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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.


Sindhoora asks ranveer to stop and says if you leave together with her then no one may be awful than me. ranveer ignores her caution and walks out with suman. sindhoora shouts ranveer. nupur thinks we notion sahil and mannan’s marriage shall not take place in that residence. ranveer walks out of house….kya karun music plays…….he’s taking suman to car and apologizes to her. he says i can drop you home. suman says i can move, and asks him to inform about sindhoora’s anger. ranveer says k and says i’m able to let you know, however on the manner. he says if she sees us then it’ll be hassle, asks her to include him. suman appears on.


Sindhoora breaks the matters in her room and says i’m able to by no means forgive you suman, and says she will be able to by no means forget about to satisfy enmity. she sees ranveer getting into his vehicle and calls kalavati.


Kalavati asks what happened? sindhoora asks her not to allow suman step internal her house. kalavati is greatly surprised. suman asks ranveer to inform what is the matter and what wrong did i do? ranveer thinks i have to tell her. kalavati asks what wrong did she do? sindhoora says she has accomplished crime and says you have to make sure that suman will by no means come to my house and could have any touch with manan, sahil and ranveer.
kalavati asks her to tell suman’s mistake and says she can scold her. sindhoora asks if she wishes her daughters to marry in her house. kalavati says yes. sindhoora asks her to name suman and asks her to get down from ranveer’s automobile. ranveer is ready to inform suman. kalavati calls suman and asks if she is with ranveer. suman says sure. kalavati asks her to inform ranveer to stop the automobile. ranveer asks whose name is this? kalavati asks her to speak to him strictly and get down from the car. ranveer asks suman to tell whose name is this? suman tells him that maasa is expecting her and begins on foot in the direction of the residence. ranveer thinks i will discover motive on your lie.


  • Suman comes domestic. kalavati asks why you’re crying and tells that sindoora referred to as and complaining about her. suman cries. kalavati asks her to tell what came about. sindhoora thinks kalavati didn’t name till now and throws the vase. ranveer comes and asks why she is punishing the vase while he’s the offender. sindhoora asks did you drop her. ranveer says so that you referred to as kalavati and made suman get down from automobile on halfway. sindhoora says you allow me cry and walked out together with her. ranveer tells her that suman doesn’t know that he loves her and desires to marry her. sindhoora says i hate pity which is in your eyes for her. suman tells kalavati that she didn’t do some thing and she scolded her. her sister in laws asks what occurred? kalavati asks her not to visit mittal house again. she says once her daughters get married, she must stay faraway from that own family. suman nods.


Sindhoora tells ranveer that he’s cause for her to live and says that girl is coming in between us. she says she can ruined his life. ranveer says i’m able to see the way you do wrong together with her till i’m alive. kya karun song performs……………..he remembers all the happenings and gets disillusioned. he thinks approximately suman and calls her.


Veer choices ranveer’s call and says krish uncle. ranveer calls him bhagwan ji and asks about his mother. veer says she is in kitchen and her temper is sad. once I asked her, she said that she is having headache. ranveer asks veer not to problem her. veer says i’m able to no longer problem her as you are asking me. he tells him that he likes her. ranveer says even i like you and asks him not to problem her. veer says bye krish uncle. suman comes and asks veer to speak to ranveer infront of her. she thinks what is occurring and asks veer to sleep. ranveer thinks even veer understood that his mum is tensed.


Ranveer’s brothers manan and sahil speak about antara and sanjana. he calls antara. antara alternatives the decision shyly. she asks how is anybody at home. he says the whole lot is nice except ranveer and suman…..ranveer ends the decision and asks them no longer to speak about this stuff with antara and sanjana, as suman doesn’t realize whatever. his brother says good enough. ranveer says i came to inform you that suman don’t understand approximately this. they tell him that reality can be out. ranveer says he needs to inform this to suman by using himself.


Precap: kalavati asks sindhoora if everything is excellent. sindhoora asks her to stop sending suman to university. suman tells ranveer that sindhoora don’t want them to talk and asks him to recognize her choice.



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