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Gangaa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Gangaa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Gangaa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Ganga denies going to washroom. shiv drags her up forcefully. outside the police station, the inspector says it is best due to shiv that he has trusted over them. they sends ganga to nearby fields. shiv follows ganga noticing she turned into now not excellent and saves her from falling down. he sends her the right direction.


Full Details of Gangaa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


At domestic, savitri and jhumki carry food for pratab. savitri assures pratab to set up his return home until the next day. shiv sat with a wall and watches ganga drowsing. he says he has promised sagar and might try his level first-class to hold her lifestyles satisfied and colourful.


The next morning, shiv and ganga go away the police station. people there gossip that mathadesh has were given into sins himself, who could do justice to them now. ganga smiles questioning after this insult, shiv would depart her for certain. shiv fumingly gets into his car and ignites the engine. a person comes to impeach shiv what kind of wife he were given, who doesn’t care approximately his respect at any value. ganga thinks she by no means desired any shame to shiv, but to stay as sagar’s widow she need to do all this. shiv watches ganga and recalls sagar’s final promise, he angrily tells ganga to get into the jeep. she doesn’t pass, he drags her toward the jeep. ganga thinks shiv could virtually no longer endure her for a single moment now. shiv drives the jeep rapid and rash, she stops at domestic with a unexpected jerk. ganga comes out to ask if he’s so indignant why he’s setting his existence at stake, he should free her and allow her pass. shiv turns to her and shouts he can’t do that due to the fact… ganga questions why he can’t try this. shiv says he always fulfil his obligation. ganga says very well, he thinks she can’t stroll into her life without his help.
They come to see pratab into savitri’s feet, he make an apology her and springs to hold shiv’s ft as well. he tells shiv he apologized geeta as nicely. savitri become arrogant approximately pratab’s performing skills, she says shiv has forgiven ganga every time then why no longer pratab. jhumki pleads crying in shiv’s toes. savitri additionally cry. pratab says each person is disappointed due to him, he turns to go away. shiv tells him no longer to leave maa and his spouse, he has been forgiven however this is the ultimate time. he tells him to go upstairs with jhumki. a servant comes to name shiv. aashi watches shiv speakme to ganga. shiv asks ganga that youngsters have come to study, would she educate them? ganga says she wishes to get geared up after bath and could come to elegance. savitri watches them.


Last Part of Gangaa 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ganga become leaving domestic. aashi tells ganga now not to be hopeful, the children of their village might in no way learn an awful lot. this elegance gained’t work for a range of days. ganga involves the mathematics, no baby was there. the kids come walking to her. ganga cheers and introduces herself, she then asks about their names. the youngsters had been excited to speak to them. shiv watches ganga revel in her class very well. he recollects going to sharma ji and informed him to name villager’s assembly. shiv had requested them all to send their children for research. the kids promise ganga to come back tomorrow and depart after kissing her. ganga turns to look shiv and become strolling away. shiv arms her costs for that day. ganga asks if a trainer in their village receives so much money. shiv says it’s her hardwork. they had been leaving while a pair run into the mathematics. they have been trembling and held every different’s fingers. ganga asks them for water. they give an explanation for to shiv they are spouses, they married against their own family’s wish; now their circle of relatives wants to kill them. shiv asks approximately their names, the boy introduces himself as sagar, the female’s call became sareeta. ganga changed into ready to help sagar and sareeta.


Precap of Gangaa 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Shiv assures someone on telephone if he finds sagar and sareeta mendacity he might take them to their own family by himself. ganga thinks about assisting sagar and sareeta anyway.



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