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Dil Se Dil Tak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Dil Se Dil Tak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
dada glares at sejal and leaves. teni sees this and receives a few concept, she thinks that i will make dada overlook about my wedding ceremony using those women of residence. baa says to indu and mohini that dada is clearly miffed with sejal, i pray that sejal recognize her mistake. mohini says sure sejal will alternate, she did immature act.

Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni comes there wearing bangles, anklet and colourful dupatta. she dances around, all girls are greatly surprised to look her all dolled up, baa asks what’s this getup? teni says groom goes to come to peer me, i’m going to get married so i have to be dolled up, indu says wedding ceremony? teni says i dont have locket, she sees mohini’s gold chain she is carrying and says this locket will look desirable on me and indu’s silk saree might be without a doubt excellent for me and baa’s gold bangles will shine in my palms, mohini asks what are you pronouncing? teni says dada have taken responsibility of having me married, i am so happy, she sees tensed ladies and asks why they may be not glad? i recognize you people must now not be happy that there are two unmarried grand daughters in residence and dada has taken responsibility of getting me married however dada has decided, he is going to find groom of his level, he is going to do grand wedding ceremony and that i might be going to rich groom’s house, all are tensed hearing all this, teni thinks that this tons doze is good to mess with their minds, now they wont let me get married. baa laughs and says dada has taken right decision, this will be proper repentance, we will all assist to get you married, it is going to be grand wedding ceremony, teni nervously smiles, indu says dada has taken proper choice, there’s no less money in this house so dont worry, teni says what approximately you mohini? mohini says they’re right, you ought to get married, what sejal did, after that you ought to get proper groom, i will discover first-rate groom for you. baa says that is such pious deed to get her married, indu concurs, teni is bowled over to look her plan backfiring, zor ka jhatka zor se laga.. shaadi bangayi umer bhar ki saze plays, girls go away, teni cries and says what i did? where is my sister rum? i need it today.
Dada is on the point of cross for going for walks, baa comes there and says we could go, dada takes his medicine. shorvori thinks why parth is taking time? dada will leave for jogging, parth do it fast. they pay attention parth shouting for shorvori to come back to room. shorvori says parth seems to be in trouble, she runs to his room. dada and baa comes there too. shorvori sees parth’s head stuck in shirt’s neckline, shorcori tears blouse and frees his head, she asks the way it passed off? parth says because of teni, i asked teni to sew button on my blouse and he or she stitched it incorrect way. shorvori says she cant even tuck button, she cant get married like this, parth says she isn’t always geared up for wedding ceremony, dada i mean to say this decision is good but i dont think she is prepared for wedding, we must supply her time, you ought to postpone your decision, shorvori agrees, dada thinks. shorvori thinks looks like dada is agreeing with us. dada laughs, baa snickers, parth asks why they’re guffawing? baa says to dada that this took place with you years back, she says to parth that once i got married, i tucked button wrongly on dada’s blouse and shirt got caught on his head but see how a good deal my circle of relatives has grown, teni will learn too. dada says teni wishes to study things so i am giving shorvori duty to make her learn matters which married women need to recognize, she is rapid learner, she will be able to analyze, they depart. shorvori hits her head for failing every other plan.

Scene 2
In morning, shorvori murmurs in her sleep that teni dont pass, prevent, parth stop her. parth wakes her up and asks what passed off? shorvori says i saw a dream of teni getting married, we attempted to prevent teni but she left together with her groom and took our child too, they are saying morning desires come real. parth says relax, they cant discover accurate guy so quickly, i’ve heard that god has stopped making suitable guys like me, dont worry, perhaps teni will provide start to our child before she receives married then we will happily get her married. they pay attention dada calling them down stairs.

Parth and shorvori is available in lawn to dada and baa. dada says i’ve referred to as you to inform some glad news, we’ve discovered a excellent wedding suggestion for teni. parth blurts what! i imply wow, how come so rapid? dada says in case your intentions proper then everything unearths their way to you, groom’s own family is coming tonight to peer teni. shorvori says tonight? parth says i feel we’re taking it too fast, we need to suppose first, shorvori says we feel teni isn’t geared up for teni, she cant even sew a button, dada says i have selected boy and they’re just coming to see teni, we are able to get numerous time in wedding ceremony, till then we are able to get her equipped for wedding. baa says teni has true luck. dada says you recognize manglanis? parth splendid shop chain owners? dada says its their only son, he is nicely settled and educated, we’ve called jalpa and bharat too. baa says to shorvori that make teni get geared up so properly that groom likes her in a single look, shorvori nods and thinks that this is going too speedy.

Parth and shorvori comes to teni, teni is consuming and asks if dada forgot about my wedding ceremony? your both faces seem like my wedding ceremony invitation playing cards are going for printing now best. shorvori says congrats groom’s circle of relatives is coming to see you, teni says what? you both handled it right? parth says we tried to deny dada however he didnt concentrate, teni says you both cant do whatever, dont fear, i am teni, i’m able to perform a little drama, parth says dont make dada ashamed, teni says i have an idea, i might runaway from residence earlier than groom comes right here, i can long past in time. parth says no you wont do anything so as to bring shame to dada. teni says if i am now not allowed to do something then get equipped to mention bye bye to teni and this unborn little toddler, shorvori and parth are stunned to hear it. shorvori says we cant do it, parth says they’re simply coming to look you, deal with it these days then we will see what we are able to do, teni says permit me see who is coming to peer me.

Scene 3
Groom’s own family arrive to dada’s house. dada welcomes them. mohini whispers to indu that they may be vegetarian, how will teni who eats fish and meat live of their house? bharat says dada have chosen right circle of relatives for teni. dada thanks groom’s circle of relatives for coming right here, groom’s father says we are grateful to sign up for your own family. dada says lady is not from our circle of relatives, bharat says however i have finished whole studies on her, she could be very great, innocent and feature high morals and values. groom’s father then there’s no room for objection, she can learn our values after coming to our house.
Teni receives equipped in purple saree, shorvori is supporting her. parth comes there and his mouth hangs open, parth says shorvori you need groom’s circle of relatives to select her in one appearance? shorvori says i attempted my first-rate however she doesnt look terrible, teni says what am i able to do, i am just suitable searching, parth huffs, teni says supply me risk, i’m able to do drama and make them runaway, parth says you wont do anything like that. forum comes there and says teni you’re looking so pleasant, groom’s family would possibly take you with them nowadays most effective, shorvori and parth gets tensed. forum asks shorvori and parth to return down and teni you return down later, she leaves. jalpa comes there, shorvori asks her to discover a few solution, teni says i can listen wedding ceremony band playing in my head, i might be dead if i am getting married, jalpa says they have got just come to peer her, dont take strain teni, it’s going to have an effect on child, consider us, we are able to no longer allow your wedding ceremony manifest, teni nods.

Shorvori and parth meets groom’s family. dada says teni is shorvori’s sister. groom’s mother says if she is shorvori’s sister then she must be desirable looking, we’re simply doing formality otherwise this notion is authorised from our facet already, parth and shorvori are taken aback.


Precap of Dil Se Dil Tak 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Teni comes down stairs and sees groom’s dad and mom. she recalls how as soon as she noticed groom’s mother on street outside her automobile and teni stole her vehicle’s tyres and ranaway, groom’s mother got indignant on her that point and said i’m able to see this lady. teni gets tensed recalling that memory and says she genuinely got here to peer me, if she opens her mouth infront of family that i used to dance in bar then my appreciate will vanish, i cant go infront of her, what do i do?


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