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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode begins with aastha thinking about her father’s phrases asking her to make her own identity and very own manner. a fb is proven, aastha says if everyone receives indignant with me or stops me from doing anything. she says if you’ll be with me continually. he asks her to call him and says he may be usually together with her. sharda comes to aastha. aastha asks why papa left us. sharda says he is constantly with us. she receives ritu’s name and says we’re at the way. aastha says i have promised her that i can see her groom first. she says your all buddies are marrying and you are unmarried nonetheless. aastha says i’m mast in my life and could meet my unique someone while it’s miles destined. she asks her to return. goddess tells that she is anywhere, in their bhakti, shringaar and many others….


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Govind is seen praying in the inhouse huge temple and gets a name. he says he’ll speak later after prayer. reporter comes and says he came to take his interview. he says lakshmi papad receives an award and says he got here to take lakshmi’s interview. lakshmi comes there and prays to god. she says jai maa durga. their circle of relatives comes there. reporter says i got here to take your interview. lakshmi says she can communicate whilst doing puja preparations. he asks to whom she turned into to present credit score for her fulfillment. she says she is speaking approximately maa durga and that’s why she maintains 10 percentage underneath god’s toes. reporter asks if you get jealous seeing people success. lakshmi says by no means, and says everybody shall come to be huge. he says you would possibly have gotten irritated now and again.

Other girl tells that they don’t get irritated. he asks what she wants to mention approximately the award which may be bought and taken. lakshmi says they just hassle approximately honesty and their work. girl says if all of us people get angry then leave our anger outdoor. lakshmi says lets begin aarti. they see cat coming and ingesting milk saved for puja. they blame themselves. lakshmi says maa’s prasad have come to be jhutha and we should apologize for this error. they does puja. lakshmi asks god to keep them from adharm and adharmi.


Aastha comes to ritu’s residence and greets her dad and mom. she hears her mum asking her dad to all all arrangements. he asks her not to fear. ritu scolds aastha for coming past due. baarat comes. they cross in the balcony to see baarat.


Aastha asks why uncle and aunty are welcoming groom’s family and asks why they may be not welcoming groom. ritu says simply due to the fact guru maa didn’t come. she says guru maa is a large sadhwi and until she comes and bless the groom, marriage can’t begin. guru maa is available in her automobile. absolutely everyone cheers for her. aastha looks on. groom’s dad asks guru maa to bless his son. he touches her toes. she blesses him. a guy don’t contact her toes. her guide tells her. guru maa seems at him. she gives prasad to that man and makes it fall close to her feet. guy bends all the way down to select the prasad. she forwards her toes.


Man is familiar with that she is signing him to touch her ft and touches her feet. she blesses him. aastha peeps in guru maa’s room and sees her having juice through pipe from her nose. sharda comes and asks her not to peep interior a person’s room and tells about guru maa that she didn’t have water from her mouth as she thinks human beings get egocentric. aastha says it’s far quite hard. sharda asks her to preserve some thing within the mandap. ritu and the groom change garland after guru maa signs them to change garland. pandit ji asks them to sit down.


Groom’s father says one rasam want to be accomplished. he makes the idol on the weighing device and continues a few weight with the idol. he asks bride’s father to maintain the gold equal to god’s idol. he keeps the gold, but god’s weight is more. groom’s father insults ritu’s dad. ritu’s dad tells that they have not cheated him and says please make him recognize. guru maa says i suppose he shall get a risk and asks ritu’s father to do sona daan completely. ritu’s mum takes out her jewelry and offers to her father. aastha sees her without jewelry. ritu’s mum is ready to take off her mangalsutra. aastha stops them and says don’t take her mangalsultra. sharda asks her to hold quiet.


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Aastha picks the gold gadgets from the weighing system and offers to ritu’s mum. groom’s dad asks why did you do that. sharda asks aastha now not to do anything. aastha asks ritu to sit on the weighing system. ritu sits and her weight is greater than the idol. groom’s dad asks what incorrect did you do. ritu says gold is lakshmi’s avatar and that’s why i made lakshmi take a seat rather. groom’s father asks what wrong did you do? aastha says i’ve weighed your house lakshmi with goddess. she says your sonadaan’s rasam is complete. groom’s father says each scales aren’t same and says this marriage can’t occur.


Precap: Precap of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update. guru maa talks to lakshmi and asks her to get her son married. lakshmi says she needs a female for him. guru maa seems at aastha and says girl is found in manali. she says she is a god’s devotee. aastha tells sharda that she don’t accept as true with on god. lakshmi asks shiv to visit manali and says guru maa have chosen girl for you.


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