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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on L0llyupdates. Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update. Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 1st August 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts offevolved with shiv telling aastha that gurumaa will show her the way and will unite her with god. aastha says your gurumaa can’t do some thing as she is an imposter. shiv is greatly surprised. aastha asks him to hear her fully, and says she don’t want to inform him like this, however while the problem is came to light, then pay attention her absolutely. she says gurumaa is an imposter, she does fraud and fools people together with her staged miracles. she tells him that gurumaa have delivered chemical in papad, and mata’s murti turned into dislocated from its location, she had burnt the puja stuff, it was her trick to walk on the water and fooled us, and tells that she feigned as though goddess entered interior her in the course of jagran and says even she has food like every body. shiv holds her hand tightly and warns her not to mention some thing in opposition to gurumaa. he says i concept you are bhagwan’s bhakt, however you are god’s mistake. he says gurumaa is not dhongi, but you are dhongi. he says you wants to lower her infront of everyone and tells that you are jealous of gurumaa. he says you must have staged today’s drama.


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He says you may never make me disbelief gurumaa and my religion increases on her seeing people such as you. he says i used to be disappointed with you, but i am now irritated and hates you. he says i was hopeful that everything might be exceptional, however now i am sure that we can’t unite. piya plays……aastha cries and asks him to pay attention to her. he comes out and sees balwan standing. balwan says i have introduced mouli from mata’s jagran and will tie to you and bhabhi. shiv asks him to go away his hand. balwan asks him to apprehend and tells that bhabhi is not incorrect. shiv pushes him and he falls down. he runs to balwan and hugs him. he says due to aastha nowadays, i have raised hand on her. i notion she is right, however no, she is actually horrific. he says it will likely be appropriate if you opens the blindfold and is going. balwan thinks aastha is right and he will tie mouli to their arms when things get exceptional between them. aastha cries considering shiv’s words. kahan ka khuda hai plays……..


She hears a few men coming home and taking model to keep room. she asks who requested you to take this there. lakshmi comes and says she advised them. she appreciates aastha for saving their lifestyles and says simplest smooth hearted individual can do such factor and that’s why i’m able to talk to you. aastha thanks her. lakshmi says there is no want of model. aastha says this is a big element for me and asks her to bless her, however lakshmi stops her and says i said that i will speak to you, but that doesn’t mean that i have forgiven you.


She says i can’t forget about the fact which you are a nastik, even though i can’t overlook your favours and also can’t forget which you have insulted my gurumaa. aastha says i understand that i have harm you all, however never idea or requested you why you trust on god. she says i don’t have any problem with aastik, however with the folks that fools others. lakshmi says it is human beings shraddha. aastha says i got here to inform you that day, however..they hear a few noise and runs to shama grah. they all see crimson shade liquid like blood coming from her eyes. they ask if she is satisfactory. gurumaa says she is satisfactory, but not anything is first-class within the residence and says some awful element goes to show up in the god and says god has given her signal.


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Jaya asks what? gurumaa says the next day is poornima and raksha bandhan and additionally surya grahan which is going on after 2 hundred years. she says raksha bandhan mahurat is after 20 mins and god advised me that a large sankat is coming in this residence. every body is stunned. gurumaa asks them no longer to worry and says she will not let something incorrect happen. she says she will do god’s archana and will pray for his or her happiness. lakshmi says i’m able to’t depart you as blood is coming from your eyes.. gurumaa asks her to g and asks shiv to take her. once they leave, gurumaa turns to aastha and smiles. she says will no longer you ask me what is my new drama. aastha says you will inform your self. gurumaa says whatever you have got idea couldn’t happen, she says i’ve seen how lakshmi became talking to you. you desires to be rakshak of the house, however i can make you bhakshak. she says the next day one member of the family will die due to you, i becomes kul devi and you can’t do something.


Precap: Gurumaa tells aastha that she won’t permit whatever take place to any of the family participants. gurumaa places chemical inside the rakhis. aastha searches for the toxic rakhi.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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