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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Antara calls kalavati. kalavati asks when did you come? antara says simply now and asks what you both are doing here. kalavati says we are youth buddies and time flew while we had been speaking. antara asks them to return. dadi also sing with the family individuals. sanjana asks sahil to look how ranveer and suman are dancing, and says we will also dance like them. sahil says they love every other, but you like my cash. he says you’ll get money, however no longer my love. sindhoora and kalavati dance with others. shava shava performs. bade maa tells bade papa that it seems they have got patch up.


Full Details of Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kalavati asks antara, why she didn’t fall asleep with sanjana. antara says she has sent suman and veer there. kalavati asks how you’ll stay with out me after marriage. she asks why you don’t need ranveer and suman to marry. kalavati asks did you pay attention me hidingly. antara says she heard them speakme. kalavati asks did you tell someone? antara says she advised manan. antara asks why you don’t need suman to marry. kalavati says if she marries then who will contend with me, and veer. she says she is my son’s widow and i’ve made her have a look at mba and spent lakhs on her. she says she will’t see her married.
Antara tells that this is inaccurate and tells that it is god’s desire to unite them. kalavati says that god snatched my young son, however now i can no longer be given his wish. she says if god can’t see how i delivered all of you. she says i’m not idiot to ship suman and tells that when your father’s useless, i didn’t marry as i cared for you all. why i’m able to stay on my own in my old age. antara asks why did you settle in the beginning. kalavati says in order that sanjana and your marriage may be fixed, and tells that she idea to interrupt suman’s marriage later. she tells that suman have a awful questioning. antara says suman don’t assume like that. kalavati asks antara to forestall manan from telling others, else she will lose manan. antara goes to forestall him.


Ranveer thinks who’s after suman and thinks today that character trapped suman. manan comes to him and says he couldn’t sleep. ranveer asks what came about? manan says not anything is first-class and tells that suman….ranveer asks what? he says the attacks which befell on suman…and tells that character name is. antara comes and says we need to find out that person’s call. manan says however. antara says she needs to speak to him. she takes him to facet and says we shall no longer tell this to ranveer. she says we will’t inform this as many lives, admire and my maasa’s call is hooked up with this. manan has the same opinion.


Inside the night time, sonali senses someone’s presence. she receives call on her cellular. kalavati calls her as sanjana and tells you’re sleeping peacefully after taking my sleep. sonali asks what do you want from me. kalavati says you didn’t do something and comes infront of her. sonali is stunned. kalavati says i worked so much on you and spend cash to shop for flight tickets. she says i thought you may make him yours, however you couldn’t do whatever. sonali says you? kalavati says sure, and tells that once i come to know that your ex lover abhishek betrayed you, then thought you may help me and separate ranveer and suman. sonali says i’m attempting.


Last Part of Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kalavati says now i understood that you can’t do something now and asks her to leave. sonali asks her to provide her 1 day time and says i’m able to make him a ways from suman. kalavati asks what you’ll do. sonali says something for sure. kalavati says i’m able to inform you what to do. someone knocks son suman’s door. suman opens the door, however couldn’t find all people. she finds cellular with sonali and ranveer’s videos. she is shocked to look them snoozing at the identical mattress. sonali smiles whilst suman gets tears in her eyes.


Precap: Sonali tells suman that this is truth of her relation with ranveer. ranveer says she is attempting to create misunderstandings between us. suman says sufficient. kalavati thinks suman will no longer hear ranveer now.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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