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Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

Scene 1
Parth comes to his room with gift bags, Shorvori asks what is this? Parth says I found shop and shopped things for Teni. Shorvori sees gifts and mimics Teni taunting him for bringing saree for him and scolding him for bringing expansive purse, Parth laughs and says did you like anything or I wasted money on everything? Shorvori mimics Teni and says I liked this comb. Parth sees his picture with Teni and Shorvori, Parth says I never thought that I would meet girl like Teni, and she will become part of our family by marrying my brother. Shorvori says how can you agree with their relation when you know that Teni doesnt love Aman? Parth says because Teni might not love Aman but she is not a bad person and once she have a relation with Aman then she will fulfill it for love, wont deceit him, Shorvori says you are right. Parth asks where is Sejal and Teni? are they still shopping? Parth says to Shorvori that Teni and Sejal used to never like each other and in one night they are so close that they are going for shopping together? Teni was shocked seeing newspaper too, we are missing something. Shorvori says you are thinking so much, Teni is unpredictable, she must be guilty to blame Sejal for stealing and they are not enemies, Parth thinks no Teni is hiding something for sure.

Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Sejal and Teni are outside vikas’s house, Sejal says nothing would happen, we should go back, we will see what happens, Teni says you are not in danger, I went to his house, my dreams are finished, I am gone now, Sejal says I am linked to all this,if truth comes out then I will be caught too, lets just pray together that real murderer gets caught, Teni nods, they both leave.

Mohini comes to Parth and Shorvori, she says police has come in house. Parth says why? Mohini says dont know, lets go, they go downstairs.

Parth and Shorvori comes downstairs, all family members are there. Inspector asks to call Aman, Aman comes there, inspector asks if he bought diamond necklace? Aman says yes, inspector asks where is that necklace? Aman asks whats the matter with that? inspector asks him to answer, Aman thinks I cant tell him about necklace being stolen, he would interrogate more and Dada wont like it, Aman says I gave it to my fiance, she is not at home, I can call her and ask where she is, inspector nods, Aman calls Teni, but Teni and Sejal comes there and gets shocked to see police there. Teni tries to smile, everyone looks at them. Teni and Sejal comes in holding hands. Aman says Teni they are asking about necklace which I gifted you, did you find it? Teni imagines getting arrested for killing Vikas and her dream of going US shattering, she pleading that she didnt kill anyone. Teni shakes her head at her imagination, Teni says necklace? she gulps. Parth says that necklace was stolen from her room, Teni says yes, I asked all family members, I cried too. inspector asks why she took time to answer him? Teni says I have never seen police face to face, I got tensed seeing you, Inspector says okay did you file FIR of it? Teni says If I knew this would happen then I would have it, Shorvori says we didnt understand if it got stolen or lost, Dada asks what is the matter? Aman asks why he is interrogating? Inspector says Vikas got murdered and we found this necklace at the site of murder, all are shocked. Police shows necklace which Aman gifted to Teni, inspector says I am sure this is your necklace, they show them Vikas’s photo and asks if they know the guy? nobody says yes, inspector says we are watching CCTV footage of murder site and we will reach murderer soon and I am sure he is same man who stole necklace from here, we will come later, he leaves. Teni gets tensed, she tries to leave but gets dizzy, Aman and Parth rushes to her, Teni leaves.Aman says she doesnt seem healthy, Parth thinks Teni is lying thats why she is not meeting my eyes.

Scene 2
Sejal comes to Teni, Teni is in tears and says my life is destroyed, I am going to jail, we should tell truth to Parth, Sejal says please no, maybe police will find real culprit and if Dada gets to know about it then he will throw me out, dont tell Parth. Parth comes there and asks what not to tell me? they get tensed seeing him. Sejal says nothing important, Parth says you both went shopping and didnt bring anything. Teni says I left bags in scooty, Sejal go and bring it, Sejal leaves. Parth says you both have become good friends, infact have private talks too, why did you become scared seeing police? Teni says I have been involved with police, they can charge innocents too, Parth says there should be connection with matter to put charge, what are you hiding? Teni says yes I am hiding one thing, Parth asks what? Teni says that I am pregnant, and this is big thing for me, she laughs but Parth looks at her suspiciously and leaves.

Parth is in his room and recalls Teni getting tensed about necklace, how she paled hearing about murder. Shorvori comes there and says necklace matter is stretching, but one thing is good that Teni would realize Sejal didnt steal it but some robber did it, Parth thinks that I feel Teni has connection with all this matter but I dont want to tense you. Shorvori shows him sacred thread that is for baby’s safety, Parth says you tried earlier and Teni didnt tie it on her hand, Shorvori says I can try. Aman comes there and asks if he can help them? shorvori says we have to make her wear this thread, Aman recalls Teni asking him to leave her alone else she will burn him, aman says I cant help you with it, Teni is worried about necklace too, I dont understand one thing how necklace reached to murder site, Parth and Shorvori both say we can see CCTV footage, aman says love should be like this, you both even think alike. Aman says I feel I should get to know Teni more but she is difficult, Aman asks Shorvori to give him tips so he can speed up his love, he offers her rose, Shorvori takes it and says we have a secret, let me tell you, she whispers some idea to Aman, aman says its great, Parth says its my idea, Aman says its brilliant and I am going to implement it, he leaves. Parth thinks that maybe Teni would tell truth with this plan.

