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Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Abhi shoot at parth. teni screams and is derived infront of parth, teni gets shot by bullet which was for parth, she falls in parth’s hands. teni appears at him and recollects how he said that after she falls in actual love then she might be equipped to provide lifestyles for that individual. parth cries and caresses her face. police comes there and shoots abhi too. parth cries and preserve caressing teni’s face. teni says i didnt get shot, i’m no longer feeling ache, parth is so relieved. parth hugs her tightly, parth says to teni that what become the want to come back infront of me? in case you had gotten shot you then might have died, parth is horrified, he pulls teni and hugs her tightly, teni is bowled over through his care. parth gives telephone to inspector and says this is teni’s innocence proof. inspector says killer is dead now, we will take teni’s declaration later. parth takes teni from there holding her hand.


Full Details of Dil Se Dil Tak 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Shorvori is tensed for parth and teni. aman says its nothing, jar broke due to wind. he holds her hand and makes her take a seat in automobile. parth sits in vehicle and feature sigh of alleviation. teni recollects how she came infront of parth when he changed into about to get shot, she recalls how parth stated that after she falls in love, she would be inclined to die for that individual. parth makes teni drink water, parth asks if she is pleasant? teni nods. parth starts vehicle. teni is tensed. parth says looks like your bp is low because of shock, we must take some thing sweet. parth stops car. he involves teni and holds her hand. he makes her sit down on bench close to shop. parth orders tea, teni maintain recalling his phrase of falling in love. parth brings tea and biscuit, teni is misplaced searching at him, she is careworn. she recollects her moments with parth, their bonding. parth makes her consume biscuits with his palms, teni eats in daze. parth asks how she is feeling now? she nods, parth gives her tea. she takes it and beverages in daze, she silently maintain looking at at parth. she remembers how parth said she isn’t on my own.


Shorvori calls parth however his cellphone isn’t on hand, she is tensed. shorvori says i am concerned, why he is not taking name. aman says parth is ideal husband, i want to come to be like him so teni will love me like you adore parth.


Parth offers hi-5 to teni and says we gained, we received because of you, i cant say in phrases how a good deal it means to me what you probably did for me, you put your life at stake for me, thanks so much. parth begins vehicle and plays tune, kiya yehi pyar performs, teni gets tensed and modifications it, pehla pehla pyar hai plays, she modifications once more and ek dosre karte hain pyar hai hum plays, teni get involved, she recalls saving parth.


At night time, parth brings teni home, teni slips however parth holds her and asks if she is excellent? teni sees him conserving her arm, she jerks him away and says i will handle myself. parth says sorry i forgot you dont like gentlemen-ness. parth says to teni that i notion to tell the whole lot to shorvori in advance however i didnt recognise story will take this turn, if shorvori receives to realize about shooting then she will get very involved so we shouldnt inform her some thing. teni says you’re weird, you lectured me approximately no longer hiding some thing from your loved ones and now wants to conceal it? parth says its our duty to take care of our cherished ones too, teni says you twist love as consistent with your requirement, parth says there may be no language of affection, its upto to us how we love, love just apprehend words of eyes, and your loved one can examine love for your eyes. teni says it means you can examine my eyes? parth says i am speakme about those who love each other, they can examine every others eyes. teni seems at him mesmerized. shorvori and aman comes there. shorvori says parth! she runs to parth, parth dances with shorvori. aman takes teni’s hand and dances together with her.


Shorvori and parth poses for photograph, she is set to move away however parth holds her hand and brings her in photo, teni weirdly stands with them even as parth hugs shorvori close. Teni attempts to sleep but parth’s words about love preserve repeating, teni says close up, i dont love you. she writes aman and the usa on her mirror and says these are two names i should recollect handiest, parth brings teni out of godown.
Tteni is in her room and says why i am stressed, why my heart is thrashing so fast? she attempts to sleep however recollects parth’s words that she wont be capable of sleep while she falls in real love, teni gets worried.



Precap: Parth dances with Shorvori. Aman takes Teni’s hand and dances with her.
At night, TTeni is in her room and says why I am restless, why my heart is beating so fast? she tries to sleep but recalls Parth’s words that she wont be able to sleep when she falls in real love, Teni gets worried. Teni says shut up, I dont love you. She writes Aman and America on her mirror and says these are two names I have to remember only.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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