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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.Dil Se Dil Tak 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
shorvori says to dada that let teni live in this house even for a few months, dada doesnt solution and leaves. mohini says you both have harm dada, his heart must be in pain thats why he left, dada’s silence method that teni cant stay on this house anymore. parth and shorvori receives tensed hearing it.


Indu is cooking in kitchen, mohini says now teni’s tongue is tied, her tongue used to work a lot, she sees indu lost in mind and asks what occurred? indu says why dada didnt say his choice? why he was silent? mohini says his silence means that teni has to depart this house, she used to speak loads however now she could be out.

Teni says to parth and shorvori which you each advised him that how critical i’m to you each and that oldie didnt even solution? parth says teni! he is my granddad, shorvori says i dont apprehend some thing, teni says i apprehend what i need to do, i odor kheer(sweetdish) being cooked, i need to eat it. shorvori says that kheer is cooked for pooja as parsad. parth says you’re worried approximately kheer while we’ve got this hassle? teni says we will assume some solution at the same time as eating. parth says you have to control, you ate parsad earlier too and created problem, we cant have the funds for any extra hassle, please understand. teni says i dont apprehend, i want to consume it, i’m able to move myself, shorvori says no dont flow, she says to parth that teni is pregnant and these cravings show up, she asks teni to stay in room, i’m able to bring kheer for you.
Shorvori comes in living room and sees dada status with kheer bowl, she seems on. dada asks wont you are taking parsad? shorvori takes it from him, dada says this parsad is for teni too, all are stunned to hear it, shorvori thank you him, dada smiles, shorvori leaves. baa is happy with dada.

  • Shorvori brings kheer in room, parth is taken aback. teni says you’re my sister, she takes kheer and eats it. shorvori says you know dada sent this kheer for you? teni says what? shorvori says he changed his selection, you may stay with us here. parth says i am so so glad, that is wonderful information. teni says i’m too happy too, i have to make you both eat candy kheer too but need to i make mama shorvori consume first or papa parth? no i ought to come first, she eats kheer herself. shorvori laughs and says your happiness is our happiness, parth concurs.

Sejal says to dada that why you gave parsad for teni? dada glares at her and says it would be sin to break parth and shorvori’s relation with teni, teni helped shorvori in by some means and due to that our inheritor is in this international and we cant forget about such big desire. baa says i knew that if parth and shorvori have been giving a lot significance to teni then she have to have carried out something good, i dont realize why i listened to you human beings(pointing sejal and mohini), baa says now we will do suitable for teni. dada says i have determined that because of whom we have become inheritor, we are able to placed her on pedestal on this house, she will be able to stay with us like part of family and i wont listen some thing in opposition to teni any longer, he glares warning sejal and mohini and leaves.


Sejal goes however teni corners her and sings apni to kat jaegi.. aapka kia hoga? she nudges her shoulder, sejal huffs at him and leaves. teni laughs.

All family participants are in garden. baa asks what indu is cooking nowadays? ramnik says my preferred dish, all snigger. teni comes there and sees own family having tea. teni says i need to mention some thing to dada and baa, dada says sit with us and feature tea and inform what you need to. teni says sitting with large bhanushali and having tea? he says sure sit down, teni doesnt sit down but runs to dada and hugs him, he gets awkward, she hugs baa too and says you both are good item, dada coughs hearing it, teni says i supposed you each are very fine, if i had grandparents like then you i would be nice too, she sees dada’s dryfruits and starts offevolved consuming with out taking permission, indu is greatly surprised. mohini murmurs that she is primary beggar. teni sees dada glaring at her, she says i messed up once more, sorry, she puts dry-end result down. dada pours tea in a cup, all are tensed but dada offers tea cup to teni and says have it, teni takes it, dada says its top to have tea with those dry fruits. teni smirks at sejal and says thank you. she sits at the stool infront of dada and baa and slurps her tea, all are disgusted but doesnt say anything. dada is eating dry fruits but unexpectedly clutches at his coronary heart and coughs, all rushes to his facet, mohini goes to deliver water, ramnik goes to call physician. dada is coughing loudly, teni sees this, she comes at the back of him, all are seeking to calm dada down, teni screams and punches his back, unexpectedly dry fruit falls out dada’s mouth because it become caught in his mouth, baa glares at teni for her guts. shorvori and parth comes there too however baa and indu sees dry fruit coming out of dada’s mouth due to teni’s punch, dada says i’m quality. teni holds her ears and says dada forgive me. dada says its genuine that she is bizarre and twisted however she is blessing for our circle of relatives, today she stored my existence like she did for my remarkable grandchild. he puts hand on her head blessing her, teni says did i punch you harshly? dada laughs and says it did hit tough however sometimes its pleasant to get harm to obtain something, ramnik is of the same opinion. mohini sees dada blessing teni and says to sejal that humans win hearts with love however this teni won love after punching? earlier than parth and shorvori used to deal with her like queen however now complete circle of relatives is mesmerized by her. sejal says i cant undergo this cheap female in my residence, mohini says dont even try to do some thing, she has received hearts of all so she wont be be going everywhere from here. sejal huffs and leaves.


Scene 2
Parth says to teni and shorvori that i think we must celebrate dada’s attractiveness and permitting teni to stay right here, we ought to go out and have dinner at restaurant, teni says sure, i will consume a lot meals, i will eat all dishes, parth says sure but we can pass tomorrow so wait till then and that i need to do reservations too, they depart from there however sejal and mohini has heard their dinner plan. sejal says to mohini that teni did a few choose on shorvori proper? now this choose goes to be hell for teni.

Shorvori comes to teni’s room and asks wherein is she? teni is in washroom and says what passed off? shorvori says our lunch date is constant, teni says thats why i get ready, shorvori says mohini has appointment with physician so i can go with her to clinic and come to eating place immediately, you return there from house alone, teni says i’ve lived on my own so i can go to restaurant alone, i can attain there, shorvori says hire cab, dont come in rickshaw, teni says cab is expansive, shorvori says i’m able to leave money for fare, teni asks her to write down call and cope with of restaurant on paper, i will reach there, she is going in washroom again. shorvori writes name of restaurant and says teni i have left cash and cope with, come on time, she leaves. sejal comes there and sees notice on which shorvori had written restaurant, she smirks and says i have were given big threat to clear accounts with teni, she smirks.

Indu offers aartit to jagruti. teni is leaving, indu asks her to take aarti, teni says who is aarti? jagruti suggests her aarti and asks her to take it, teni takes it and says i’m able to consume outside so dont make anything tasty as then i can feel bad that i neglected your tasty food, indu laughs, teni leaves. sjela smirks.


Precap- teni is at a few reasonably-priced motel. police raids there and arrests teni too, teni says you’re questioning wrong, i’m not that sort of lady. shorvori and parth are looking forward to teni to come back to restaurant, parth says in which is she? she is never late. bhanushali own family is watching tv, reporter on television says that police has raided a lodge wherein ladies were concerned in prostitution and feature arrested them. circle of relatives is stunned to peer teni is being arrested too.



Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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