Indu makes Teni wear saree and says you have to wear it yourself in next functions, I would have taught you how to wear it earlier but I got my daughter like you much later, Teni smiles sadly. Teni thinks how to tell her that police will be taking me away as soon as I am seen CCTV footage, Indu wraps saree around her and asks if she paid attention? Parth comes there and sees Teni fumbling with saree and laughs, Teni says dont laugh, I am challenging you to make me wear saree. Parth says I will make you learn it in four steps, he helps Teni and makes her wear it, Teni says I learned to wear it, Indu says to Parth that you eased my work, she leaves. Parth says I thought to ask police if they saw CCTV footage and got to know who stole your necklace, Teni says no its not needed, I mean.. its not necessary, when police finds it then they will inform us and bring it to me, we shouldnt irritate them by calling again and again, Parth thinks she was crying for necklace and now avoiding.

Sejal is deleting Vikas’s photos form her phone. Mohini comes there and asks what is all this? Sejal gets tensed, Mohini says Teni has doubt on Teni and you are hanging out with her? stop it, I am feeling Teni has hand in that man’s murder, Sejal says you should think before putting blame on her, Mohini says why you are worrying so much about her? Sejal says we shouldnt blame someone of killing, I will not hangout with Teni, she leaves with Mohini.

In morning, Aman sits in pooja, Parth asks where is bride? Teni says I am here, everyone looks at her and sees her dressed in nice pink lehnga. Teni comes there and hints at Parth? Parth hints that she is looking great. Teni sits in pooja with Aman, Aman whispers you must have dreamed about me. Priest chants mantra, he says they are going to be tied for seven births now, this thread will be taken off after wedding, priest asks groom and bride to apply tikka to them. Dada applies tikka to Teni, Baa gifts Teni, Shorvori gifts necklace to Teni. Parth gifts her and applies tikka to her, Parth says be happy, Teni cant look in his eyes and thinks I am sorry Parth, I dont like hiding truth from you. Mohini says everyone has gifted so I will just apply Tikka, she does. Aman and Teni takes blessing of elders. Dada says pooja is done so send bride to our side, we have right on her before wedding, Baa says our groom is not dying without her but we will come to take her palanquin, Teni starts going to Dada’s side, Aman blindly follows her but Parth stops him and laughs, Teni thinks Parth seems so happy but he doesnt know what dig I have created for myself.

Scene 3
Function starts in house, Shorvori and Parth dances on udi udi jaye song, everyone enjoys it. Next Teni and Aman dance on dhol baje but Teni is little dizzy, Teni falls on Parth but he balances her and joins dance with Shorvori. Parth dances with Teni and Shorvori dances with Aman. Parth notices Teni’s dizzy state, Teni goes in corner, Parth comes to her and asks what? she says nothing, Parth takes her hand makes her join dance again, whole family joins it. Teni recalls incidents of Vikas’s murder, she gets headache and is about to fall but Parth holds her in his arms, all look on

Teni is sitting on her bed. Parth brings water for Teni, Teni says I didnt tell anyone that I was dizzy then how did you know? Parth says I have started to get to know you more than yourself, you are trying to act like everything is fine with you, are you happy Teni? or is anything making you tense? Teni thinks I cant tell him truth, I have to divert his attention, Teni says I am happy, my dream of going to US is going to come true, I will fall in love too, how you know you are falling in love? maybe I am loving Aman? Parth says when you think about other person more than yourself then you are in love, if you understand other person without him saying anything, when you dont want to hide anything from that person then you are in love, Teni says its deep, I will think about it. Aman comes there and says I have called doctor, are you fine Teni? Teni says I am fine.

Mohini is working in kitchen, door bell rings. Mohini sees courier person on door, he says its Teni’s courier, Mohini says give it to me, courier man says we need her sign. Mohini comes to Teni and says your courier have come, Teni says mine? Teni thinks who could send me courier? Teni goes to take it.

Last Part of Dil Se Dil Tak 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni comes to courier man, she takes it, Mohini is spying on her. Teni sees box and says name is not written on it, Mohini asks her to open it, Teni says it must be useless, Teni opens it and finds letter in it,
Teni reads letter which says ‘I know your secret’, Teni gets tensed, Mohini asks whose letter it was? was it love letter from someone? Teni says I saw my friend in dream and got her letter so I am little stunned, Mohini says you seem more scared,Teni says
I have different way of expressing. Teni leaves. Aman comes there and says plan is good, Teni got scared seeing letter it means she has some secret that she is hiding.

Teni reads letter again and says if its related to Vikas?

PRECAP- Teni says to Parth that soon I will give you your baby and then I will go to US. Teni sees someone pointing gun at Parth, she screams and comes infront of Parth, Teni gets shot by bullet which was for Parth, she falls in Parth’s arms. Teni looks at him and recalls how he said that when she falls in true love then she will be ready to give life for that person.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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