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Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

Scene 1
Teni is worried. teni hides behind couch in her room and says if someone knows about vikas’s murder and wrote letter to me? i cant get stuck in prison. aman comes there and asks teni in which is she? she says right here, aman appears in the back of sofa and asks what she is doing there? teni says i used to be searching my telephone. aman holds her hand and brings her out. teni continues to be conserving letter, aman asks whats in her hand? show me, teni actions away and says i cant inform you, its personal, aman says what private and also you cant show it your might be husband? display me, he snatches letter from her and smirks understanding as he wrote it himself. aman reads “teni i know your mystery”, aman asks what mystery? teni thinks to tell him, teni says believe me and dont misunderstand me, definitely.. sejal comes there and says police have include cctv pictures, they may be calling you, teni gets tensed and leaves with sejal, aman seems on.

Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

All own family contributors are in lounge. teni and sejal comes there, teni murmurs that police will take me infront of all own family members. parth asks mohini to go to shorvori in room, she is not feeling well and ensure she doesnt get to recognise about all this, mohini nods and leaves. inspector involves teni with handcuffs, inspector says we checked cctv footage but.. we couldnt locate anything, vikas took that necklace and he may have stole it from here, teni is careworn. inspector says to aman that you and your own family has no reference to this case however your necklace will continue to be with us for someday, teni says i dont care approximately necklace.. i mean murderer must be caught first, inspector says i promise to trap him quickly and come up with your necklace, teni says dont be late, i wont appearance accurate carrying necklace in vintage age, he smiles and leaves. teni says for first time, police has come on right time, all luagh.

Scene 2
Aman stops teni and says you have been approximately to inform me your secret? teni thinks that even blackmailer cant do something now so why must i inform him and danger my hazard of going to us? teni says i used to stole chocolate from store in adolescence, i don’t have any different secret in existence. parth comes there and says i advised you teni is like open book, she has no secrets. teni says what you suggest you advised him? parth says aman wrote that letter to you to rile you up and when you have any mystery on your life then you definitely tell him, teni says parth you knew it and didnt inform me? i was so worried seeing it. aman says i’m sorry sweetheart, this became manner of romance i found out from parth and shorvori, teni thinks that if i had told him fact then i would have lost my visa, teni says its ok, dont do that once more, she leave, aman leaves too. parth looks on and thinks that did do mistae through doubting teni? or changed into certainly some thing incorrect took place along with her?

Sejal comes to teni and says how that befell? i suggest in cctv footage, we each were no longer visible by using police, teni says its satisfactory we had been now not visible, perhaps cctv become broken. sejal and teni dances luckily on dhol baje, teni gets name from a few unknown variety. caller says i understand you have connection with some thing. teni puts on speaker and says it ought to be aman gambling trick with me. caller sends video to teni, video is of cctv photos, teni and sejal are bowled over to see cctv photos in which they are shown out of doors vikas’s house at night of murder.

Scene 3
parth calls teni and says you have to sunbath every day. teni makes weird face, parth asks what is it? i understand there is some thing you are hiding from me, inform me what’s it? teni says i am in big hassle, it all began with necklace, teni tells him how she caught sejal giving necklace to vikas, how she were given to know approximately vikas blackmailing her, how she destroyed evidence after moving into residence and the way later that day she got to recognise that vikas turned into murdered and now a person is blackmailing her with cctv pictures. parth shouts and says how can you positioned our baby in danger like that? if sejal become in trouble then why you desired to be hero? you could have told me, i would have helped and now you are telling when situation is out of manipulate.. all of it turns out to be teni’s dream, parth asks where she is lost? teni says actually i’m sunbathing, i have positioned sunlight in my mouth too, i dream about us these days, parth says genuinely? teni says sure, teni receives call from blackmailer, she leaves.

