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Gangaa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Gangaa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Gangaa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shiv become harm watching ganga cry keeping the astia near her heart. she walks to shiv and thanks him for this respect, she could usually keep in mind this. however he need to now not try to fill colours in her life, he shouldn’t tie her into a bond against her will. she requests him to allow her cross. shiv tells her to move and do what’s greater crucial proper now. ganga says he has demonstrated today he is right at coronary heart, then why is he doing this together with her. shiv tells her to go and do the rituals first.


Full Part of Gangaa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

At home, kushal leaves as they watch ganga making her beddings. shiv tells ganga to go to visitor room as he has already made the arrangements for her. ganga asks if he would enforce her to stay wherein she have to. she joins her palms for him now not to fear about her and lay there within the open yard. shiv leaves. she feel a few filling the yard. shiv comes to kushal on the opposite facet of yard and burn the coal in a pot to create more smoke. ganga calls dai maa and asks her about the smoke. shiv cleans the location and walks away. upstairs, kushal had understood he created all that smoke no longer for mosquitoes but for ganga to transport to the room. jhumki heard this all and runs away as she watches ganga coming upstairs. jhumki cheers approximately getting a threat to do some thing. she involves ganga with water and says shiv despatched it. ganga denies taking it. jhumki says shiv didn’t want her to live in the backyard, he spread the smoke there and sent her upstairs. she says shiv has brought her domestic as his bride, now he would win over her within one month. ganga forbids jhumki to apply her brains, she in no way desires better for shiv. she shouldn’t push her towards shiv. jhumki tells her to return together with her close to the window, downstairs shiv turned into on foot with the coal pot. jhumki says ganga is pretty sensible herself and leaves her considerate.
Shiv lay on the ground in the room and leave out ganga on the alternative side. ganga opens the door and stood there. shiv asks what came about. ganga asks if he certainly consider this marriage. she asks what he wishes from her. shiv replies he only desires to see ganga glad and be her aspect always. he wants to fulfil all of her want and need. ganga needs him to do what he is pronouncing. she eliminates her mangal sooter and says it’s her and sagar’s mangal sooter. it holds three stones of shiv’s name. in subsequent seven days if he comes as much as all of her given memories she might put on this with seven stones however if he fails, he need to unfastened her from this bond forever. shiv holds the mangal sooter accepting the challenge.
The next morning, shiv become praying within the yard. ganga takes sagar’s photo from her suitcase and speaks to it, ganga belongs to sagar and nobody can snatch her proper of being his widow. she takes a white saree and considers it a reality of her life. shiv prays for the electricity to fulfil promise with sagar. he might fill ganga’s life with love, colorings and happiness. there, ganga says she could combat the only who tries to fill her lifestyles with colours. nowadays starts offevolved the combat among her and shiv and until she wins, her tears, her ache and this white saree is his.


Last Part of Gangaa 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Every body within the hall hear ganga promoting her sarees on a stall calling about a sale. shiv also comes out and was shocked to see ganga calling clients. jhumki enjoys the new drama. savitri curtly says ganga is wearing such current saree on this village. ganga comes to correct savitri its not wrong to be modern, she continually wear such clothed; they positioned her in their hues only due to the fact she didn’t do not forget some thing. she welcomes the ladies as her clients. the women gossip that wife of mathadesh is promoting sarees, she doesn’t care approximately shiv’s respect. riya comes to question ganga what she is doing. ganga says she notion loads and decided to live simple from now, what she would do with all this rings. savitri involves shout at ganga, ganga clarifies panchait simplest ordered her to stay at their house. ganga comes to tell shiv she has a self-admire, she will’t take something from all people and has to earn for herself. savitri instigates shiv asking if they can’t offer her meals from their residence. ganga says she isn’t associated with them, how she must eat at their house. shiv stops savitri. ganga questions if shiv’s own family is disgraced this manner, he ought to shout at her and display her anger. she recollects he had promised to defend her appreciate. she tells him to interrupt his promise if he’s honestly irritated.



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