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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update. Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts offevolved with gurumaa dancing infront of god. bhakti sagar sings the bhajan. anyone appears at gurumaa as she dances and acts lost in her bhakti. she then pretends to faint. govind shouts guru didi. lakshmi and govind assist her stand up. she stands up and brushes off their hands. she dances once more, picks trishul from the goddess and stands pretending to be goddess herself. absolutely everyone receives surprised and says goddess got here in her. gurumaa asks where is my vehicle. jaya comes sporting tiger’s dress. aastha thinks she is betraying within the name of god and wishes to stop it. each person applaud aloud for gurumaa. balwan says mata’s vahan also came. janki says she is mummy ji. chacha gets satisfied knowing she is jaya. they pay attention roaring sound. balwan and janki ask her to roar again and again. jaya says i am no longer roaring and asks from in which is the sound coming? they turn in the direction of the door and spot tiger coming in durga nivas. jaya shouts seeing tiger and stands up guru maa stands greatly surprised and drops trishul from her hand, forgets performing seeing loss of life infront of her. each person run and cover behind gurumaa.. tiger jumps and comes close to them. jaya asks gurumaa to go in front and make tiger move. jaya is set to go, however janki pulls her back. balwan asks them no longer to fear and says this tiger is gurumaa’s vahan. gurumaa backs off seeing tiger opening mouth and roaring. lakshmi comes infront of gurumaa and asks every body not to return infront, offers her promise.


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Govind calls police/animal dept and asks to ship a person as tiger entered their residence. aastha is hiding at the back of the pillar and notice tiger going towards lakshmi. she runs in the direction of lakshmi before tiger may want to capture her, and stands protective for her. she picks the firewood and blows fire on tiger, however soon firewood falls down. aastha sits down. shiv comes domestic and sees tiger close to aastha. aastha panics as tiger roars and opens his mouth extensive to chunk her. animal dept humans come and fireplace injection on it. tiger gets unconscious. shiv throws purple material on tiger. the forest dept officials take tiger with them. gurumaa asks wherein my vahan is taken away. aastha appears at lakshmi. shiv helps aastha get up and asks if she is best. aastha says she is satisfactory. the ladies who got here for jagran praise aastha and contact her ft. aastha is surprised and asks them to arise. gurumaa fumes. girl says today you’ve got stored anybody of us and is actual goddess’ daughter. bhakti sagar says don’t recognize what tiger might have performed, if you have now not showed the miracle and blow fireplace on tiger. different lady says you are real daughter of goddess. everyone looks on quite.


Aastha says i’m no longer goddess’ daughter, everyday human like you all and that become now not miracle, that fireplace trick turned into taught by way of my father. she says animals are fearful of tiger, i’ve used my understanding, don’t call me goddess’ daughter. the woman says you’ve got completed prefer on us. aastha asks them to thank govind for calling forest dept and thank you shiv and now not me. all of them bend down infront of her. gurumaa is indignant. lakshmi stands immediately.


Shiv holds her hand and takes her to room. aastha says you’re speaking to me, i knew you’ll apprehend me in the future. shiv smiles and says aastha, i have understood you. aastha smiles and thanks him. aastha says i have hopes with anybody, however i have believe that you will recognize me. shiv says there was some misunderstanding, but i was certain which you are aastik like me. aastha asks what you’re pronouncing? shiv says i’m saying what i’ve seen. he offers the instance and says god can’t come in the world and that’s why despatched his bhakt to take care of his bhakt. he says you loves god’s bhakts and asks who can be big aastik than her. aastha says you are questioning wrong. shiv says that is truth. he says gurumaa says which you are childish, and can be you did errors in childishness. he says your mistakes are forgiven these days. aastha says i’m nastik most effective. shiv says you think this manner, as you have got court cases with god in your baba’s death, but god remains to your coronary heart. he says you can’t see that god, however we’ve got seen that god. he says handiest aastik can keep human beings and now not nastik. aastha says i’m nastik most effective. shiv asks her to take her anger out on him and says even supposing god comes and inform me which you are nastik then i’m able to not agree.


Last Part of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update


Aastha says your god will now not come, when he didn’t come to assist my baba who turned into aastik, then why he’s going to come for nastik like me. shiv says why you’re staying here, in this temple like residence, and says no one’s wondering is like you. he says maa requested you to head then why did you are looking for her permission to live in vardaan. you would have instructed her that you loves shiv and desires to live with him one after the other, why handiest this residence. he asks her to tell. aastha is clueless. shiv says i understand that you will don’t have any answer. he says you couldn’t discover god or aastha/devotion interior you. he says we’ve got trouble for this and asks her to come back to gurumaa. aastha says no, and says she can no longer go to gurumaa. shiv says gurumaa will trade your wondering and will have all solutions. he says humans calls her gurumaa. aastha says she will be able to not cross. shiv asks her no longer to be scared and asks her to make an apology once. aastha says i don’t want to go. shiv says gurumaa will unite you and god. he asks her to come and talk to her. aastha says she will’t do whatever, as she is a dhongi/imposter. shiv is shocked and appears at her.


Precap: Gurumaa with red colors tears in her eyes tells aastha that the following day on raksha bandhan, one man or woman will die out of your hand. aastha says i gained’t let you damage any family member. gurumaa adds chemical in rakhi and keeps in the container. aastha checks the rakhis and thinks all are comparable. she thinks which is that rakhi. the women tie rakhi to their brothers. shiv feels ache and shouts. aastha is shocked.


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