our toddler and his little nose like mine and eyes such as you, shorvori says teni is months pregnant now, parth says only a few months and we can be come 3 from two and might be entire, shorvori gets teary eyed, parth says why you get sad? the whole lot is best now, we have to go out, shorvori says correct concept, teni will go together with us? parth says ofcourse she will be able to go along with us. shorvori hugs parth and they romances. teni comes there and sees them hugging, she thinks that they are always cuddled together, i shouldnt disturb them, i’m able to take care of this message guy.
Teni messages stranger who are you? he messages unusual you didnt recognize your personal love? teni messages to inform her call and what you need? he messages that i want to fulfill you at sundown cafe, will you return? teni says i will come to interrupt your legs, i need to find out whom dada advised this approximately.


Teni stops servant and takes tea from saying i will serve dada, dada laughs. teni gives tea to dada, and says i wanted to invite you something, he says pass ahead, teni says did you tell everybody about my lover? dada says no, its your private count, i didnt even inform baa. teni thinks if dada didnt inform all of us then how he knows? dada asks what took place? teni says i’m just involved that nobody should are aware of it, shorvori is pregnant and that i dont want her to be worried about me, he nods. teni thinks that there’s only one person against me in this house and i sense like this is her doing, i’m able to discover.


Teni sees mangoes packs. mohini comes there and says these are for pregnant shorvori, you ate in advance too, teni says however.. mohini says in case you need mangoes then get married, get pregnant and eat as much as mangoes you want. teni thinks how to inform her that i dont want to be married to consume mangoes, i am pregnant without marriage, i ought to discover approximately blackmailer first. indu brings uncooked mangoes and says to baa that i can make pickle for shorvori, teni shorvori will love it? teni says i will come, she leaves. mohini says to baa that dada has stopped finding groom for teni, did he let you know why? baa says it changed into his decision and i didnt ask something, mohini says her 3 proposals had been rejected, i will discover man for her, she has to get married, baa glares at her, she says i mean she is our guest, until while she can continue to be right here as guest? she has to go to her inlaws house. baa says you understand dada takes all choices so depart teni’s wedding ceremony on her, dont sweat on it, she leaves, mohini looks on.


Teni says i would seize this blackmailer now. i recognize its sejal. she comes out of sejal’s room and sees sejal the usage of cellphone. mohini comes in sejal’s room so sejal hides one smartphone and brings out some other one. teni says she has phones, it manner she is doing some thing fishy, she wont go away her cellphone without difficulty, i should do some thing. teni is available in sejal’s room, sejal asks what are you doing here? teni says you maybe black from coronary heart but physically you’re like quite doll, i want hair such as you so can you give me your telephone? she says why could i supply it to you? teni sees her smartphone on mattress, teni screams there’s rat in your room, sejal runs away to invite for help. teni tests her telephone and says my quantity isn’t always saved in her telephone. she sees some audio message, she performs it, guy says on message that i sense like drowning your eyes, i am going mad for you, come to satisfy me. teni hears all that and says her personal love tale goes on, it manner she isn’t messaging me, its someone else.
Sejal comes in kitchen and says fat rat, mohini says you’re calling me fat rat? sejal says there’s rat in my room, servant says i will take care of it. mohini says rats dont are available our rooms, where did you notice it? sejal says i didnt, teni saw it and instructed me, mohini says teni fooled, she must be stealing something from you, we could go away. they visit her room.


Last Part of Dil Se Dil Tak 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Teni checks sejal’s telephone one closing time and says this time sejal is smooth, she places telephone returned and turns to leave however is bowled over to look someone at door.


PPrecap- Teni is removing many rose bouquets out of residence, she says i dealt with it this time but i have to discover who this flirty blackmailer it, what to do with these vegetation? teni moves with a guy and is about to fall but he holds her waist, teni appears in his eyes and is shocked to look his face, ddlj music performs.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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