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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Se Dil Tak 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
teni says sejal is easy this time. teni turns to depart sejal’s room however is taken aback to look shorvori standing there. she asks you? shorvori grabs her hand and drags her out of her room. mohini and sejal involves her room however doesnt find teni there.


Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shorvori brings teni to her room and says you realize sejal doesnt like you so why you went to her room? what she had in her room that i couldnt come up with? shorvori hold scolding her, teni thinks that she is scolding me this plenty however how a good deal baby may be scolded through her, i need to endure her for a few months but infant has to endure for existence, shorvori asks are you listening? teni says i am sorry, i didnt have shampoo so i went to sejal’s room. shrovori holds her hand and says inquire from me whatever if you want, i can convey everything for you. teni says i’m hungry, will you bring something? shorvori nods and leaves. teni says she bickers so much, what will occur to you child together with her? teni opens her messages and says i’m coming you blackmailer then i can let you know who i actually am.
Teni is available in kitchen and takes big knife, she says that is just to scare him not to kill him so i dont want such big knife, she takes small knife and says this is right to scare him, she takes fork too for added threatening.
teni starts offevolved leaving house, teni says i ought to go away before my mother shorvori catches me. teni comes out of residence but shorvori comes there and asks in which are you going? teni says uh.. um.. my buddy is sick, i’m going to sanatorium, shorvori says i can go together with you. baa and dada comes there and asks what took place? shorvori says she is going to fulfill her pal so i stated i will go together with her. baa says she isn’t a infant and shorvori you’re pregnant so you ought to stay at domestic as plenty as you can, teni says you are proper baa, i can deal with myself, teni leaves. shorvori thinks why i sense teni lied to me?


Scene 2
Teni comes to restaurant that messenger sent to her. she waits for him, she says its 6:05pm, he must have come till now. teni huffs angrily sitting there, a person puts hand on teni’s shoulder, teni grabs knife from her bag in anger and turns to stab whoever is in the back of her but stops seeing man’s face, its bharat, he’s shocked. bharat says you? teni hides her knife, teni says you messaged me? bharat says what message? teni says oh.. i simply got here right here without cost espresso, bharat says no one gives loose espresso right here but you willg et it here. bharat says this cafe his my buddy jigar’s, bharat calls jigar there and jigar greets teni, jigar goes to bring coffee for her. teni thinks that it doesnt look like bharat sent me message, i should find out. teni says you have sanatorium running hours so why you are here? bharat says my health center could be very near to this cafe so i come right here in breaks, what you’re doing right here? teni says i am looking forward to my buddy, you cross, bharat says we will await your buddy, i will live with you until she comes, teni says no want, bharat says no thats incorrect, i’m able to look forward to you. teni sits with bharat, teni thinks in which is that message guy? i havent even seen him, how will i know who is he? she sees humans coming and look into anybody. bharat sees her searching at boys, bharat says you are checking out boys? teni says no no, there is no one of my widespread right here. teni receives message ‘you are proper, nobody is of your fashionable here, i instructed you to come back on my own, we are assembly after so much time, it’d be precise to satisfy by myself and no 1/3 character among us.’ teni is pressured seeing all this, bharat asks are you exceptional? teni says my buddy messaged me that she is not coming, she is busy so i should leave. bharat says i can drop you home, teni says dont strain, bharat says i am your relative so i have duty, i’m able to carry car out of doors, you wait, he leaves. teni says he is cussed, what will i say at domestic?


Shorvori is expecting teni, she messages teni in which are you? parth comes there, shorvori says name teni and asks if she is pleasant, she stated she is meeting her friend at health center, call her and asks if she ate anything or now not. parth says you look so lovable whilst you fear, you’re stressful too much, loosen up, teni says she is pregnant, if i have been pregnant, would you let me go by myself outside like this? he says no, parth says she instructed you before going out proper? she is our surrogate but she has lifestyles and has proper to live, shorvori says what about our child? parth says we are able to consider her with our child, that. parth says there has been an excessive amount of paintings at office, my body is stiff, can you deliver me returned rub down? shorvori hits him with pillow and huffs.


Bharat drops teni at parth’s home, teni says thanks for dropping, now you can depart. bharat says you wont invite me for tea? teni says come subsequent time with jalpa and jayu, bharat says i am their son in law, i need to cross in and feature tea. teni thinks that if shorvori gets to recognise that i went to cafe then she will turn.
Teni enters domestic and says god keep me. she sees complete family sitting in lounge and shorvori there too. bharat comes there too, he greets every person, dada asks him to have seat. parth says teni you with bharat? where did you both meet? bharat says she turned into at cafe looking ahead to her pal and her buddy didnt come so i dropped her domestic, shorvori glares at her. mohini thinks that this illiterate has started out going to cafes too? dada says teni you said you have been going to health facility? teni says i went to sanatorium to satisfy one buddy, then i went to cafe to satisfy any other buddy. bharat says however there’s handiest our sanatorium close to that cafe and your friend is in our hospital? whats her name? teni says what will you do understanding her call? she has been discharged, bharat says our health facility have medical doctors like me so sufferers are discharged quickly. shorvori involves teni and says include me, i want to speak, she guidelines at parth to return too. shorvori brings teni in corner and glares at her, teni says i will pass and exchange, shorvori says did you devour something? did you take taxi or rickshaw? teni says i took taxi, shorvori asks parth to scold, parth says yes oh when you leave subsequent time, take me or shorvori with you, teni nods and leaves. shorvori says why you didnt ask where she went? parth says you didnt ask me to invite her, you just requested me to say it so i scolded, its now not my fault.


Last Part of Dil Se Dil Tak 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Next morning, teni is getting geared up in her room, she says i am shining in purple nowadays. she gets call from private wide variety, she takes it and says howdy, caller says excellent morning sweetheart, teni says prevent rubbish and inform me who’re you? caller says why dont you wait, i will let you know who i am, for right now i have referred to as you to inform that i have sent surprise for you, open it and take a look at and inform me how you preferred it, okay? he ends call, teni says wonder? caller laughs making teni pissed off.


Precap- Workers convey many rose bouquets in house for teni. forum sees them and says so many bouquets for teni? shorvori and parth sees them too, shorvori whispers to parth that dont you think some thing is fishy. teni looks on tensed. later teni is disposing of many rose bouquets out of residence, she says i handled it this time however i should discover who this flirty blackmailer it, what to do with those plants? teni strikes with a man and is set to fall but he holds her waist, teni looks in his eyes and is stunned to peer his face, ddlj tune plays.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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