Teni involves sejal’s room. sejal suggests her newspaper and says police got to realize that cctv footage of that night time changed into lost and they may be locating it, teni gets tensed and says this indicates.. sejal says it way if that blackmailer gives that footage to police then we’re caught. teni receives name from blackmailer, he says your call is teni, you had been bar dancer then were given offer of 10lacs. caller says first you have become surrogate of parth bhanushali and now you need to get married to aman patel and go to us, i recognize your kundli, teni says what rubbish? come infront of me and i can display you my slipper, caller says take a seat on bed effortlessly then we will speak, you cant discover me but you cant live far from my eyes, you know what i can do now so i’m supplying you with time till 5pm today and if i dont get 50lacs till then your cctv footage will reach police so dont even dont inform on your baby’s father parth or your could be husband, teni says how am i able to deliver cash with out telling all people? blackmailer says scouse borrow it or do whatever however convey cash, he ends name. sejal says why he doesnt want us to tell own family? he have to be worried about cash only, teni says i dont know perhaps he is scared, sejal says dont inform anybody however you can ask for cash, you may ask aman for money and i’m able to ask others, sejal leaves.

Sejal is going from corridor, she slips and falls, she says the whole thing is going incorrect in horrific times. parth comes there and says i allow you to in awful instances, inform me what’s it? i understand some thing goes on among you and teni so inform me, sejal says in reality.. mohini comes there

Teni says to parth that soon i can provide you with your baby after which i will go to us. teni sees a person pointing gun at parth, she screams and is derived infront of parth, teni gets shot through bullet which turned into for parth, she falls in parth’s palms. teni seems at him and remembers how he stated that when she falls in actual love then she will be equipped to offer life for that character.

Teni is sadly sitting. Aman comes there with tea. Teni says was I dreaming or you are here? Aman says I am in your dreams now? not bad, he brings breakfast and says you didnt come downstairs so I brought your healthy breakfast, he finds fallen eyelash on Teni, he gives it to her and asks her to make a wish other than having me and blow, Teni wishes and blows, he asks what did you wish? Teni says I cant tell why I wished that, Aman asks why? Teni says I asked for 50lacs, Aman is stunned and asks why would you wish that? Teni says I cant tell that but you trust me and believe me then dont ask anything and give me 50lacs, Aman says but.. fine, I trust you and love you a lot, tell me when do you need 50lacs? I will give it. Parth comes there and asks who need that much money? Aman says Teni wants it, I am asking her why she needs it but she doesnt want to tell. Teni laughs and says who wants 50lacs? I was just taking Aman’s test, you trust me Aman, thats good, she hugs him, she kisses him on cheek and says I am so lucky to get a life partner who is ready to give me 50lacs without even asking anything. Parth says you and Sejal went to shopping last day to bring dress for Aman? Aman blushes, Teni says no Dada told me that I cant buy dress for Aman as he wants to give dress to Aman in wedding so I didnt buy him dress, Aman says okay I will meet dada, he leave. Parth eyes Teni and leaves. Teni says I got to know seeing your face Parth that you wont forget it thats I talked to dada earlier only about Aman’s dress.

Sejal comes in lounge, Baa says to family that we should divide work. Sejal sees Mohini’s keys on table, Sejal thinks that I can take cheque book from her cupboard if I take her keys. Sejal comes in lounge, Baa asks Indu to do shopping for wedding, she asks Mohini to look after food, she asks Shorvori to supervise everything as she is pregnant and your biggest duty is to take care of your baby. Shorvori thinks that I sent sacred thread to Teni, I should check if she tied it or not. Aman comes there wearing nice blazer, he asks how I am looking? all smile. Sejal sees safe keys on table, she stealthily takes it and leaves. Aman says to family that I cant wait for wedding. Mohini says I would be doing preparations for Sejal’s wedding if Dada was worried about her more than Teni.

Sejal comes in Mohini’s room, she opens cupboard, Mohini comes there so Sejal rushes and hides behind cupboard with cheque book. Mohini says I dont know where I lost my cupboard keys, she starts searching for it, Sejal silently leaves. Mohini turns and sees keys hanging on cupboard, Mohini says I left cupboard open? she closes it.

Scene 4
Shorvori and Parth comes to Teni, Parth says to Teni that Shorvori wants you to wear this sacred thread, it will protect baby, Shorvori says I know you dont believe in all this but.. Teni says dont worry, you believe in all this right? so come here and make me wear it. Parth smiles and gives it to Shorvori, Shorvori ties it on Teni’s arm and says slowly you are becoming part of our lives, you have started trusting our beliefs too, when I see my fake belly, I get dejected but when I see you then my heart gets happy thinking that all my pain and worries will go away with your help, she hugs Teni, Part thinks Teni said people tie threads to runaway from their inner fears then why she tied thread today? what fear she is running away from?

