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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.


Yogi baba turns to leave, raaj mata stops him announcing bari rani maa was her mom in regulation when alive. she continually snatched her of her family, domestic, peace of thoughts and the whole thing. she doesn’t need her youngsters rana and naina to stay in fear for constantly, there need to be some manner to let that darkni depart. baba says he is helpless, however raaj mata can do something positive about it. raaj mata became geared up to do the whole lot. baba says bari rani maa has a darkish desire in thoughts, she won’t depart till her needs are fulfilled. raja says bari rani maa wants to kill them. raaj mata corrects raja she doesn’t intend to kill him.


Bari rani maa sat beside the fireplace announcing lifestyles has no price. she cheers because the crowd cheered and hooted for her call. she says premvadha snatched her of the whole thing. she turned into certain raaj mata could no longer be capable of save raja and naina from her curses.

Raaj mata says bari rani maa want her not to look any happiness, she should by no means bear her son turned to king of amirkot and her own son couldn’t get the throne. she decides to die with a purpose to deliver an excellent lifestyles to raja and naina. raja and naina weren’t prepared to let raaj mata sacrifice. raaj mata says may be she is alive until nowadays best for this present day. raja wasn’t prepared to permit her accomplish that. raaj mata shouts she is premvadha singh dev and is saying her decision. raaj mata locations raja’s hand on her head and forbids him communicate any similarly. raaj mata tells baba she would sacrifice herself, bari rani maa would clearly come to see her dead frame. baba tells raaj mata to get the avatar of raaj mata, bari rani maa received’t be capable of stop herself once. raja recalls saving raaj mata as soon as at some stage in his kids. he runs toward her room crying and shouts at raaj mata to open the door. he wasn’t ready to lose his raaj mata. she is his only circle of relatives.


In the room, raaj mata tells naina that raja and this residence now belong to her. she confirms if naina would assist her with her decision. raaj mata assures she is doing this for their happiness and want them smiling. naina wonders how they would live happy without her. raaj mata comes downstairs. she calls bari rani maa accepting it her mistake to own the throne of amirkot, she accepts her defeat these days and calls bari rani maa to punish her with some thing she desires to. bari rani maa wonders what is taking place here, is it a trap or if the thinks have really changed? she in the end makes a decision to come back to raaj mata’s confrontation.


Bari rani maa tells raaj mata she will’t effortlessly dispose of all her egos easily. baba turned into approximately to throw ganga water over her, but raaj mata stops him. she wants bari rani maa’s promise that along with her lifestyles their enemity need to give up, she need to now not harm her kids anymore. bari rani maa says nowadays her darkish powers received’t work today. raaj mata says she had died the day her raja ji and gayatri died, she turned into residing only for rani who has also left the arena these days. baba urges bari rani maa to accept her condition and not hurt raaj mata’s children as its her closing wish.


Bari rani maa wasn’t ready to kill raaj mata without problems. raaj mata snatched her son, her amirkot and her throne from her. her jealousy hasn’t ended, she is a darkni now and needs raaj mata to burn. raaj mata ought to burn to die. if she is ready she promises to by no means problem her kids. bari rani maa intended to turn away from her promise later. raaj mata became ready to take the testimony. raja wasn’t geared up to let her accomplish that, however became not able to move forward. baba says this deal has finalized, they could’t do whatever about it. raaj mata goes to throw oil over herself. raja pleads bari rani maa for assist. bari rani maa ignites the fire. baba throws sand over bari rani maa who laughs looking raaj mata burn and die. bari rani maa dances round as raja and naina mourn. bari rani maa laughs its her promise she received’t hurt raja and naina from nowadays. she leaves.


Precap: bari rani maa intends to smash raja and naina. she breaks the water jug in naina’s hand with the jerk of her hand.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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