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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Suman receives milk for veer. veer angrily says he does now not want milk. she says she brought his choc powder. he says he does now not need it. ranveer reminisces veer’s question why don’t he grow to be his father. he thinks suman overreacted on a small child. his pleasant friend must be unhappy now, so he’ll cross and get ice cream for him. he alternatives his vehicle keys and leaves.

  • Suman keeps calming veer. sanju and antara go back from buying and asks what happened to veer. suman says she scolded him, so he’s angry. sanju says she can attempt however fails and leaves. suman apologizes veer. veer says it’s far okay maa, he turned into truly missing papa, he desires to journey on his papa’s lower back like different youngsters and wanted to be pampered. suman says she will be able to cal his papa and is going. ranveer reaches in his car and thinks if bhagwanji/veer is at home or now not. he peeps from windows and sees suman performing as veer’s papa. suman wearing guy’s material comes out. veer runs closer to her excitedly calling maa. suman says she is his both papa and maa, maapa, she will play with him, get him icecream, pamper him like his father. veer apologizes her and says he’ll now not ask approximately papa once more. ranveer receives emotion and leaves. suman receives emotional and hugs suman.

Rranveer goes lower back home and sitting on terrace reminisces suman’s good features, he thinks he noticed suman crying for the first time and found out her difficulties. he thinks she reaches anyplace trouble is and is so right down to earth. manan comes and asks what is he doing here, why he appears so tensed. ranveer says he realized for the first time that he did not acquire something in existence. manan asks what happened these days. ranveer says he could not emerge as an amazing son, proper brother. manan asks who is infusing these thoughts in him. ranveer says suman and says she is complete of positivity, she has such a lot of problems in her life however keeps smiling. he keeps praising suman. manan says something he advised, he thinks his life accomplice ought to be like suman, why don’t he ask suman to teach her characteristics to niharika. ranveer begins thinking.

Suman reminisces ranveer’s phrases that he misses papa and desires to be pampered through his father like other kids. suman thinks she will be able to not allow any problem close to veer. ranveer reminisces all of the incidents with suman, manan praising her, daadi and badi maa lking suman soo an awful lot, and many others. he maintains considering her and smiling. tose naina jabse mile…performs inside the heritage. he thinks he took so much time to recognise that suman is the maximum ideal lady for him.

Inside the morning sindhoora indicates items to own family and says niharika sent these items for all of them, even for chaman after he misbehaved together with her. daadi asks what is the want for that. sindhoora says niharika had long past for an exhibition and bought all this, she is sharma enterprise’s legal inheritor and could be very classy. she distributes items and indicates her golden necklace. nupur thinks she compelled poor bahus on her and is boasting about rich bahu. sindhoora keeps nerve-racking her. nupur leaves saying she has to inform chaman what to cook dinner for lunch. daadi notices silently.

Ranveer meets sahil and manan and tells he does no longer want to marry niharika. they may be taken aback and manan asks why he does no longer want to marry. ranveer says he wants to marry suman and not niharika. they each are stunned. nupur passes through and hears their communication.

Precap: ranveer informs sindhoora that he wants to marry suman. entire own family is greatly surprised. sindhoora is greatly surprised and shouts suman is a widow, she wants handiest niharika as bahu. ranveer says she simply wishes a showpiece for exhibition and does not care approximately her son’s happiness. sindhoora slaps him.



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