Teni is in her room and says I have two people with money but I cant tell them about the problem. Aman comes there and hugs her, Aman says see there is something on bed for you, Teni see bag and asks whats inside? Aman says see it, Teni opens it and finds diamond necklace, Teni says its same necklace, Aman says when you asked for money then I thought maybe you need it, Teni says it means this is of 50lacs? Aman hugs her and says yes but when its about love then money doesnt matter. Sejal comes there and hints at Teni to come, Aman asks shall we dance? Teni says you keep thinking about romance and dont think what I want to do, Aman is about to see Sejal standing outside her door but Teni hugs him and says I love you, she thinks Aman is so nice but I am not able to love him, what can I do to fall in love. Aman says lets go for shopping, Teni thinks that this time is important for my future, Teni pukes and says I am not feeling well, Aman says okay I will stay with you, Teni says no I am fine, you do your work, Aman nods and leaves. Sejal comes in and says I found Mohini’s cheque book, she has 30lacs in her account, did you arrange some money by talking to Aman? Teni says see this, she shows her diamond necklace, and says if we sell it then he will doubt that how necklace lost again, Sejal says we have to do something, Teni says what to do? Teni gets message from Parth, he asks her to meet him outside, she leaves.

Parth is in car, Teni comes there, Parth asks her to sit in car, she does, Parth says is surprise for you, Teni says but I have work, Parth says just come, he drives away with her.

Parth brings Teni to dhabba, Parth says you wanted to eat at this dhabba so lets eat, Teni says someday else, Parth says no today.

Shorvori is in her room and says Parth went without even telling me where did he go, he doesnt care about me and Teni is not in her room too. Aman comes there, Aman says I was thinking I was getting married soon so I thought I should have bachelors party, she says in this house? you want to do suicide? it cant happen, Aman says I know we cant do it infront of family but we can do small party in your room, Shorvori says you want me to get scolded? Aman says I should have cute moments of wedding too, Shorvori says you are emotionally blackmailing me? Aman says please agree, I will surprise Teni and will get to know her likes and dislikes.

Parth and Teni are enjoying lunch at dhabba. Parth gives order. Teni says to Parth that you know everything which I like, Parth smiles.

Aman asks Shorvori that we will arrange party, what Parth likes? Shorvori says Parth likes everything, Aman says he must dislike few things. Shorvori says he doesnt like spicy and oily food.

At dhabba, Teni gets oily and spicy food. Teni says I am so hungry seeing this, Parth gulps and doesnt eat, Teni asks why he is not eating? Parth says you start.

Shorvori says to Aman that once we had a challenge who can eat spice more, Parth ate three chilies but then he was in bad condition, she laughs.

Parth eats food at dhabba, he feels it spicy, Teni orders colddrink and asks him to put tongue in glass, he does and feel less spicy. Teni eats food and says you understand me well Parth. Parth brings out wallet and says I dont have cash, I will pay through card.

Aman says to Shorvori so what else Parth doesnt like? Shorvori says Parth doesnt like arguments and he runs away and avoid fights, thats why we dont have much fights and if we do have then I am always winner.

Last Part of Dil Se Dil Tak 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Parth gives to dhabba person, he says there is no card service here, give me cash, Parth says to Teni that I will bring cash from ATM, you stay here, Dhabba person says I know you are lying, give me money or sel wash dishes, Dhabba person asks Parth why he is leaving girl behind? who she is to you? Parth is about to answer but Teni says I am his wife, Parth is stunned.

Shorvori says to Aman that Parth is not naughty, he is simple and sorted and he is very romantic.

PRECAP- Teni says to Parth that soon I will give you your baby and then I will go to US. Teni sees someone pointing gun at Parth, she screams and comes infront of Parth, Teni gets shot by bullet which was for Parth, she falls in Parth’s arms. Teni looks at him and recalls how he said that when she falls in true love then she will be ready to give life for that person.

Update Credit To: Dolly

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