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Gangaa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Gangaa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Gangaa 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Shiv assures ganga he won’t let something take place to her sagar, as ganga cries beside sagar.

At home, savitri become indignant that pratab might now be called a murderer. pratab laughed hysterically, then breaks into cry calling himself unlucky. he wanted to kill shiv however sagar was shot rather. pratab tells savitri he received’t go away shiv alive. savitri tells him to leave this vicinity for now, she gets teary and says she desires him to be the mathadesh. she prays for sagar’s lifestyles, and wish ganga leaves.

  • Inside the ot, medical doctors do away with bullets from sagar’s chest. ganga turned into crying outdoor, recalling her instances with sagar. she recollects her hairline being crammed by using shiv, his care and love for her. shiv comes nearer as she changed into badly crying. he tells her not to fear, sagar would be great. ganga requests him to ave her sagar, she owes him plenty however this remaining choose please. shiv brings his palms forward to preserve her joint arms, and tells him to believe on god. she asks shiv to call banaras. she tells him about niru’s number to call bapu, then goes to health practitioner to invite about sagar. the physician says he’s conscious, they may shift him in icu so that she can see him.

Ganga involves the icu, and springs to sit down beside sagar. sagar removes his oxygen masks and holds her hand. he become satisfied she recalled her memory just due to the bullet. ganga tells him no longer to speak. sagar says he can undergo 1000 such bullets. sagar starts offevolved panting and tells her krishna is likewise lacking. ganga was bowled over on the news, she tells him not to worry as they will locate krishna collectively. sagar’s situation had started to worsen. ganga places the oxygen masks and is going calling the doctor. she runs again to shiv. the medical doctor involves the room and asks if they didn’t get the drug treatments. ganga goes to search for shiv. savitri and kushal had come there too and watches ganga asking shiv about the drugs. savitri thinks if ganga has recollected her reminiscence. the nurse takes the drugs interior. ganga insists to are available in. ganga sits on a bench reassuring herself not anything could show up to sagar. madhvi calls from in the back of.

Ganga runs to hug madhvi and cries. madhvi asks approximately sagar, ganga says he got a bullet shot. madhvi assures ganga sagar might be best. ganga asks madhvi about niru. madhvi breaks into cry. ganga asks where niru is. madhvi tells ganga that the hurricane ended the entirety, she and krishna had lost; sagar in no way lower back, niru couldn’t undergo this and left them due to heart assault. they tried to find all of them. sagar handiest known as two days ago to inform he located ganga and wanted her to inform niru about it. ganga mourns niru setting her head in madhvi’s lap. the nurse comes out and gives them a list of drugs. shiv takes the prescription. the health practitioner lets in them to head internal, however one at a time. madhvi goes interior first. sagar removes his oxygen mask as madhvi complains if he didn’t pass over her in any respect. sagar requests madhvi to pay attention to him, he has much less time left. sagar wanted to talk to her approximately an vital rely and asks to name shiv. ganga says handiest ganga could make sagar pleasant, not anything might occur to him if ganga is close to to him.

There, sagar starts offevolved to respire hard once more. ganga involves the room. shiv is going to name the doctor. madhvi and ganga both cry as sagar didn’t flow. doctor comes in announcing sagar is no more.


Precap: shiv asks what’s happening to ganga. the ladies there say she is a widow and nobody could hold her. shiv makes a cut over his hand and proclaims ganga as his wife.



Update Credit To: Aneeta

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