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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Suman tells ranveer that niharika came to her residence and accused her for breaking her marriage. she asks while did i say anything to you approximately her. she says she couldn’t recognize her hassle and accusation. ranveer thinks it approach she didn’t be given my refusal and it was just her appearing to just accept. suman says she don’t want her sister in laws to get stricken in his residence. ranveer says anything he is doing is right. suman says i don’t understand what is proper and incorrect and asks him to pay attention in his lifestyles and let her focus on her research and duties. kalavati calls sindhoora and tells that she stopped suman from going to university. sindhoora says i recognise and tell her that ranveer came to her residence and asks her to make him depart and scold him. kalavati asks how can i be impolite to him. sindhoora asks her to do as she says. ranveer says we shall sit down and discover the answer. suman asks him to tell. ranveer says i……
kalavati comes and asks suman to go inside. she asks ranveer no longer to return to her house once more and meet suman. ranveer asks why? kalavati says suman is widow of ravi, her bahu, veer’s mum and her residence admire. she says humans will damage suman’s name if he involves her residence like this. ranveer says we take a look at within the equal college and my brothers are marrying inside the residence,then why suman’s call will smash. kalavati thinks he stated proper and it is hard to handle him. she asks why did you come right here to offer notes. ranveer says just because i care for her.


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Kalavati asks if he gives notes to all friends who don’t come to college. she asks him to go and meet niharika. ranveer says i got here to fulfill suman. kalavati asks him to go away and asks what is your relation with her. ranveer says i got here to make relation and desires to marry her. kalavati is greatly surprised and slaps him tough. she asks how dare you to tell this. she says i would have buried you right here if you became now not sindhoora’s son. he asks her to inform his mistake. kalavati says suman is a widow. ranveer asks why do you kill her happiness while ravi died. kalavati says suman is my bahu and i can reflect onconsideration on her betterment. she says if you come again then i will overlook which you are sindhoora’s son and asks him to leave.


Kalavati thinks suman is doing all this and knows reason of sindhoora’s anger. she is going to suman and asks why you’re betraying me. suman says what incorrect did i do? kalavati says now i understood why you got restless when I refused to assist you to go to college. she says you visit romance. suman asks why? kalavati says you have ruined our appreciate and says i requested you now not to speak to any man there. suman says i did something you requested me. she says ranveer got here here to inform me that he desires to marry you. she says you wants to marry seeing your nanands’ marriage, and says to procure married to ravi, my grandson’s father. suman is taken aback and cries.


She tells that she recalls her husband and feature followed her customs. she says i went to university for simply studies and swears on ravi. kalavati asks her now not to swear on her son. antara tells kalavati that she has full faith on suman. kalavati scolds her and says my daughters believe you plenty. she says you have suffocated my accept as true with and asks why ranveer requested me to ask your opinion. she says why a bachelor man proposed marriage for a widow and says you should have signal him.


Suman says she didn’t consider him or all and sundry, and says he is simply her classmate and swears on ravi and veer whilst crying. she says she can not go to university now. kalavati asks her to keep quiet and asks her to listen to her. she says this depend shall cease here, and asks her to make ranveer exchange his choice. she says i don’t want my daughter’s marriage to forestall due to you. sanjana goes. suman hugs antara and cries.


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Brijesh tells that maasa’s fitness is deteriorating day by day. they communicate to bhai saheb. nupur says we don’t assume that maasaa will get to peer all grandson’s marriage. bhai saheb says we have to take a selection. sindhoora says ranveer will marry niharika only, just as i’ve decided. ranveer comes and says sorry to disappoint you, however i will marry suman best. sindhoora says she isn’t always appropriate for you. ranveer says if he will marry then he’ll marry suman simplest. brijesh scolds him. sahil tells that if ranveer don’t marry suman then i will additionally no longer marry sanjana. bhai saheb scolds him. nupur says sahil doesn’t refuse for marriage and that he is just supporting ranveer. sindhoora thinks they want to take advantage of ranveer’s stubbornness and desires to take away sanjana. she thinks you have to address me. she thinks to do some thing big to make ranveer overlook suman.

Suman thinks about kalavati’s words and cries. ranveer thinks approximately kalavati scolding him. she thinks about sindhoora, niharika and kalavati’s accusation.



Precap:Suman asks ranveer how dare you to touch me and why did you tell maasa that you wants to marry me. she asks have you long past mad. ranveer says yes, and says i want to marry you. sindhoora comes and insults her and tries to kick her out. suman holds her hand angrily.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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