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Gangaa 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Gangaa 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Gangaa 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Pratab watches his man pass and inform the panch approximately shiv’s decision.
In the room, ganga recalls how shiv had freed her, but her care approximately radhika.
there, jhumki escorts radhika to her room. radhika asks about ganga’s whereabouts. jhumki tells radhika to permit ganga go away, she isn’t her mom. radhika turned into positive ganga received’t go away. jhumki says ganga isn’t going to live right here for long. they listen panch calling shiv outdoor.


Full Details of Gangaa 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shiv and own family pop out to reply the panch’s name. one of the panch inquires him approximately breaking his marriage with ganga before the ultimatum. he declares that they have got decided he must be… ganga stops them from pronouncing a punishment and stood in the back of shiv in veiled apparel of shiv’s wife. radhika cheers and springs to hug ganga as she turned into nevertheless here. ganga assures radhika she received’t leave radhika and pass anywhere else. the panch asks shiv approximately the actual rely. shiv takes ganga internal to talk to her for a while. internal, he asks why she is giving radhika the false desire. they have learnt to live by myself, he won’t her play with radhika’s feelings anymore. radhika hears this. shiv says he have to tell radhika that any relations forced on a person are a jail. ganga puts her veil once more and is going out of doors. she speaks to the panch that she doesn’t know who delivered them the information about her and shiv’s marriage breakage. they can all see she is dwelling here with shiv, going towards the orders is out of query. the panch broadcasts they would want to recognise their opinion after one month. riya cheerfully comes to thank ganga. ganga nods at her. radhika comes to hug ganga again and takes her inside to talk to her.
Ganga speaks to radhika in her room then enables her lay on the mattress. dai maa became taking milk for radhika. shiv takes the milk from her. in the room, ganga was massaging radhika’s head as she was sound asleep beside her. shiv enters to location the glass of milk there and turns to depart. ganga follows shiv outside and says he must be wondering why she agreed to stay here. she clarifies its due to sagar she agreed to live right here. if sagar wanted so, be it. there’s any other cause to live right here, radhika. radhika has known as her a mom, she might be her mother. she received’t deliver anymore shame to shiv, but won’t ever be his spouse. she wish shiv in no way attempts to go the space between them, this isn’t a situation but a request. shiv accepts the predicament and leaves. jhumki involves ganga asking how shiv compelled her for all this. ganga says it turned into her choice to wear this mangal sooter. jhumki says shiv had added radhika to the railway station to melt ganga. she additionally considers sagar’s promise as fake as properly. ganga slaps jhumki as she turned into talking an awful lot in opposition to shiv.
The next morning, shiv tells savitri approximately a proposal for aashi. he stocks with her about a lifestyle to give jewelry if the suggestion if constant. ganga comes out of doors. shiv asks her to come along them because it’s about aashi’s idea. ganga consents to go.


Last Part of Gangaa 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update
At groom’s house, ganga desires to go to washroom. she hears the guy arguing to his brother that he doesn’t need to marry that lady. she doesn’t maintain an excellent beyond. his brother forces him to come back along. ganga stood outside, she clarifies something he has heard is right. many human beings within the village recognize that aashi preferred a boy and depended on him, resultantly she was betrayed. shiv comes there and hears ganga speaking. ganga stated aashi is truely innocent, she became in search of real love. ganga says its higher to marry a female with golden coronary heart than to marry a few general stranger. she compels him to talk to aashi, he might realize she is understanding and respects family members. the boy became considerate and nods at his brother.
ganga turns to shiv who nods at her approvingly.


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