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Gangaa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Gangaa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Gangaa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Savitri comes to dadi to check the halwa preparations. riya calls kushal, she desire aashi’s wedding takes region well. kushal assures aashi might stay glad. ganga got here out of the room, shiv says he promised himself to make her put on this pink chunri. ganga forbids him stay in illusions. dadi comes there and tells them approximately the agenda. she begins a ritual wherein four married women could sit, and decides ganga would take part in it.
at the way, dadi asks ganga why she is disappointed. ganga says she is only concerned approximately aashi’s wedding ceremony. shiv stood there smiling towards ganga as he located the water pots over woman’s head. ganga walks towards him. the women there taunt shiv became waiting to help ganga. dadi takes the ladies aside. shiv want ganga luck, ganga curtly replies him to preserve them to himself.


Full Details of Gangaa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

At home, dadi asks the girls to fill the pot with water, aashi might be bathed with this water. ganga become pouring her a part of water. a person comes to take the pot. ganga tries to do away with the ring from her head however it doesn’t pop out.
There, aashi enjoys being bathed with water. shiv smiles looking her. savitri sends her interior. dadi asks about ganga. shiv bends to take a look at her suffering with the ring. dadi become cussed and says she received’t begin any ritual till ganga comes there, she scolds ganga for being irresponsible. shiv remembers putting glue over the hoop. dadi shouted that they would start each ritual from ganga’s palms. riya goes to take ganga. shiv arms the pink chunri to riya for her assistance saying she would want it. riya laughs at ganga, she figures out the hoop was glued to her head. they head dadi shouting. riya covers ganga’s head with the pink chunri and insists on her to come soon.
dadi fumes watching ganga sporting the red chunri. shiv smiles then comes to tell dadi ganga wants a remarriage together with her. a whole lot of rituals couldn’t be achieved at their wedding, he thought to do all the rituals once more. he winks at ganga. dadi involves shiv and blesses them by way of hitting their heads together. she begins the ritual. anybody locations the tillak over ganga. riya tells ganga shiv had despatched this chunri to her.
Out of doors, ganga cries disenchanted approximately shiv’s victory. she uses a scalpel to dispose of the hoop off her head. shiv got here to snatch it saying he didn’t give her a right to try this all. ganga cries calling him as the worst man and he or she hates him dearly. shiv holds her tighly close to himself, pours a few oil and removes the hoop. he says he additionally hates ganga as a whole lot as she does, but he do what he says. he palms the chunri to ganga.

Ganga says she gained’t be his spouse only by using carrying this chunri, he have to forestall dreaming about it. dadi stood at the door fuming, and asks what is this all. she questions shiv what this all is. ganga says that is the reality of their relation, she pleads her no longer to make it effect aashi’s relation. shiv says its 1/2-truth, ganga is his spouse. ganga denies being his wife and tells her approximately her tale. dadi cries over her tale. she says she feels love among them , may be god has united them for some cause. its god who might determine if they ought to unite or no longer. she will be able to’t do anything however what has been written in her destiny. she leaves blessing the 2 of them. shiv tells ganga she could be his within the subsequent 24 hours, he will marry her and she or he gained’t be capable of do something. ganga takes the challenge.


Last Part of Gangaa 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update
Savitri appears after the preparations of henna. dadi shouts at once to forestall. she says the henna bowl has to be saved earlier than god and sends ganga for purpose. ganga brings the bowl to temple. she finds a antique earring fallen into the bowl, and removes it. the henna became spread throughout her hand.

Gangaa 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap; Shiv congratulates ganga as the second ritual has additionally been completed. ganga become determined not to marry him.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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