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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Sahil and manan ask ranveer if suman loves you. ranveer recalls studying the letter and tells them that suman likes him, despite the fact that he found out this past due. sahil says kalavati will no longer agree for this marriage. ranveer says he’s going to persuade her.


Kalavati brings milk and asks suman to make tea. suman says k and goes. veer asks sanjana whilst she will be able to put on this saree. sanjana says she can wear this saree for her marriage. veer asks suman if she can additionally put on pink saree for sanjana’s wedding ceremony and says you may look properly. kalavati says your mum can’t wear this color saree.


Sahil says society will now not be given this marriage. ranveer says we are educated and wants to change the notion of the society.


Kalavati asks suman to give an explanation for to veer. suman tells veer that once her father turned into alive, she used to wear such sarees, but now she don’t need. veer requests kalavati to allow his mum wear such sarees. kalavati says she can’t put on and asks him now not to be stubborn, says suman will not wear crimson saree. veer says my mum will wear crimson saree for me. ranveer tells that he desires to fill colors in suman’s life.
later, niharika comes and hugs ranveer, asks why he is upset. ranveer says today he is going to interrupt a lady’s heart who is so near him, who is his formative years pal. he says he don’t need to tell her after marriage that he don’t love her, however a person else. niharika asks him to mention sincerely? ranveer assures her that he could be together with her as a friend all the time. she asks what do you mean?


  • Ranveer says i’m able to’t marry you, you are my mum’s preference, and says he loves suman. niharika laughs hearing him. she tells you called me right here to tug my leg, however you probably did a mistake, i might have taken your words critically if you had taken a person else’s name, however you took suman’s name. ranveer says i am no longer joking. niharika smile vanishes. ranveer says i in reality love suman and desires to marry her.


Niharika says but you used to hate her. ranveer says yes, however as a person says that opposite draws and says she has all of the traits which he needs in his existence associate. ranveer apologizes to her. niharika asks him now not to express regret to her and says she desires to be his pal for life. he thank you her for the information. niharika says she will go now and have some paintings. ranveer asks what? niharika says she has to cancelled their marriage arrangements. ranveer is grateful to her and hugs her. niharika turns and smirks. ranveer looks on.


She comes to suman straightaway and says she wishes to talk to her. suman asks if everything is first-rate. niharika accuses her for snatching ranveer from her. suman says i never spoke to him about him. niharika accuses her for trapping ranveer with her simplicity. suman asks her to close up and tells that she will be able to neglect that sanjana and antara are marrying in that house. niharika ends her relation with her. kalavati asks suman why did niharika come here? suman says she got here to scold me. kalavati asks what incorrect did you do? suman promises that she doesn’t recognize. kalavati thinks count number is some thing for certain.


Sanjana indicates the jhumkas to kalavati and says she likes it. she says even you may wear. kalavati says she will be able to’t wear at this age. she misses her husband and says he used to name me dolly. sanjana calls her dolly. she gets sindhoora’s call and asks if she is happy now. sindhoora says you need to make the whole thing first-rate and for that, you need to prevent suman from going to university. kalavati is taken aback and thinks why sindhoora desires to reduce my gold laying hen’s neck. she asks what occurred? sindhoora says i can tell you when the time is proper.


Kalavati says she got her admission with a whole lot problem. sindhoora says i got your daughters’ married fixed in my house. she says you can stay on parlour money and tells that suman will now not visit university once more. kalavati concurs. sindhoora ends the call, before kalavati tells her about niharika. suman brings tea for her and says she goes to university. kalavati says you will not visit college. suman asks her to offer reason. kalavati asks her to visit university as soon as sanjana and antara’s marriage finish. suman tells her that checks are closer and asks her to let her pass for two hours. kalavati refuses. suman goes internal. antara asks why did she prevent suman? kalavati says she will let her cross after their marriage.


Ranveer involves suman’s house and lifts veer in his lap. veer says he overlooked him. ranveer gives chocolate to him. veer says if we had been together then i wouldn’t have neglected you. ranveer promises him that they will be collectively. sanjana sees him coming and asks veer to move internal. sanjana sees him there. ranveer tells her that he got here to offer her notes. suman says i don’t want and asks him to head. she says sindhoora don’t need to satisfy them and asks him to admire his mum’s choice. ranveer says veer is a kid, however i’m now not. suman asks if you are grown up, then why don’t you resolve your problems with niharika. ranveer asks what? suman tells that niharika got here yesterday night and gave me an earful. ranveer asks what did she say?


Precap: Sanjana calls someone and tells that ranveer got here right here. ranveer tells kalavati that he got here to offer notes to suman. kalavati asks why do he care for her. ranveer tells her that he wants to marry suman. kalavati slaps him. later she tells suman that ranveer wants to marry her. suman is taken aback.


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